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Goldie Hill
Born:  January 11, 1933
Died:  February 24, 2005
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WSM Grand Ole Opry

About The Artist

Goldie Hill was a born in Karnes City, Texas. She had three brothers. She got her start when someone heard her singing at one of her brothers recording sessions. She did many personal appearances with Webb Pierce and was a regular on WSM's Grand Ole Opry. She also co-starred with Justin Tubb on a nationally broadcast show called "Country Tune Parade".

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  28355 A Don't Send Me No More Roses
  28355 B Why Talk To My Heart
  28473 A I Let The Stars Get In My Eyes
  28473 B Waiting For A Letter
  28685 A Say Big Boy
  28685 B I'm Yvonne (On The Bayou)
  28769 A I'm The Loneliest Gal In Town
  28769 B My Love Is A Flame
  28898 A Let Me Be The One
  28898 B I'm Yesterday's Girl
  29045 A Liquor And Women
  29045 B Am I Still Your Baby
  29069 A Make Love To Me
  29069 B Young As Heart
  29145 A Looking Back To See (w/Justin Tubb)
  29145 B I Miss You So (w/Justin Tubb)
  29161 A Cry,Cry Darling
  29161 B Call Of The Wedding
  29224 A Please Don't Betray Me
  29224 B Treat Me Kind
  29349 A Fickle Heart (w/Justin Tubb)
  29349 B Sure Fire Kisses (w/Justin Tubb)
  29602 A Ain't Gonna Wash My Face
  29602 B Why Don't You Let Me Go
  29771 A Steel Guitar
  29771 B Second Chance
  29955 A Sample My Kissin'
  29955 B I'm Beginning To Feel Mistreated
  30142 A Footsteps
  30142 B New Names, New Faces
  30460 A Till I Said It to You
  30460 B It's Only A Matter Of Time
  30918 A It's Here To Stay
  30918 B Honky Tonk Music
  31083 A Twice As Blue
  31083 B Living Alone
  31172 A Baby Blue
  31172 B Your Love Came Into My Heart
  31221 A It's A Lovely Lovely World
  31221 B Loved and Lost
  31261 A (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
  31261 B Lonely Heartaches
  31389 A I'm Afraid
  31389 B Door Step To Heaven
  31466 A Baby Go Slow
  31466 B Pretending I'm A Fool
  31535 A Closer
  31535 B Still Wanting You