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Herschel Calbert
Born:  December 7, 1899
Died:  June 4, 1963
Hayloft Frolic

About The Artist

Herschal Calbert provided that steady Bass beat for the Hayloft Frolic on WTTV Television in Bloomington, Indiana. Herschal also made numerous personal appearances with the Hayloft Frolic gang throughout Southern Indiana and Eastern Illinois.

Before joining up with Uncle Bob Hardy's troupe on the Hayloft Frolic, Herschal provided that same beat on a tour with a young fellow that was one of it the Country Music Hall of Fame's first inductees, Hank Williams.

Herschal talents on the bass fiddle were unique; he mastered the instrument and played "left handed".

He now provides the bass beat for "pickers with wings ".

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to express its appreciation to Uncle Bob Hardy for providing his a biography of Scotty's career.