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Bill Anderson
and The Po' Boys
Born:  November 1, 1937
Atlanta Country Music Hall of Fame (1987)
Country Music Hall of Fame (2001)
Georgia Music Hall of Fame (1985)
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1975)
NorthWest Western Swing Music Society (2008)
Songwriters Hall of Fame
WSM Grand Ole Opry
WGAU Athens, GA
WJJC Commerce, GA

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Appearance History This Month

May 6, 1965

Valdosta, GA
Bill Anderson

May 7, 1965

Albany, GA
Bill Anderson

May 8, 1965

Gainesville, FL
Bill Anderson

May 28, 1965

Wilmington, DE
Bill Anderson

May 28, 1966

Indianapolis, IN
Bill Anderson

May 29, 1966

Angola, IN
Bill Anderson

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Buy this Book
Whisperin' Bill
An Autobiography
By Bill Anderson
Longstreet Press, Inc.
464 Pages
ISBN:  0-929264-24-X

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  31358 A Get A Little Dirt On Your Hands
  31358 B Down Came The Rain
  31577 A Five Little Fingers
  31577 B Easy Come-Easy Go
  31630 A Me
  31630 B Cincinnati, Ohio
  32077 A Get While the Gettin' Good
  32077 B Something To Believe In
  32146 A No One's Gonna Hurt You Anymore
  32146 B Papa
  32215 A Stranger On the Run
  32215 B Happiness
  32360 A Happy State Of Mind
  32360 B Time's Been Good To Me
  32445 A My Life
  32445 B To Be Alone
  32689 A Someday We'll Be together
  32689 B Who Is The Biggest Fool
  32744 A Where Have All Our Heroes Gone
  32744 B Loving A Memory
  32793 A Always Remember
  32793 B You Can Change My World
  32821 A Louisiana Man
  32821 B Sidewalkin'
  32850 A Quits
  32850 B I'll Live For You
  32877 A Dis-Satisfied
  32930 A All The Lonely Women In The World
  32930 B Time To Move On
  33002 A Don't She Look Good
  33002 B I'm Just Gone
  73251 A If It's All The Same To You
  73251 B I thank God For You
  732514 A But You Know I Love You
  732514 B Picture From Life's Other Side
  732643 A Love Is A Sometime Thing
  732643 B And I'm Still Missing You
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40004 A If You Can Live With It
  40004 B (All Togerher Now) Let's Fall Apart
  40070 A Corner Of My Life
  40070 B Hme and Things
  40164 A World Of Make Believe
  40164 B Gonna Shine It On Again
  40243 A Can I Come Home To You
  40243 B I'm Happily Married
  40304 A Everytime I Turn the Radio On
  40304 B You Are My Story
  40351 A I Still the Same About You
  40351 B Talk To Me Ohio
  40404 A Country D.J.
  40404 B We Made Love(But where's the Love)
  40443 A Thanks
  40443 B Why'd the Last Time have To Be the Best
  40488 A Sometimes (w/Mary Lou Turner)
  40488 B Circle In A Triangle (w/Mary Lou Turner)
  40533 A That's What Made Me Love You (w/Mary Lou Turner)
  40533 B Can We Still Be Friends (w/Mary Lou Turner)
  40595 A Peanuts and Diamonds
  40595 B Your Love Blows Me Away
  40661 A Liars One, Believers Zero
  40661 B Let Me Whisper Darling ...
  40713 A Head To Toe
  40713 B Love Song For Jackie
  40753 A Where Are You Going, Billy Boy (w/Mary Lou Turner)
  40753 B Sad Ole Shade Of Grey (w/Mary Lou Turner)
  40852 A I?m Way Ahead of You (w/Mary Lou Turner)
  40852 B Just Enough to Make Me Want It All (w/Mary Lou Turner)
  40893 A Joanna
  40893 B I Can't Wait Any Longer
  40964 A Double S
  40964 B Married Lady
  60059 A Still
  60059 B I Love You Drops

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