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Carolina Tarheels

About The Group

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Band members included:

  • Doc (Coble) Walsh, born July 23, 1901, died 1967, banjo, guitar, vocals
  • Gwen Foster, harmonica, guitar, vocals
  • Garley Foster (no relation to Gwen), born January 10, 1905, died around 1971
  • Clarence Tom Ashley
  • Claude Davis (February 25, 1895), died May 25, 1961, guitar, fiddle, vocals
  • Hoke Rice, banjo
  • Clyde Keiser (guitar, harmonica)
  • Louie Bailey (comedian)
  • Esther Mac Davis (the Carolina Sunshine Girl)
  • Curley Fox (fiddle)

Credits & Sources

  • Roy Acuff's WSM Grand Ole Opry Song Favorites.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20544 A There Ain't No Use Working So Hard
  20544 B I'm Going To Georgia
  VI40007 A Peg And Awl
  VI40007 B You're A Little Too Small
  VI40024 A Roll On Boys
  VI40024 B Lay Down Baby
  VI40053 A There's A Man Goin' Around Takin' Names
  VI40053 B I Don't Like The Blues No How
  VI40077 A Oh How I Hate It
  VI40077 B Rude And Rambling Man
  VI40100 A My Home's Across The Blueridge Mountains
  VI40100 B Who's Gonna Kiss Your Lips
  VI40128 A Somebodys Tall & Handsome
  VI40128 B The Train Done Left Me
  VI40177 A Old Gray Goose
  VI40177 B Hand In Hand We Walked Along Together
  VI40219 A Can't You Remember When Your Heart Was Mine?
  VI40219 B I'll Be Washed

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