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Three Tobacco Tags
WRVA Old Dominion Barn Dance
WBT Charlotte, NC
WPTF Raleigh, NC
WRVA Richmond, VA

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  7482 A Be Good, Baby
  7482 B Good Gal Remember Me
  8365 A Who's Sorry Now
  8365 B Wild Bill Jones
  8538 A Let Us All Stay At Home
  8538 B A Paper Of Pins
  8572 A With A Pal Like You
  8572 B Rock Me To Sleep In The Old Rocking Chair
  8603 A Midnight On The Stormy Deep
  8603 B Hawaiian Melody
  8647 A I Saw Your Face In The Moon
  8647 B Just Plain Folks
  8855 A Best Girl Of All
  8855 B You Didnt Mean It
  8942 A Gypsy's Warning
  8942 B Anna From Indiana
  8995 A Little Rose Covered Garden
  8995 B Little Red Piggie
Montgomery Ward
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  7095 A We'll Know Each Other Up There
  7095 B Mother's Worn And Faded Bible
  7097 A Courtin' (Hillbilly Trio)
  7097 B V-8 Blues
  7163 A Why Should It End This Way
  7163 B I'm Sorry, That's All I Can Say
  7164 A I'm Nobody's Darling But Mine
  7164 B Tall And Handsome Cowboy
  7165 A My Girl Of The Golden West
  7165 B Mother's Old Rockin' Chair
  7166 A Roses
  7166 B You Never Trusted Me
  7167 A Noah's Warning
  7167 B My Redeemer
  7168 A To Bring You Back To Me
  7168 B Heart Breaking Blues
  7328 A There, Our Love Won't End This Way
  7328 B Raindrop Waltz Song
  7329 A I'm Starving To Death For Love
  7329 B You'd Better Lay Off Of Love
  7330 A That's Why We've Got Reno Now
  7330 B Reno Blues
  7331 A She's Not My Curly Headed Baby
  7331 B Ridin' The Rails
  7332 A Do You Know What It Means To Be Lonely?
  7332 B Hottest Gal In Town
  7333 A Rainbow Trail
  7333 B There's An Old Fashioned Lamp
  7334 A Once I Was Young And Pretty
  7334 B Yes! My Darling Daughter
  7569 A Midnight On The Stormy Deep
  7569 B Darling, The Answer Is In This Song
  7570 A If I Only Had A Home Sweet Home
  7570 B Just Plain Folks
  7571 A The Red Patch
  7571 B When You Go Courtin'
  7699 A De Way To Spell Chicken
  7699 B Honey, Where You Been So Long?
  7700 A Miss A Miss From Tennessee
  7700 B Do You Think Of Me
  7701 A Hawaiian Melody
  7701 B I Saw Your Face In The Moon
  7927 A It Can't Be Done
  7927 B Jersey Bull Blues
  7928 A I'm Longing For My Carolina Home
  7928 B Just An Old Lady
  7929 A Down By The Old Mill Stream
  7929 B I Love You Best Of All
  7930 A I'm Afraid It's Love
  7930 B I Was Only Teasing You
  7931 A I Have A Little Home
  7931 B Lady Twinklepuss
  7932 A How Can I Keep My Mind On Driving?
  7932 B Never Was A Married Man
  7933 A Good Gal Remember Me
  7933 B Be Good Baby
  8748 A Sunset On The Prairie
  8748 B I'll Get A Pardon In Heaven
  8749 A Sweethearts Forever
  8749 B My Own Iona
  8750 A I'm Sorry It Ended This Way
  8750 B Pagan Love Song
  8751 A A Paper Of Pins
  8751 B Let Us All Stay At Home

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