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The Tune Tossers
WHO Iowa Barn Dance Frolic

About The Group

The Tune Tossers were said to have given the WHO Barn Dance Frolic show a "rhythmic spice" with their clever arrangements. But they said that before they were on the cast of the show, they were humming their tunes while competing with the transcontinental trains that went through Belle Plaine, Iowa.

The group started in early childhood, when Dick and Don Gatrelle would sing duets together. But they wanted to be a trio. They moved to Belle Plaine in 1929 and there they met Shine Miller, who then became a part of the group. The Tune Tossers were on WMT for about a year before they joined the WHO Barn Dance Frolic show. On the Barn Dance, they did "...dramatized 'character' comedy numbers". Don strummed the guitar to accompany them on their numbers.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group members included:

  • Dick Gatrelle
  • Don Gatrelle
  • Shine Miller

  • Souvenir Program, W-H-O Barn Dance Frolic; date published unknown

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