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Little David Johnson
WDAK Columbus, GA

About The Artist

He was very young hillbilly vocalist back in 1953, only 13 years old at the time. His career started when he was just only nine when his first on-stage performance was on a talent show over a radio station in Columbus, Georgia and he won first prize. He entered that contest several times. Later, he tried a similar contest on another station and took first prize there, too. That led to doing personal appearances with some of the local acts.

Soon, Little David Johnson formed his own hillbilly band, and it consisted of all teenagers. And they had their own show over WDAK in Columbus that was aired each week and had been on the air from July 1954 at the time we found the article.

Little David Johnson got more mail than any other entertainer that WDAK had. He and his band were popular in the surrounding area, playing for dances, local shows, benefits and were mentioned as in demand for Ft. Benning and Warm Springs Memorial Foundation.

He had some interesting career highlights for such a young singer. The late Hank Williams had come to Columbus to do a show and called Little David up to do a tune—he got a good reception and did one encore number.

Then, a short time later, he did a package show with Lefty Frizzell, Lou Millet and Wayne Raney. He got called back up to do another tune or two in the middle of that show and got a few more encores, too.

Credits & Sources

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