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Jimmy James
Born:  August 10, 1912
Died:  January 27, 2004
WLS National Barn Dance
WLS Chicago, IL
WMMN Fairmont, WV

About The Artist

Jimmy was one of the comedy acts on WLS' National Barn Dance back in the 1940's. That talent came in handy when he had to join the armed forces during World War II to help the soldiers forget about the war a bit.

But before he even got to WLS, we find he honed those talents a bit back on WMMN in Fairmont, West Virginia. He had a dance band background, so that might explain his talents with the trombone. He also played for a time with H.M. Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers before arriving on the scene at WMMN. When he got there, he formed a group called the Hickory Nuts. Handling the vocals for that group were Mary Ann Estes and Enoch "Eli" Haney. And James did the comedy and did coerced some strange sounds from his trombone, or even a hot water bottle and 'other instruments'. They did material that was comedy in nature, novelty numbers to even sad ballads say of, children dying, such as a number called "WIll There Be A Santa Claus In Heaven?"

Timeline and Trivia Notes

  • Real name was Vincent Gamelli
  • Married, wife, Macel
  • Two sons, Don and Jimmy

Appearance History This Month

September 14, 1955

Akron, IN
Jimmy James

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