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Maunay, Evelyn and Carmelita George
KENM Portales, NM

About The Artist

The first mention of this family we find them as Evelyn George and her "Blues Band" in 1951. This appears to have been early in their stint at KENM in Portales, New Mexico, which lasted until about 1956. Her band included at that time her husband, Maunay and their daughter, Carmelita as well as Maugarette Fenn on the piano and Charles Dansbee on the lead guitar. By 1957, they were performing primarily as a family act and only the three of them are mentioned.

Evelyn was the lead vocalist and played guitar for the group. She had a Sunday afternoon program called "Evelyn George and her Guitar" and also did "Sacred Music with Evelyn George" on Sunday mornings as well. On top of that, she once had a 30-minute show that aired on Saturday nights at 12:30am that was simply called the "Evelyn George Show".

Evelyn's husband, Maunay was a deejay over KENM and was also head of the "New Mexico Jamboree", which was a Thursday night Western stage show. His radio show around 1954 was from 1:30pm to 5:00pm, each Monday through Saturday. He was also on Saturday nights from 11:00pm to 12:30am at thsi time.

Their daughter Carmelita sang with them on both the radio and stage programs along with occasional television appearances with them.

Around 1956 or so, they left Portales and Maunay was working for radio station WCLV out of Clovis, New Mexico.

Evelyn George did make a few recordings for what appears to be the Maunay record label. We found mention of these in Linnell Gentry's tome. This would appear to be supported by the 1951 article that mentions the family's show aired from the "Maunay Recording Studios" over KENM at the time.

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members included:

  • Evelyn George
  • Maunay George (Married to Evelyn)
  • Carmelita George (their daughter)
  • Marguarette Fenn, piano
  • Charles Dansbee, lead guitar

Credits & Sources

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