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Douglas B. Green (Author)
Born:  March 20, 1946

About The Author

Douglas B. Green is probably better known to fans as "Ranger Doug" of the group "Riders in the Sky." He is known as "The Ido of American Youth" and "Governor of the Great State of Rhythm." He is said to be "...a yodeler of breathtaking technique."

As part of our research into hillbilly music history, we have used his oral history interviews that are part of the Country Music Hall of Fame's Oral History Project.

He is a music historian and this book, "Singing in the Saddle" (2002, Vanderbilt Press) was the first book to delve into the singing cowboy phenomenon that was popular in the country in the 1930's.

The Riders in the Sky have been together for 43 years and have been a part of WSM's Grand Ole Opry for 38 years.

The group was formed in 1998 by a gruop of Nashville studio musicians. They play a regular engagement on Monday nights at "3rd and Lindsleys" in Nashville.

Riders in the Sky - Midnight Jamboree - May 2006

Riders in the Sky - Midnight Jamboree - May 2006


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Roy Acuff's Musical Collection At Opryland
By Douglas B. Green and George Gruhn
WSM Incorporated
84 Pages

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Singing In The Saddle
The History of the Singing Cowboy
By Douglas B. Green
Vanderbilt University Press
408 Pages
ISBN:  0-82651-412-X

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Singing Cowboys
By Douglas B. Green
144 Pages
ISBN:  978-1586858087

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Country roots: The origins of country music
By Douglas B. Green
Hawthorn Books
238 Pages
ISBN:  978-0801517815

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