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Stuart Hamblen
Born:  October 20, 1908
Died:  March 8, 1989
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1971)
Gospel Music Hall of Fame (1994)
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1976)
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1970)
Southern Gospel Music Association Hall of Fame (2012)
Texas Country Music Hall of Fame (2001)
Western Music Association Hall of Fame (1999)
KECA Los Angeles, CA
KEHE Los Angeles, CA
KFAC Los Angeles, CA
KFI Los Angeles, CA
KFWB Los Angeles, CA
KMIC Inglewood, CA
KMPC Los Angeles, CA
KMTR Los Angeles, CA
KNX Hollywood, CA

About The Artist

This is the beginning of one of the more interesting people in country music - his early days on the radio in the Los Angeles area, recording artist, prolific songwriter, horse race owner, ran for Congress and President, converted by Billy Graham, his work for Youth for Christ. This is just the intro to this biography that we are starting to sketch out.

To date, this page includes five appendices:

  1. Appendix A - National Vote Summary for President November 1952
  2. Appendix B - Prohibition Party Vote Summary 1952, by State, by County
  3. Appendix C - Congressional Primary Vote August 1938 11th District Los Angeles
  4. Appendix D - Congressional General Election November 1938 11th District Los Angeles
  5. Appendix E - El Lobo - Horse Race History

In the coming weeks, additional chapters will be added covering various aspects of Stuart's life and hopefully in a logical manner subject wise.

El Lobo and Horse Racing

Braven Dyer interviewed Stuart for his "The Sports Parade" column in The Los Angeles Times. But by this time, horse racing had become a part of his life. Journalists covering horse racing were calling Hamblen's El Lobo the "poor man's Seabiscuit."

During a blackout in California horse racing in late 1941, Hamblen decided to buy a few horses for his ranch. A fellow by the name of Edwin Janss had five horses he was willing to sell and gave him another one. The price tag for all six was $2,500. That occurred in the spring of 1942.

When he came home with the six horses, his sister went to a fortuneteller and told Stuart that "the brown colt with the stripe down its back was the coming champion." Oberia wrote in her book that Stuart was ready to sell the horse for $4,500, a princely sum back then. Oberia and Suzy had to sit Stuart down and explain why they wanted him to keep him. He was stubborn, but eventually saw how convincing they were and agreed to keep El Lobo He first thought it would be the one named Rattle-de-Bang. But that was not to be as the horse was claimed in its first start at Bay Meadows race track in the Bay Area.

He took another look and found that the one that would become El Lobo was of similar marking. By the time of the interview, El Lobo had been in 10 races and had won six times. He said the group on his radio program over KFWB called El Lobo "the Hillbilly Whirlaway."

How did the horse get its name? When he and the band did personal appearances at the dances, the girls would pass by the stage area and give him a look and he'd give them a wink back and smile. His wife nicknamed him "The Wolf". And then the Spanish version of that is "El Lobo.

The horse was the son of Boxthorn.

Hamblen trained his own horses and he had an unorthodox way of training El Lobo. He would never run him around the main track, he would just have him do a canter out on the warm up oval.

But when it came time to run its first race, Hamblen could not find a jockey to ride the horse. Finally a youngster named Bill Bailey volunteered to ride him in his first race and he won! (NOTE: A chronological history of El Lobo's racing history can be found in Appendix E.)

By that time he only had two horses left of the ones he bought from Janss. One was Shuffle Toe which happened to be the one that was added to the sale.

The horse began to win races.

El Lobo was involved in a plane accident in March of 1947. Stuart had pioneered flying horses to venues for racing. El Lobo was flown to race at Bay Meadows race track in the Bay Area. Flying Tiger Airlines had filed suit against Stuart for non-payment of the air fare of $1,044. Hamblen's attorney was going to produce photographic evidence of the incident, but the suit was dismissed on technical grounds as Hamblen's attorney had requested the airline produce and exemplified copy of their charter - something that was usually conceded factor in civil court action. In addition, Judge Ida May Adams ordered the airline to pay court costs and the $16 per day room and board bill at the Los Angeles Turf Club since January 27, 1948, the date the airline made an attachment to collect. Subsequent to that proceeding, Hamblen filed a lawsuit claiming El Lobo incurred $50,000 in injuries and was not "properly assisted when he alighted from the plane" which caused him to fall and sustain the injuries. In October 1948, Stuart and his wife Veeva (Susie) found themselves in court. This time it was due to a lawsuit arising from their purchase of a ten acre property on June 16, 1947 at a tax sale that was located at 1110 Foothill Boulevard. Complaints were filed by Sterling M. Paling and Lowery B. McCaslin against the Hamblen's and the city of Arcadia. They claim the tax sale was not proper as procedures were not followed. The Hamblen's had paid Arcadia $19,000 and paid $9,000 in back taxes. The pair filing the suit had defaulted on taxes in 1932. Judge Jon Gee Clark took the case under consideration. On March 10, 1949, Judge Clark ruled in favor of the Hamblen's. The Judge ruled the Paling and McCaslin lost the property as of September 28, 1942. The result meant El Lobo would be able to stay at the stables on the property they had purchased. El Lobo died on November 12, 1950 after being hit by an automobile when he apparently leaped over his enclosure. The Los Angeles Times reported that the horse's biggest win was the San Antonio Handicap in 1947 as a six year old; he won $50,000. It was estimated the horse won over $118,000 in purses over the years. On June 16, 1951, Hamblen filed suit in Superior Court against Stewart W. Anderson of Arcadia for $25,000 in damages for the death of El Lobo.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

