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Virginia Rounders

About The Group

The Virginia Rounders was actually a trio of comprised of The Phelps Brothers. They had started performing together about 1936 or so. They were a popular act in the Tidewater, Virginia area in the early 1950s. They also played in several movies and appeared on some major network programs.

In 1951, the Virginia Rounders were playing at their own Ferwood Farms Picnic Ranch. Their nightclub was overlooked the southern branch of the Elizabeth River and was located a few miles south of Norfolk, Virginia.

In 1951, they were appearing on weekdays at 5:00pm over WGH and at 3:00pm on Saturdays over WSAP, a Mutual Network affiliate back then.

The group was quite versatile. Norman Phelps was the emcee and played rhythmic bass and sang bass in the trio numbers. Willie Phelps played guitar and did many of the solo numbers. He also dabbled a bit in songwriting. Earl sang the tenor solos and played fiddle also.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members:

  • Norman Phelps - bass, emcee
  • Willie Phelps - guitar
  • Earl Phelps - fiddle

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup No. 12, June 1951, Charlton Publishing Corp., Derby, CT.

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