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Ivan M. Tribe (Author)
Born:  May 1, 1940
WOUB Athens, OH

About The Author

On Saturday, October 31, 2015, Dr. Ivan M. Tribe, scholar of Appalachian culture, especially traditional country and bluegrass music, was presented with the B.B. Maurer West Virginia Folklife Scholar Award at The Frank and Jane Gabor West Virginia Folklife Center at Fairmont State University.

Mr. Tribe, Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Rio Grande, spent 31 years researching the culture of Appalachia. He was raised in Albany, Ohio, and attended Ohio University and the University of Toledo, where he received his Ph.D. in 1976. He spent 31 years teaching history at Rio Grande while researching the culture of Appalachia, particularly traditional country and bluegrass music.

Ivan Tribe - Rio Grande Professor Emeritus He has written more than 200 articles for such journals as The Journal of Appalachian Studies, Mid-America Folklore, Goldenseal: West Virginia Traditional Life and Tennessee Folklore Society Bulletin.

Tribe has authored more than 40 book and record reviews appearing in such publications as The Journal of American Folklore and The Journal of Country Music, and he has written liner notes for more than 80 record albums.

Ivan M. Tribe has been a friend to this web site. A few years ago he offered to write some articles for our site but the email did not work correctly. In mid-2020, we finally connected and Ivan with the help of his wife, Deanna, said he would contribute articles for our site. Needless to say we are humbled by his contributions. He has submitted numerous biographies and allowed us to embellish them a bit based on what is in the collection we have and from other research. Below is a list of the articles he has contributed for you to peruse. Click on the name to read the article/biography.

