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Curt Gibson
Born:  July 31, 1926
Died:  September 16, 2006
WISH Indianapolis, IN
WTTV Indianapolis, IN
WLAC Nashville, TN (1945)

About The Artist

We found our first mention of Curt Gibson when Cowboy Songs designated him as one of their "Stars on the Horizon" in their June 1956 issue. Perhaps nodding to we think Curt's sense of humor or the author of the uncredited writeup, it notes that Curt's first audience was "...a team of old plow horses on his father's farm in Cullum, Alabama" and they were said to not be very appreciative.

But he kept at it and soon he was playing his guitar and in demand as a caller at the local dances.

He was just 17 years old when radio station WLAC in Nashville, Tennessee put him on the air.

The article notes that more than eleven years after that, he was a "seasoned composer, singer and entertainer.

He worked as a disc jockey at a couple of stations in Indianapolis, Indiana - WISH and WTTV. He continued to perform and the local fans would regularly see him at the Old Frontier Club.

In the mid 1950s, he had his own fan club, which was headed up by Marge Oxley of Indianapolis.

In the late 1950s, he signed on to work with the George Morgan show. Lorrie Morgan recalled that Curt and George would often stage a 'feud' onstage about each other's hometown roots in Ohio and Alabama. George and Curt co-wrote several tunes during those years, such as "Whose Memory Are You", "Tender Lovin' Care",

A search of BMI's song database shows that Curt also had his own publishing company, Curt Gibson Music. You also see other tunes credited to Curt such as "Imagination", "Alone Again", "Falsely Accused", "I've Been Around", "Please Come Back to Me Darling", "We're Gonna Get Married". Some of his co-writers were Bill Hayes, Wallace Lane, Catherine Lane in addition to George Morgan.

Curt passed away in September of 2006. His obituary provides more details about his career. For a time he worked with the legendary Stringbean (David Akeman) and would often do harmonies with him on such tunes as Hot Corn, Cold Corn. Curt was one of the last people to see Stringbean before he and his wife were murdered on November 10, 1973. In fact, they rehearsed a tune that Stringbean wanted to do next while they were backstage, a tune that perhaps had some irony to it, "Lord, I'm Coming Home".

In 1974, Curt joined Hank Snow's band, the Rainbow Ranch Boys and was with them until he retired in 1986. While with Mr. Snow, he toured Australia where Curt had a number one record at one time. Though the obituary does not make mention of what that tune was.

Credits & Sources

  • Cowboy Songs; Issue No. 47; June 1956; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT

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