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Cowboy Loye Pack
Born:  June 3, 1900
Died:  March 15, 1941
WMMN Sagebrush Roundup
WWVA Original Jamboree
WAIU Columbus, OH
WEEU Reading, PA
WMBS Uniontown, PA
WMMN Fairmont, WV
WWVA Wheeling, WV

About The Artist

Cowboy Loye Presents 20 Famous Heart Songs Loye Donald Pack, known on radio as "Cowboy Loye," was one of those popular radio vocalists who never made recordings or transcriptions, but was quite well-known where he appeared on the airwaves.

A native of Tennessee, he was living in Nebraska in 1929 where he first sang on radio in the small city of York. Acquiring a large repertoire of country songs, he moved eastward to WAIU in Columbus, Ohio.

While in the Cornhusker State, he married the former Zeta Hurley on March 3, 1930. and the couple subsequently had four children.

Loye made his biggest impact in the West Virginia cities of Wheeling (1933-1937) and Fairmont (1937-1941) where he appeared on daily radio programs sponsored by Bluebonnet Crystals, as well as appearing on their Saturday night barn dance programs, The Midnight Jamboree and The Sagebrush Roundup.

As his popularity grew, his Bluebonnet Troupe sometimes numbered as many as nine performers. He was much admired for his salesmanship ability and issued three songbooks which became treasure troves for old-time lyrics.

Cowboy Loye Presents 20 Famous Heart Songs

WHO Barn Dance Frolic with Murray Sisters - Sumner, Iowa April 2, 1936 Murray Sisters - Sumner, Iowa April 8, 1936

Cowboy Loye Presents 20 Famous Heart Songs

Cowboy Loye Presents 20 Famous Heart Songs

In March 1941, he went to the Cleveland Clinic for surgery for stomach ulcers which proved fatal. His wife returned his remains to Nebraska for burial, but his memory survived for decades in West Virginia, much admired by such fellow performers as Grandpa Jones. Buddy Starcher, and Doc Williams.

While in the Cornhusker State, he married the former Zeta Hurley of Ponca, NE on March 3, 1930. At the time of his death, the couple had four children (Jo Ann, Gerald, Donald and Paul) - three boys and a girl; the youngest, a son, was just four weeks old.

Credits & Sources

  • Hillbilly-Music.com would like to express its thanks to Ivan M. Tribe, author of Mountaineer Jamboree — Country Music in West Virginia and other books that can be found on Amazon.com and numerous articles in other publications for providing us with information about this artist.
  • Former Ponca Resident Dies - Loyhe Pack, Entertainer, Expires Following Operation; March 21, 1941; Sioux City Journal; Sioux City, IA

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