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Margaret Whiting
Born:  July 22, 1924
Died:  January 10, 2011
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1960)

About The Artist

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1027 A A-Raa-A-Ma-Tazz
  1027 B I Gotta Get Out Of The Habit
  1041 A Shawl Of Galway Grey
  1041 B If You Were Only Mine
  1042 A Blind Date
  1042 B Home Cookin' (W/Bob Hope)
  1103 A I Didn't Know What Time It Was
  1103 B This Can't Be Love
  1123 A I've Forgotten You
  1123 B You're Mine, You
  1132 B Let's Do It Again
  1213 A I've Never Been In Love Before
  1213 B The Best Thing For You Is Me
  1309 A Once You Find Your Guy
  1309 B A Man Is Nothing But A Wolf
  1343 A Over, Over And Over (W/Frank Devol)
  1343 B The Moon Was Yellow (W/Frank Devol)
  1382 A Easter Parade
  1382 B Let's Go To Church
  1391 A Lonesome Gal
  1391 B Faithful
  1417 A Sing You Sinners
  1417 B You Are The One
  1469 A Make The Man Love Me
  1469 B We Kiss In A Shadow
  1491 A Hello Young Lovers
  1491 B Something Wonderful
  15278 A Far Away Places
  15278 B My Own True Love
  1566 A This Little Piggy Went To Market
  1566 B Hoppy, Topper And Me
  1585 A Everlasting
  1585 B The End Of A Love Affair
  1645 A It Might As Well Be Spring
  1645 B How Deep Is The Ocean
  1702 A River Road Two Step
  1702 B Good Morning, Mr Echo
  1784 A Beer Barrel Polka
  1784 B And So To Sleep Again
  1801 A Bill
  1801 B More, More, More
  1816 B Let's Live A Little
  1845 A That's For Sure
  1845 B If I Can Love You In The Morning
  1939 A Oops
  1939 B Round And Round
  1984 A Foggy River
  1984 B Try Me One More Time
  2000 A I Walk Alone
  2000 B I Could Write A Book
  2217 A Alone Together
  2217 B Outside Of Heaven
  2292 A Why Don't You Believe Me
  2292 B Come Back To Me, Johnny
  2331 A Singing Bells
  2331 B Take Care, My Love
  240 A All Through The Day
  240 B In Love In Vain
  247 A Come Rain Or Come Shine
  247 B Can't Help Lovin' That Man
  2489 A Something Wonderful Happens
  2489 B Where Did He Go?
  2550 A C.O.D
  2550 B Waltz Of The Blues
  2599 A The Night Holds No Fear
  2599 B I Just Love You
  2681 A Isle Of Skye
  2681 B Moonlight In Vermont
  269 A Along With Me
  269 B When You Make Love To Me
  2717 A It's Nice To Have You Home
  2717 B I Speak To The Stars
  2853 A Joey
  2853 B Ask Me
  2869 A An Affair Of The Heart
  2869 B How Long Has This Been?
  2913 A All There Is And Then Some
  2913 B Can This Be Love?
  294 A For You, For Me, Forever More
  294 B Passe
  2996 A My Son, My Son
  2996 B My Own True Love
  324 A Oh! But I Do
  324 B Guilty
  350 A What Am I Gonna Do About You?
  350 B Beware My Heart
  383 A Spring Isn't Everything
  383 B Time After Time
  410 A Old Devil Moon
  410 B Ask Anyone Who Knows
  427 A Don't Tell Me (w/Frank DeVol)
  427 B What Are You Doing New Year's Eve (w/Frank DeVol)
  438 A You Do
  438 B My Future Just Passed
  461 A So Far (w/Frank DeVol)
  461 B Lazy Countryside
  542 A A Wonderful Guy
  542 B Younger Than Springtime (w/Frank DeVol)
  546 A A Wonderful Guy
  546 B Younger Than Springtime
  582 A Baby, It's Cold Outside
  582 B I Never Heard You Say
  590 A Everytime I Meet You
  590 B It Happens Every Spring
  598 A A Cock-Eyed Optimist
  600 A A Wonderful Guy
  602 A A Cock-Eyed Optimist
  666 A Let's Take An Old Fashioned Walk
  666 B Paris Wakes Up And Smiles
  667 A I Never Heard You Say
  709 A Dime A Dozen
  709 B Whirlwind
  724 A The St Louis Blues
  724 B It's A Most Unusual Day
  748 A Festival Of Roses
  748 B Three Rivers
  776 A The Sun Is Always Shining
  776 B Sorry
  809 A You're An Old Smoothie
  809 B He's Funny That Way
  841 A Be Mine
  841 B I Said My Pajamas
  851 A Sure Thing
  851 B Solid As A Rock
  879 A Come Rain Or Come Shine
  879 B Dream Peddlers
  934 A My Foolish Heart
  934 B Stay With The Happy People

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