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Louise Duncan
Born:  June 24, 1932

About The Artist

Louise Duncan was a native of Waco, Texas. But by 1957, she had been living in Norwalk, California for nearly eight years, a town near Hollywood.

Louise was said to have long had a dream and desire to be a country music entertainer. She did all the usual things early on to attain that goal - singing for friends, small social gatherings and the like, but it really wasn't until she turned 24 that she got serious about being a professional entertainer.

And succeed she did in that initial push - she got herself a recording contract with an independent record label. As luck would have it, Capitol Records' country and western A&R man, Ken Nelson heard one of those early releases. He must have liked what he heard, for he had her on the Capitol label in no time. Her first release with them was "Gossip" b/w "Wherever You Are I Love You."

Credits & Sources

  • Country & Western Jamboree; February 1957; Maher Publications, Inc.; 2001 Calumet Avenue; Chicago 16, Illinois