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Lawrence Duchow
and His Red Raven Orchestra
Born:  May 9, 1914
Died:  December 16, 1972
WLBL Stevens Point, WI
WNAM Neenah, WI

About The Artist

Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Lawrence Duchow and His Red Raven Orchestra. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything yet.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  2543 A Red Raven Polka
  2543 B Maybe Lonesome Waltz
  2592 A Hopeless - Polka
  2592 B Aug Wiedersehn - Schottische
  2654 A Hortense Polka
  2654 B Innocence Waltz
  2785 A Merry Month Of May (Polka)
  2785 B Jager March Waltz
  2986 A Adrian Polka
  2986 B Heartaches - Waltz
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-3219 A Windy City Polka
  20-3219 B Red Raven Waltz
  20-3225 A Yes Yes Polka
  20-3225 B This side by Henri Rene
  20-3305 A Pilgrim Polka
  20-3305 B Zephyr Waltz
  20-3356 A Blue Skirt Waltz
  20-3356 B I Betcha Waltz
  20-3438 A Artistry In Polka
  20-3438 B Sever Beers With The Wrong Woman
  20-3474 A Milwaukee Polka
  20-3474 B Land O'Lakes Sweetheart Waltz
  20-4462 A Quiet Nook
  20-4462 B When We Parted
  20-4573 A Ha, Ha, Ho, Ho
  20-4573 B Wisconsin Waltz
  20-4690 A Barbara
  20-4690 B Three Yanks
  20-4825 A Dutch Garden
  20-4825 B Tulip's Serenade
  20-4940 A Ski Waltz
  20-4940 B I Love To Polka
  20-5032 A Freddie's Polka
  20-5032 B Beer Garden Polka
  20-5115 A Two Eddie's Polka
  20-5115 B Polisha
  20-5165 A Ike's Waltz
  20-5165 B I Want A Girl
  20-5282 A Audrie's Polka
  20-5282 B Mambo Polka
  20-5394 A Ole, Come Home
  20-5394 B Barbara Polka
  20-5464 A Polish Piano Polka
  20-5464 B Isabelle and Mariechen
  20-5528 A Thumbelina
  20-5528 B Algoma Polka
  25-1099 A Swiss Girl (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1099 B Potter Polka (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1113 A Blonde Charlie (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1113 B Red Raven Schottische (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1121 A Cinderella Polka (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1121 B In Paradise Waltz (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1127 A When I Come (Polka) (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1127 B Lover's Lane (Landler) (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1155 A The Hayride Waltz (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  25-1155 B Hm Hm A-Ha - Polka (w/Red Raven Orchestra)
  V-712 A Kacka Polka (w/Red Raven Inn Orchestra)
  V-712 B Skoda - Landler (w/Red Raven Inn Orchestra)
  V-714 A Emilia Polka (w/Red Raven Inn Orchestra)
  V-714 B Clarinet Polka In Waltz Tempo (w/Red Raven Inn Orchestra)

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