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Jerry Reed
Born:  March 20, 1937
Died:  August 31, 2008
Country Music Hall of Fame (2017)
Georgia Music Hall of Fame (1987)
Musicians Hall of Fame (2016)
WGST Atlanta, GA

About The Artist

In April 1956, Jerry Reed, a native of Atlanta, Georgia, was one of Capitol Records' newest artists. He was only 18 then and had been pickin' and singin' sine he was ten years old. His first personal appearance in front of an audience was when he was nine years old.

He was still in high school then and took part in quite a few of the high school plays they wrote. They said he had a flair for the dramatics.

His first television appearance was with Uncle Joe Allison along with Jerry Byrd and the gang at WSIX in Nashville. In early 1956, he was with WLW-TV in Cincinnati each Saturday night.

Credits & Sources

  • Country Song Roundup No. 43; April 1956; American Folk Publications, Inc.; Derby, CT.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  3294 A Here I Am
  3294 B If The Lord Is Willing And The Creek Won't Rise
  3381 A I'm A Lover, Not A Fighter
  3381 B Honey Chile
  3429 A Mister Whiz
  3429 B When I Found You
  3504 A Just A Romeo
  3504 B This Great Big Empty Room
  3592 A You're Bragging, Boy
  3592 B Too Busy Crying The Blues
  3657 A It's High Time
  3657 B Forever
  3731 A Rockin' In Bagdad
  3731 B Oh Lonely Heart
  3823 A Ba-Bee
  3823 B In My Own Backyard
  3882 A Bessie Baby
  3882 B Too Young To Be Blue
  3992 A Your Money Makes You Purty
  3992 B How Can I Go On This Way
  5531 A What Comes Around
  5531 B Big Time Fool
  5556 A Let It Go
  5556 B Country's Alive And Doing Well
  5612 A This Missin' You's A Whole Lotta Fun
  5612 B There Was You
  5660 A You Can't Get The Hell Out Of...
  5660 B Old Fashioned Hearts
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4-42047 A Love And War
  4-42047 B Love Is The Cause Of It All
  4-42183 A Hit And Run
  4-42183 B It Sure Is Blue Out Tonight
  4-42311 A Pity The Fool
  4-42311 B I've Got Everybody Fooled But Me
  4-42417 A I'm Movin' On
  4-42417 B Goodnight Irene
  4-42533 A Twist-A-Roo
  4-42533 B Hully Gully Guitar
  4-42639 A Overlooked And Underloved
  4-42639 B Too Old To Cut The Mustard
  4-42704 A I Want To Be Loved
  4-42704 B I'll See You In My Dreams
  4-42808 A The Shock
  4-42808 B Let's Get Ready For The Summer
  4-42863 A Love Don't Grow On Trees
  4-42863 B Mountain Man
  4-43052 A June Night
  4-43052 B Spilled Milk
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  14 A This Can't Be Happening To Me
  14 B Have Blues, Will Travel
  32 A Just Right
  32 B Stone Eternal
  5008 A Soldier's Joy
  5008 B Little Lovin' Liza
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  10013 A Lightnin' Rod
  10013 B You've Got It
  10063 A Boogie Woogie Rock And Roll
  10063 B In Between
  10132 A Let's Sing Our Song
  10132 B Grab Bag
  10247 A Mind Your Love
  10247 B Struttin'
  10325 A The Telephone
  10325 B City Of New Orleans
  10389 A You Got A Lock On Me
  10389 B Reedology
  10717 A Gator
  10717 B Good For Him
  10784 A Remembering
  10784 B Bake
  10893 A Semolita
  10893 B The Phantom Of The Opry
  11008 A With His Pants In His Hand
  11008 B We Called It Everything
  11056 A East Bound And Down
  11056 B Redneck In A Rock And Roll Bar
  11164 A You Know What?
  11164 B Louisiana Lady
