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Collins Kids
Town Hall Party

About The Group

They were Larry and Lawrencine, the Collins Kids from Tulsa, Oklahoma and were one of the sensational young hillbilly acts back about 1955 or so. Then, they would be on the Saturday night show called the "Town Hall Party" out of Compton, California. And also on the Sunday shows of "Town Hall Ranch Party" that was at Sierra Creek Park.

They had guested on the Red Foley televsion show, "Ozark Jubilee" in 1955 and made a big impression there, too. Lawrencine was the older of the two kids, she was 13 then and her brother Larry was only 10.

Larry played the guitar and also other stringed instruments like the five-string banjo, mandlin and fiddle. Larry got his first guitar as a Christmas present from his mom when he was about eight. She taught him a couple chords and one of the first songs he did was Hank Williams' "Kaw-Liga".

The dynamic duo appeared on many television shows that included such stars as Steve Allen, Arthur Godfrey, Dave Garroway, Dinah Shore, George Burns, Ozzie and Harriet, Art Linkletter, Perry Como and more!

Their personal appearances took them to many legendary night spots including the Cocoanut Grove, the Beverly Hilton, the Statler Hotel, Club Oasis which included Dean Martin on the billing and they also shared billing with stars such as Jack Carson, Bob Crosby and Tony Bennett. Not to mention fair dates in places such as Hawaii, New York and Michigan.

Lawrencine played the rhythm guitar for the duo and did most of the lead singing with her brother helping out on the choruses. They also did some kind of dance that they wrote "...usually brought down the house."

Later on Lawrencine or "Lorrie" as she became known married Stu Carnell who also became her advisor.

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs No. 39 (February 1955); American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT.
  • Cowboy Songs No. 74 (June 1964); American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  21470 A Hush Money
  21470 B Beetle Bug Bop
  21514 A The Rockaway Rock
  21514 B Make Him Behave
  21543 A I'm In My Teens
  21543 B They're Still In Love
  21560 A Rock And Roll Polka
  21560 B My First Love
  40824 A Move A Little Closer
  40824 B Go Away Don't Bother Me
  40921 B Young Heart
  41012 A Party
  41012 B Heartbeat
  41087 A Hoy Hoy
  41087 B Mama Worries
  41149 A Sweet Talk
  41149 B Mercy
  41225 A Whistle Bait
  41225 B Rock Boppin' Baby
  41329 A Sugar Plum
  41329 B Kinda' Like Love

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