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Smokey Rogers
Born:  March 23, 1917
Died:  November 23, 1993

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

4 Star
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1019 A Shame On You
  1019 B Pleave Give Me One More Chance
  1020 A Blues On My Mind
  1020 B What It Means To Be Blue
  1067 A Turn My Picture Upside Down
  1067 B Don't Try To Pretend
  1068 A Double Trouble
  1068 B Are You Somebody's Darlin'
  1136 A I Let My Wife Support Me
  1136 B No Vacancy
  1137 A Texas Tornado
  1137 B Though I Tried
  1153 A Seven Come Eleven
  1153 B Huggin' And Chalkin'
  1154 A Why Oh Why Did I Ever Leave Wyoming
  1154 B Ain't Gonna Cry Anymore
  1157 A Possum Song
  1157 B I Can't Help The Way I Feel
  1158 A No She Don't Yes She Does
  1158 B Carry Me Back To Tucumcari
  1182 A Flying Saucers
  1182 B Chime Bells
  1183 A How Lonely Can You Get
  1183 B Goin' Down The Road
  1262 A I Let My Wife Support Me
  1262 B Ain't Gonna Cry No More
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15217 A Ball Of Fire
  15217 B Hair Of Gold, Eyes Of Blue
  40080 A Spanish Fandango
  40080 B Drinkin' And A'thinkin'
  40098 A Chickashay Gal
  40098 B Slap 'Er Down Agin, Paw
  40123 A Don't Come Cryin' To Me
  40123 B Blue Bonnet Polka
  40199 A A Kiss To Remember
  40199 B The Spelling Song (I L-O-V-E U)
  40200 A Texas Star (w/Western Caravan)
  40200 B Ocean Waves (w/Western Caravan)
  40201 A Queen For A Day Square Dance
  40201 B Lady 'Round The Lady
  40202 A Chinese Breakdown (w/Western Caravan)
  40202 B Life On The Ocean Wave (w/Western Caravan)
  40206 A Cotton Eyed Joe (w/Western Caravan)
  40206 B Hot Pretzels (w/Western Caravan)
  40230 A Rich Man, Poor Man, Beggar Man, Thief
  40230 B Make Believe Heart
  40284 A Dimples Or Dumplin's
  40284 B (Without Your) Wedding Ring
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  64052 A New Panhandle Rag
  64052 B Nine-Tenths Of The Tennessee River
  64057 A The Texas Song
  64057 B Trouble Then Satisfaction
  64063 A Tamb Uritza Boogie
  64063 B Lose Your Blues
  64077 A Catch Me Cheatin'
  64077 B Oh How I Cry About You
  64088 A Tulsa Trot (w/The Western Caravan)
  64088 B Irma Is The Name Of My Baby (w/The Western Caravan)
  64092 A Steel Guitar Jubilee (w/The Western Caravan)
  64092 B Wear My Ribbon (w/The Western Caravan)

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