  11232 A Sweet Love Feelings
  11232 B You're Gonna Need Someone
  11281 A What Can I Say
  11281 B I Feel For You
  11281A A What Can I Say
  11281A D High Rollin'
  11370 A Stars And Stripes Forever
  11370 B -Not Known-
  11407 A Gimme Back My Blues
  11407 B Honkin'
  11472 A Second-Hand Satin Lady
  11472 B Jiffy Jam
  11638 A Line In Gasoline
  11638 B A Piece Of Cake
  11698 A Hot Stuff
  11698 B Nervous Breakdown
  11764 A Sugar Foot Rag
  11764 B I Wanna Go Back Home To Georgia
  11944 A Workin' At The Car Wash Blues
  11944 B Age
  12034 A The Friendly Family Inn
  12034 B The Bandit
  12083 A Texas Bound And Flyin'
  12083 B Concrete Sailor
  12157 A Caffein, Nicotine, Benzedrine
  12157 B If Love's Not Around the House
  12210 A The Testimony Of Soddy Hoe
  12210 B Dreaming Fairytales
  12253 A Good Friends Make Good Lovers
  12253 B The Devil Went Down...
  12301 A Lunchbox
  12301 B Mommas, Don't Let Your Kids Grow Up
  12318 A Patches
  12318 B Stray Dogs and Stray Women
  13081 A East Bound and Down
  13081 B Man With The golden Thumb
  13268 A She Got The Goldmine (I Got The Shaft)
  13268 B '44'
  13355 A The Bird
  13355 B the Hobo
  13422 A Down On The Corner
  13422 B Hard Times
  13527 A Good Ole Boys
  13527 B She's Ready For Someone To Love Her
  13580 A Hold On, I'm Comin'
  13580 B Nobody Ever Loved Me
  13663 A I'm A Slave
  13663 B Nobody Ever Loved Me
  13666 A Christmas Time's A-Comin'
  13666 B The Best I Ever Had
  47-0194 A The Uptown Poker Club
  47-0194 B Honkin'
  47-0224 A The Crude Oil Blues
  47-0224 B Pickie, Pickie, Pickie
  47-0273 A A Good Woman's Love
  47-0273 B Everybody Needs Someone
  47-0738 A Alabama Wild Man
  47-0738 B Take It Easy (In Your Mind)
  47-0857 A You Took All The Ramblin' Out Of Me
  47-0857 B I'm Not Playin' Games
  47-0960 A Lord, Me. Ford
  47-0960 B Two Timin'
  47-1011 A Ko Ko Joe
  47-1011 B I Feel for You
  47-8565 A If I Don't Live It Up
  47-8565 B I Feel A Sin Coming On
  47-8667 A Ain't That Just Like A Fool
  47-8667 B Love's Battleground
  47-8730 A Fightin' For The Usa
  47-8730 B Navy Blues
  47-8957 A Woman Shy
  47-8957 B I Feel For You
  47-9152 A Guitar Man
  47-9152 B It Don't Work That Way
  47-9334 A Wabash Cannonball
  47-9334 B Tupelo Mississippi Flash
  47-9493 A Remembering
  47-9493 B Fine On My Mind
  47-9623 A Alabama Wild Man
  47-9623 B Twelve Bar Midnight
  47-9701 A Oh What A Woman
  47-9701 B Losing Your Love
  47-9794 A Turn It Around In Your Mind
  47-9794 B Long Gone
  47-9804 A Alabama Jubilee
  47-9804 B Talk About the Good times
  47-9870 A Georgia Sunshine
  47-9870 B Swinging '69
  47-9890 A Tennessee Stud
  47-9890 B Cannonball Rag (w/Chet Atkins)
  47-9904 A Amos Moses
  47-9904 B The Preacher And The Bear
  47-9976 A When You're Hot, You're Hot
  47-9976 B You've Been Cryin' Again
  74-0124 A There's Better Things In Life
  74-0124 B Blues Land
  74-0211 A A Worried Man
  74-0211 B Are You From Dixie
  74-0242 A A Thing Called Love
  74-0242 B Hallelujah, I Love Her So
  74-0613 A Love Man
  74-0613 B Another Puff
  74-0667 A Smell The Flowers
  74-0667 B If It Comes To That
  74-0775 A Jerry's Breakdown
  74-0775 B Nashtown Ville (W/ Chet Atkins)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  787 A Soldier's Joy
  787 B Little Lovin' Lisa

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