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Speedy Ross
and the Rhythm Ranch Boys
KMBC Brush Creek Follies

About The Artist

Speedy Ross and the Rhythm Ranch Boys were working in Valley City, North Dakota over KXJB-TV, channel 4 in 1955. And we do mean working for they were entertaining the viewers five days a week.

The band was formed about 1949 or so according to a 1955 article. They originally got together in Kentucky. From there, they moved to Corpus Christi, Texas for about a year. Their talents were in demand by then and the next stop was KMBC in Kansas City, Missouri and the famed Brush Creek Follies show.

Their personal appearances took them all around North and South Dakota as well as Minnesota.

In addition to their five-day a week show, they also had an hour-long show on Wednesday nights from 9:00pm to 10:00pm called "TV Barn Dance".

Timeline & Trivia Notes

Group Members

  • Speedy Ross, leader and rhythm guitar
  • Billy Tucker, fiddle
  • Buddy Howard, bass fiddle
  • Herb Dooley, steel guitar

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup; No. 41; November 1955; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT

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