4 Star
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1188 A Ace In The Hole
  1188 B My Old Hound Dog
  1189 A Our Anniversary
  1189 B Blue Bonnet In Her Golden Hair
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4001 A Whistling My Love Song To You
  4001 B They're Gonna Kill Ya
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5242 A The Boy In Blue
  5242 B When The Moon Shines Down On The Mountain
  8468 A Dream Book Of Memories (w/Ted Dahl Orchestra)
  8468 B Golden River (w/Ted Dahl Orchestra)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20625 A (I Won't Go Huntin' With You, Jake) But I'll Go Chasin' Women
  20625 B Let's See You Fix It
  20650 A Blue Bonnets In Her Golden Hair
  20650 B Pony Express
  20674 A Condemnation
  20674 B Sheepskin Corn And A Wrinkle On A Horn
  20714 A Remember Me, I'm The One Who Loves You
  20714 B I'll Find You
  20724 A It's No Secret
  20724 B Blood On Your Hands
  20733 A Good Morning Y'all
  20733 B I Whisper Your Name
  20754 A You Can't Kiss Santa Goodnight
  20754 B Three Little Dwarfs
  20779 A My Life With You
  20779 B Old Glory
  20795 A King Of All Kings
  20795 B He Bought My Soul At Calvary
  20827 A Don't Fool Around With Calico
  20827 B Our Old Captain
  20848 A I Believe
  20848 B These Things Shall Pass
  20880 A Just Let Me Love You
  20880 B You're Always Brand New
  20938 A This Ship Of Mine
  20938 B Black Diamond
  20988 A Lord, I Pray
  20988 B Got So Many Million Years
  21012 A Known Only To Him
  21012 B Is He Satisfied
  21013 A Our Love Affair
  21013 B I Get Lonesome
  21014 A Oklahoma Bill
  21014 B Grass Hopper Mcclain
  21061 A My Mary
  21061 B A Million Wild Horses
  21079 A Old Pappy's New Banjo
  21079 B Friends I Know
  21116 A Daddy's Cutie Pie
  21116 B Hidden You
  21124 A Teach Me Lord To Wait
  21124 B I Believe
  21158 A Partners With God
  21158 B You Must Be Born Again
  21190 A He Made A Way
  21190 B My Religion's Not Old Fashioned
  21211 A The Workshop Of The Lord
  21211 B Rose Of Calvary
  21277 A Beyond The Sun
  21277 B Please Tell Me Why
  21428 A He Bought My Soul At Calvary / Lord I Pray
  21428 B I've Got So Many Million Years
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  62000 A Someone
  62000 B You Can't Live Without Going
  62089 A (Remember Me) I'm The One Who Loves You
  62089 B Indiana
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5001 A Poor Unlucky Cowboy
  5001 B Texas Plains
  5077 A Lola Lee
  5077 B Sunshine Alley
  5109 A Be Just Like Your Daddy
  5109 B Poor Boy
  5145 A Riding Old Paint
  5145 B Lopez The Bandit
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  209 A Rack Up The Balls
  209 B Little Old Rag Doll
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  733 A This Old House Has Got To Go
  733 B Tho' Autumn's Comin' On
Montgomery Ward
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4308 A When The Moon Shines Down Upon The Mountain
  4308 B In The Blue Hills of Virginia (By Frank Luther Trio)
  4312 A My Brown Eyed Texas Rose
  4312 B The Utah Trail (By Bud and Joe Billings)
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-5739 A This Old House
  20-5739 B When My Lord Picks Up The Phone
  20-5810 A Heavenly Cannon Ball
  20-5810 B I Am Persuaded
  20-5918 A Ole Pappy Time
  20-5918 B Toy Violin
  20-5990 A Is We All Said A Prayer
  20-5990 B My Brother
  20-6042 A Go On By
  20-6042 B Just A Man
  20-6152 A Lonesome Valley
  20-6152 B Lord, I'll Try
  20-6333 A A Handful Of Sunshine
  20-6333 B You'll Always Be Mine
  20-6465 A A Few Things To Remember
  20-6465 B Hell Train
  20-6581 A The Rock
  20-6581 B This Book
  20-6714 A Desert Sunrise
  20-6714 B Whistler's Dream
  20-6736 A God Is A Good God
  20-6736 B The Sweetest Story Ever Told
  20-6759 A Beyond The Sun
  20-6759 B Dear Lord, Be My Shepherd
  20-6911 A Lonesome Cowboy's Prayer
  20-6911 B My Father
  20-7052 A Old Time Religion
  20-7052 B The Old Rugged Cross
  20-7111 A Don't Fool Around With Old Calico
  20-7111 B This Ole World
  47-5918 A Ole Pappy Time
  47-5918 B The Toy Violin
  47-6042 A Go On By
  47-6042 B Just A Man
  47-6333 A A Handful Of Sunshine
  47-6333 B You'll Always Be Mine
  74-0525 A What Can I Do For My Country
  74-0525 B When Earth's Last Picture Is Painted
  BY-80 A Buford The Bulldog
  BY-80 B Fumi-Roo
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  108 A Across The Great Divide
  108 B Sheepskin Corn and a Wrinkle On A Horn
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  VI40109 A When The Moon Shines Down On The Mountain
  VI40109 B The Boy In Blue
  VI40242 A The Wrong Keyhole
  VI40242 B I Gotta Feelin'
  VI40306 A Hawaii
  VI40306 B Standin' On The Pier In The Rain
  VI40311 A By The Sleepy Rio Grande
  VI40311 B Sailor's Farewell
  VI40319 A Drifting Back To Dixie
  VI40319 B Big Rock Candy Mountain No.2
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1035 A The Last Cowboy
  1035 B It's A Brand New Day