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Ray Dionne
WRIB Providence, RI

About The Artist

Ray Dionne was a French musical comedy star, known as the Papa Dionne of comedy. He enjoyed a reputation throughout the New England area. In addition to his comedy, he could play the piano, violin (with boxing gloves!), accordion and also sang.

He also wrote a song called "Road to Paradise" that was being played by such pop stars of the day, Wayne King, Frank Parker and Dennis Day.

Ray appeared with such shows as Eddie Zack and his Hayloft Jamboree, Billy Jackson and his Melody Mountaineers, the Texas Buckaroos, Utah and his Prairie Pals. He also made numerous appearances on the Ed Ford radio programs over radio station WRIB out of Providence, Rhode Island.

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to thank Gordon Brown, of the New England Country Music Historical Society for the photo and notes for this artist.