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She was Betty Lorene Riley and was from the birthplaced of country music legend Jimmie Rodgers of Meridian, Mississippi. She appears to have started her musical career around 1952 or so, playing the piano and singing tunes for appreciative audiences.

Tragedy struck this talent on a late Sunday in November of 1954 when she died when her automobile crashed into the rear end of a truck about thrity miles east of Dallas, Texas.

Ms. Riley was on her way to start an engagement at an unnamed Dallas night spot the following night (November 15).

Betty had just completed a series of appearances at the Dinkler-Andrew Jackson Hotel in Nashville at its Old Hickory Room.

During those two years, she had made a few appearances in Nashville, and made an impression with those she met. SHe had also appeared at the John Ringling Hotel in Sarasota, Florida and the Tutwiler in Birmingham, Alabama.

She must have made an impression in those visits to Nashville, for the only mention we found was of her passing in the publication that the Solemn Old Judge George D. Hay headed up for a time. Pickin' and Singin' News notes that she was survived by her parents and two brothers in Meridian, Mississippi.

Credits & Sources

  • Pickin' and Singin' News; Vol. II no. 22; November 30, 1954; Fountain Publications, Inc.; George D. Hay, Publisher; 804 Church Street, Nashville, TN

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20230 A Nobody To Love
  20230 B When The White Azaleas Start Blooming
  20303 A Little Wooden Whistle Wouldn't Whistle
  20303 B Good Old Turnip Greens
  20508 A Squeeze Box Polka
  20508 B Waltz Time Melody
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  8204 A The Cowboy's Dream
  8204 B New River Train
  8205 A The Trail To Mexico
  8205 B The Big Corral
  8286 A A Round-Up Lullaby
  8286 B Riding Down That Old Texas Trail
  8291 A When It's Prayer Meetin' Time In The Hollow
  8291 B There's An Empty Cot In The Bunk House
  8437 A Beautiful Texas
  8437 A Round-Up Time In Heaven
  8437 B Beautiful Texas
  8437 B Round-Up Time In Heaven
  8444 A If Jessie James Rode Again
  8444 B Pretty Boy Floyd
  8807 A My Little Buckaroo
  8807 B Lif'es Evening Sun Is Sinking Low
  8812 A When My Dream Boat Comes On Home
  8812 B Where The Poppies Bloom Again
  8820 A What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul No. 2
  8820 B Falling Leaves
  8895 A Raggin' The Blues At The Old Piano
  8895 B Where The Morning Glories Grow
  8896 A Carry Me OverThe Warm Desert Sands
  8896 B Old Rose Waltz
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  570-H A Our Bungalow Of Dreams
  570-H B Under The Clover Moon
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  6-0862 A Is It True What They Say About Dixie?
  6-0862 B Partner, It’s The Parting Of The Ways
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  02957 A What Would You Take In Exchange For Your Soul No. 2
  02957 B Life's Evening Sun Is Sinking Low
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  04221 A When The White Azaleas Start Blooming
  04221 B Nobody To Love
  04222 A Honeysuckle Schottische
  04222 B Varsovienna
  04223 A En El Rancho Grande
  04223 B My Gal On The Rio Grande
  04310 A Carry Me Over The Warm Desert Sands
  04310 B Old Rose Waltz
  04414 A Good Old Turnip Greens
  04414 B Little Wooden Whistle Wouldn't Whistle

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