Articles Submitted to Hillbilly-Music.com by the author
No. Artist or Group Name
1. Lee Moore
2. Cowboy Loye
3. Esco Hankins
4. Natchee The Indian
5. Claude Boone
6. Dusty Shaver
7. Curley Lambert
8. Red Rector
9. Clarence (Tater) Tate
10. Cherokee Sue
11. Mayse Brothers (Budge and Fudge)
12. Mel and Stan, The Kentucky Twins
13. Jackie Osborne
14. Marion Martin
15. Smokey Pleacher
16. Zag Pennell
17. Happy Johnny
18. David Miller (The Blind Soldier)
19. Paul Buskirk
20. Toby Stroud
21. Bill Cox
22. Frank Dudgeon
23. Roy Scott and the Country Harmony Boys
24. Smilie Sutter (aka Crazy Elmer)
25. Bonnie Baldwin
26. Millie Wayne
27. Cindy Coy
28. Honey and Sonny, The Davis Twins
29. George (Sleepy) Jeffers
30. Hiram Hayseed (William (Shorty) Godwin)
31. Kathy Dee
32. Mac Odell
33. Hank Stanford (Hank The Cowhand)
34. Ray Anderson
35. Monty Blake
36. Red Belcher
37. Jimmy Walker
38. Richard Harold
39. Fred Pendleton
40. Frank Hutchison
41. Roy Harvey
42. Blind Alfred Reed
43. John B. Evans
44. Kessinger Brothers (Clark and Luches)
45. LaWanda Lindsey
46. Roy Hall
47. J. D. Jarvis
48. Shorty Fincher
49. Darnell Miller
50. Slim Carter and Brown Eyes
51. Froggie Cortez
52. Rawhide (Hamilton Fincher)
53. Karen Wheeler
54. Karen McKenzie
55. Onie Wheeler
56. Peeper, Poochie and Punkin (The Williams Sisters aka Chickie's Chicks)
57. Cap, Andy and Flip
58. Charlie Moore
59. Ray Lunsford
60. Tommy Faile
61. Don (The Carolina Boy) White
62. Shannon Grayson
63. Bashful Harmonica Joe (Joe Troyan)
64. Arthur (Rusty) Gabbard
65. Claude Casey
66. George (Speedy) Krise
67. Pie Plant Pete (Claude Moye)
68. Bob Baker
69. Radio Dot and Smokey
70. Monte Hale
71. Hylo Brown
72. Ted and Wanda
73. Lazy Jim Day
74. Asa Martin
75. Old Joe Clark
76. Eddie Dean
77. Buell Kazee
78. Trace Family Trio
79. James Carson (aka James Roberts)
80. Kentucky Slim (aka Charles Elza)
81. Rusty York
82. Pappy Gube Beaver
83. Pete Stamper
84. Fred E. Smith
85. Cope Brothers
86. Anglin Brothers (aka Anglin Twins aka Anglin Twins and Red)
87. Raymond Fairchild
88. Bill Duncan and the Harmony Mountain Boys
89. Cy Williams
90. Rex and Eleanor Parker
91. Bonnie Lou
92. Jimmie Logsdon
93. Kelly Harrell
94. Jess Young
95. Mary Lou Turner
96. Lonnie Glosson
97. Harry (Haywire Mac) McClintock
98. Big Slim, The Lone Cowboy
99. T. Texas Tyler
100. Fiddlin' Doc Roberts
101. Fred Kirby
102. The Carolina Playboys
103. Whitey and Hogan
104. Sunflower (Mary Calvas)
105. Fiddlin' Hank (Garnet E. Warren)
106. Slim Lehart (The Wheeling Cat)
107. Tex Logan
108. Fisher Hendley
109. George Reneau (The Blind Musician of the Smoky Mountains)
110. Ernest Thompson
111. Connie Sides
112. Cal Davenport
113. Clay Everhart and the North Carolina Tar Heels
114. Marc Williams (The Cowboy Crooner)
115. Braxton Schuffert
116. Ken Houchins (The Yodeling Drifter)
117. Buddy M. Griffin
118. Mary Ann Estes
119. Flavil (Flannels) Miller
120. Rosa Lee Carson (aka Moonshine Kate)
121. Jess Willard
122. Junior Norman
123. Roy Hogsed
124. Herman Yarbrough (aka Roscoe Swerps)
125. Roane County Ramblers
126. Lennie Aleshire
127. Delbert Barker
128. Milton Estes
129. Terry Fell
130. Linda Parker
131. Roba Stanley
132. Buzz Busby
133. Bill Harrell
134. Chester (Butch) Lester
135. Pete Pike
136. Barbara Pittman
137. Buck Ryan
138. Peg Moreland
139. Chubby Parker
140. Kenny Sidle
141. Art Gibson
142. Byrd Moore and His Hot Shots
143. Carl Sauceman and his Green Valley Boys
144. Jimmie Rodgers Snow
145. Ernest V. Stoneman
146. Joe Stuart
147. Cecil Surratt
148. Uncle Eck Dunford
149. Alfred G. Karnes
150. Ernest Phipps and His Holiness Quartet
151. B. F. Shelton
152. Garland Brothers and Grinstead
153. McVay and Johnson
154. The Palmer Sisters
155. The Spindale Quartet
156. Betty Amos
157. Barbi Benton
158. Joann Davis
159. Gunilla Hutton
160. Chris Noel
161. Misty Rowe
162. Holly Garrett
163. Ridgel's Fountain Citians
164. Southern Moonlight Entertainers
165. Vandergrift Brothers
166. Haskell Wolfenbarger
167. Roni Stoneman
168. Stonemam Family
169. Dock Boggs
170. Noah Crase
171. Chubby Howard
172. Melissa Monroe
173. Ira & Eugene Yates
174. Emry Arthur
175. Bob Dunn
176. Happy Go-Lucky Boys
177. Goldie Hill
178. James Monroe
179. Paul (Moon) Mullins


Buy this Book
Mountaineer Jamboree
Country Music in West Virginia
By Ivan Tribe
University Press of Kentucky
243 Pages
ISBN:  0-8131-0878-0

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Stonemans: An Appalachian Family and the Music That Shaped Their Lives
By Ivan M. Tribe
University of Illinois Press
352 Pages
ISBN:  0-25206-308-2

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The Jamboree In Wheeling
By Ivan Tribe and Jacob L. Bapst
Aracadia Publishing
128 Pages
ISBN:  978-1-4671-0568-2

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Country: A Regional Exploration
By Ivan M. Tribe
Greenwood Press
283 Pages
ISBN:  9780313330261

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West Virginia's Traditional Country Music
By Ivan M. Tribe
Arcadia Publishing Library Editions
130 Pages
ISBN:  978-1531674311

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Folk Music In Overdrive: A Primer on Traditional Country and Bluegrass Artists
By Ivan Tribe
University of Tennessee Press
392 Pages
ISBN:  978-1621903970

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