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KMBC Brush Creek Follies

About The Group

These four fellows played a total of nine instruments to make like a '9-piece orchestra', with each member being able to play more than one instrument. In 1947, they were appearing on KMBC's Brush Creek Follies each Saturday night out of Kansas City, Missouri.

Ruel Joyce, their vocalist at the time, had joined KMBC the previous September they wrote, after playing in night spots around the country and on various radio stations. Said to have a 'mean way with a sweet ballad'.

Ted Painted had rejoined KMBC at the time - in between stints he was working on the West coast as a musician on several radio shows.

Vaughn Bussey was also returning from stints on the west coast too at the time after appearing with 'name bands' and on 'network programs'. Vaughn was also once a member of the Kansas City police force, on the motorcycle squad.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group members included:

  • Charlie Pryor, leader of the group, played xylophone, vibraphone, drums and musical washboard
  • Ruel Joyce, vocalist, played guitar and bass
  • Ted Painted, played banjo, bass and guitar
  • Vaughn Bussey, played clarinet, sax and drums

Credits & Sources

  • From Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine No. 3, 1947, published by Song and Picture Barn Dance Magazine, Chicago, IL, Ed Deuss, Editor.

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