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Saylor Sisters
WAAT Jersey City, NJ
WBT Charlotte, NC
WFMD Frederick, MD
WIS Columbia, SC
WPTF Raleigh, NC
WRVA Richmond, VA
WSIX Nashville, TN
WWVA Wheeling, WV

About The Group

Wanda stated that their mother taught them to sing, never in unison, but in harmony when they were 3 and 4 years old.

Their mom later learned to play guitar. The sisters sang hymns at the Cross Roads Methodist Church in Pennsylvania.

The family moved to York, Pennsylvania and they did guest appearances with "Happy Johnny and Handsome Bob on radio station WORK in York. Research shows that the radio entertainers Wanda mentions were indeed working at WORK in the 1935 and 1936 time frame and doing many personal appearances in the surrounding areas. Late in 1936, Happy Johnny and Handsome Bob moved on to WFBG in Altoona. The girls also appeared at the various hillbilly music parks in the area. Wanda writes that they would guest star with the country bands and sometimes even got paid!!!

Saylor Sisters - WFMD Saylor Sisters - PTF

But the Child Labor Laws came into the picture, affecting their ability to make appearances. So, the family we moved south.

Their journey took them to WFMD, a satellite station in Westminister, Maryland. Then it seemed natural to move to Nashville and try their luck. By this time, they no longer singing only hymns. Wanda remembers they worked on a station in Nashville - WSIX. Research indicates this was around 1941 and their show was on the air most of that year.

Saylor Sisters - WSIX

Saylor Sisters - WRVA 1 Saylor Sisters - WRVA 2

Saylor Sisters - WRVA The sisters were on WRVA in Richmond, Virginia for quite awhile. They had a daily show, after school, on the station.

Their journey took them to station WBT where they sang with different groups on personal appearances and with Grady Cole and others buy Wanda does not recall their names.

By the time they arrived at WBT, Wanda had learned and started playing the accordion and her sister or mother played guitar. Wanda said she did all emcee work because her mother stuttered!

Saylor Sisters - Radio Pals - WIS

During World War II, they moved to Wheeling, West Virginia and found work over WWVA. The Jamboree moved into the "big" studio and most all the men had gone into the service. Smiley Sutter was there. Wanda knew him later as Crazy Elmer when he was trying to get his yodeling back) Their mother worked with us as "Linda" while we were there. Wanda recalls, the "PI's" she did there: Princess Pat Perfume, the beautiful glowing stature of Jesus---that's J-e-s-u-s, c/o The Saylor Sisters. Oh, and 100 baby chicks. They were paid for each sale. Pi's were per inquiry or as we called them: Pitch Items. Wanda said they did a big Saturday Noon Show with some great folks. Ace Richards Quartet which included J.D. Summner. She thinks they had a daily show for awhile.

Saylor Sisters - New Jersey 1950 Saylor Sisters - Valley View Park 1946

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com would like to thank Wanda (Saylor) Heisel for sharing information and memories about the Saylor Sisters musical career.
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