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Wade Ray
Born:  August 17, 1921
Died:  November 18, 1998
WLS National Barn Dance
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KMOX St. Louis, MO (1941)

About The Artist

Wade Ray was in show business at an early age. He started out being billed as the "Youngest Violin Player in the World". In 1931, he was part of the National Champion Hillbillies act/show on KMOX out of St. Louis, Missouri. But in 1943, he was called into military duty.

After he got out of the service, he was on WLS in Chicago for a time. Later, he went to Hollywood and was there in the mid-1950s.

He was recording on the Victor Records label at one time and was appearing regularly at the "Cow Town", a legendary western night club in Los Angeles, California.

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40204 A Flop-Eared Mule
  40204 B Hell Amongst The Yearlings
  40205 A Hilo Schottische (w/His Ozark Mountain Boys)
  40205 B Forty Years Ago (w/His Ozark Mountain Boys)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  15600 A Two Red Red Lips
  15600 B Burning Desire
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  115 A Burning Desire
  115 B Two Red Red Lips
  123 A Ming Lo
  123 B Nathan Hale
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-4226 A Are You Fer It?
  20-4226 B Walk Softly
  20-4429 A Hurt Of A Clown
  20-4429 B Just Like Taking Candy From A Baby
  20-4580 A I Was Just Walkin' Out The Door
  20-4580 B The Fiddlin' Rag
  20-4751 A June-Bug Jitters
  20-4751 B One Woman Man
  20-4930 A Bill Bailey
  20-4930 B Echoe Of Your Voice
  20-5091 A It's All Your Fault
  20-5091 B Things I Might Have Been
  20-5199 A Call Me Up
  20-5199 B If They Should Ask Me
  20-5302 A Burned Fingers
  20-5302 B Don't Wait To Baby Your Baby
  20-5377 A Did I Do Wrong?
  20-5377 B That Loud Makin' Melody
  20-5440 A Let Me Go, Devil
  20-5440 B Too Late To.....
  20-5518 A First Last And Always
  20-5518 B Saturday Night
  20-5624 A A Penny For Your Thoughts
  20-5624 B Idaho Red
  20-5696 A Easy Pickins'
  20-5696 B The Best Man Must Smile
  20-5845 A Letters Have No Arms
  20-5845 B Rosetta
  20-5957 A No Mama, No Papa
  20-5957 B There's No Fool
  20-6061 A Excuse Me
  20-6061 B I Couldn't Be So Happy
  20-6110 A A Sentimental Journey
  20-6110 B Dipsy Doodle
  20-6219 A Albino Stallion
  20-6219 B I'll Keep On Being A Fool
  20-6313 A Because Of A Lie
  20-6313 B Keep My Heart
  20-6457 A Any Old Time
  20-6457 B Going Home All Alone
  20-6544 A I Need A Good Girl Bad
  20-6544 B Just An Old Fashioned Locket
  20-6818 A All Or Nothin' Man
  20-6818 B When I Lost You
  20-6931 A Little Green Valley
  20-6931 B Wild Heart
  47-6313 A Because Of A Lie
  47-6313 B Keep My Heart
  5957 A No Mama, No Papa
  5957 B There's No Foll Like A Young Fool
  6061 A Excuse Me
  6061 B I Couldn't Be So Happy
  6129 A The Albino Stallion
  6129 B I'll Keeep On beimg A fool

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