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Rudy Rivers
Born:  March 27, 1922
Died:  May 25, 2002

About The Artist

Rudy Rivers (his real name was Rudy LaRiviere) was born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He spent his early years in an orphanage. He started entertaining folks at the age of 15. Around that time also, he wrote his first song called “The Yodeling Symphony”.

By 19, in the late 1930s, Rudy and his wife to be who also grew up in an orphanage hitchhiked to Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, where he enlisted in the Royal Canadian Air Force until the end of World War II.

Being an excellent artist he opened and ran a sign shop for 47 year. He continued to write songs and entertain. In those days he was know as “Rudy the Yodeling Kid”. I was born in 1944 and was there only child Rudy Jr.

Rudy provided Acoff & Rose 12 songs to publish. Some of those compositions were recorded by Wilf Carter and Ernest Ashworth. The song "Pushed in A Corner" was recorded by Ernie Ashworth and reached #11 on the Billboard charts in 1964. Rudy himself recorded for Rodeo Records. But Rudy was not impressed with leaving my home and his wife, Monica, to go on the road to promote his records and career, it was just not his style. He probably passed up a great opportunity.

A 1965 article indicates he recorded at least two sides for Rodeo Records and one for Sparton Records in 1964.

His notes he had written more than 490 songs over a span of 69 years; most are all love songs.

In his later years he wrote a Children’s Christmas Song for the grandkids, followed by an incredible coloring book “Santa’s Golden Snowmobile”, story, song & CD which will be in stores this Christmas (2009).

His sun Rudy LaRivere, Jr. is offering any of his Dad’s songs to any artist who wishes to record them. You may contact him at wenrudy2000@yahoo.com.

Credits and Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to thank the son of Rudy Rivers, Rudy LaRivere, Jr. for contacting us and providing us with details about his father's career.
  • Country Song Roundup; Issue No. 90; October 1965; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1218R A Corner of Blue Street
  1218R B Chew Chew Chat

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