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Weldon and Wanda Rogers
KPIK Colorado Springs, CO
KPUB Pueblo, CO
KSML Seminole, TX
WBAP Fort Worth, TX
KDAV Lubbock, TX (1965)

About The Artist

Wanda and Weldon Rogers were a husband-wife duet team back in the late 1950s and into the 1960s from what we can determine. Weldon was said to be a native of Marietta, Oklahoma, but grew up in a couple of Texas towns, Amarillo and Lamesa.

A 1964 article indicated that Weldon had been in the music business at least ten years as a disc jockey and entertainer. In 1964, he was working at KPUB in Pueblo, Colorado.

Wanda's career seems to have taken off when she met Lefty Frizzell when she was just sixteen years old. Lefty helped her get some exposure on the radio. Later, she helped form other groups and worked on several radio programs; however, we do not have nay details about those programs. For several months, she was a featured artist over WBAP out of Fort Worth, Texas.

As a duet, they recorded for the Peach Records label. Weldon recoreded a tune on the Imperial Records label ("So Long, Good Luck, Goodbye" b/w "Trying To Get To You"). He was managed by Jim Small at the time, who also wrote a regional column for "On the Trail" magazine.

In 1965, Weldon was doing disc jockey chores at KDAV in Lubbock, Texas. The article we found mentioned he had come from KPIK in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

The duo also teamed up as songwriters. A 1964 Country Song Roundup issue includes a song called "I'm Hanging Up The Phone", listing both as the songwriters for Yonah Music, Inc.

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com wishes to express its appreciation to George Hamlin, a former music student of Dr. Curt Rogosinski for sending us his recollections.
  • WHO Des Moines 1938 Picture Book; Des Moines, IA

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