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Texas Jim Robertson
Born:  February 7, 1909
Died:  November 11, 1966

About The Artist

Texas Jim Robertson was a native of Texas as his name might suggest. He started off singing when his aunt invited him out to Charlotte, NC for a visit when he was about sixteen years old. While there, he got a job singing the old western songs. It wasn't too long before his fame spread and he was offered a stint with the NBC network.

While he was in New York, he was not only singing, but also taking on drama roles on the radio. RCA Victor signed him to a recording contract.

In 1937, Marianne Holliday became Jim's wife. Around the beginning of World War II, they became the parents to a little girl, Lucy Holliday Robertson.

The World's Fair in 1939 saw Texas Jim as a popular act with the Ford Exhibit.

Initially, Texas Jim was turned away by the Army to serve because he was rather thin for his height. But undismayed, he later was accepted by the U.S. Marines. While with them, he also entertained the troops while still going through his boot camp regimen. His war service included serving in the Pacific Theatre and he ended up in Omura, Japan, which was less than 25 miles from Nagasaki, where the second atom bomb landed. While at Omura, he was named Chief Announcer and entertainer for the Kyushu Network. He was honorably discharged in August 1946 and promptly headed home to Nyack, New York.

In addition to the recordings listed, his RCA Victor releases also included such songs as: "I Heard The Angels Weep", "I'm So Low", "Slipping Around", "Wedding Bells", "I Don't Want No More Of Army Life", "If You've Got The Money, I've Got The Time".

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup No. 12, June 1951, Charlton Publishing Corp., Derby, CT.

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  8606 A The Cowboy Isn't Speaking To His Horse
  8606 B I'll Be Back In A Year
  8631 A I'm Gonna Be Long Gone
  8631 B My Ma She Told Me So
  8686 A Brother Henry
  8686 B Birmingham Woman
  8706 A Too Blue To Cry
  8706 B There's A Heart In The Heart Of The Rockies
Montgomery Ward
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  8482 A Things That Might Have Been
  8482 B Bouncin' Along
  8483 A What Good Is The Sunshine
  8483 B I'm Gonna Throw My Lasso
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-1975 A Filipino Baby (w/The Panhandle Punchers)
  20-1975 B Rainbow At Midnight (w/The Panhandle Punchers)
  20-2090 A Land, Sky And Water (w/The Panhandle Punchers)
  20-2090 B Seven Women In One (w/The Panhandle Punchers)
  20-2158 A Miz O'reilly's Daughter
  20-2158 B Too Blue To Cry
  20-2203 A A Home Of My Own
  20-2203 B Ida Idaho
  20-2308 A Don't Look Now
  20-2308 B It Take A Long, Long Train With A Red Caboose
  20-2428 A Don't Make Me Sorry
  20-2428 B Pal In Palo Alto
  20-2455 A Answer To Rainbow At Midnight
  20-2455 B I Sure Got It From You
  20-2586 A The Miner's Song
  20-2586 B Headin' Down The Wrong Highway
  20-2651 A Lost Deep Down In The Bottom Of The Sea
  20-2651 B Signed, Sealed And Delivered
  20-2764 A Mountain Rosalie
  20-2764 B This Letter I'm Mailing You
  20-2907 A In The Pines
  20-2907 B Tears Today And Blues Tomorrow
  20-3039 A Sad Heart
  20-3039 B When I Was Young And Handsome
  20-3150 A My Dreamboat Is Sinking
  20-3150 B Somebody Loses, Somebody Wins
  20-3228 A Bread And Gravy
  20-3228 B Life Gets Teejus, Don't It?
  20-4077 A Hurry Home To Me
  20-4323 B Uncle Mistletoe
  20-4326 A (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle (w/The Panhandle Punchers)
  20-4326 B Gotta Git A Gittar (w/The Panhandle Punchers)
  20-4548 A I'm Gonna Be Long Gone
  20-4548 B Taffy
  20-4710 A Low In The Lehight Valley
  20-4710 B Put Your Arms Around Me
  20-4906 A Blue-Eyed Ellen
  20-4906 B Life Passed Me By
  21-0039 A Daddy, When Is Mommy Coming Home
  21-0039 B Saving Up Coupons
  21-0365 A Jaw, Jaw, Yap, Yap, Yap! (w/The Panhandle Punchers)
  21-0365 B It Hurts Me To See You With Somebody Else (w/The Panhandle Punchers)
  27550 A Home On The Range
  27550 B The Cowboy's Dream
  27551 A O Bury Me Not On The Lone Prairie
  27551 B In Texas For The Round Up In The Spring
  27552 A Red River Valley
  27552 B The Border Affair (Mi Amor, Mi Corazon)
  27553 A Ridn' Old Paint (And Leadin' Old Dan)
  27553 B The Texas Song (A Cowboy's Lament)