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Freddie Hart
Born:  December 21, 1928
Died:  October 27, 2018
Alabama Music Hall of Fame (2001)
America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame (2005)
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (2004)
Town Hall Party

About The Artist

Freddie's career had him recording at one time on the Columbia label. Born in Georgia in 1931 and made his home in California for a time. Later on, you will find that he hit it big with a song called "Easy Loving" that had the unique distinction of being a winning song in the CMA Awards two years running.

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Whole Hog Or None

Appearance History This Month

June 16, 1972
The Palomino

North Hollywood, CA
Freddie Hart

June 17, 1972
The Palomino

North Hollywood, CA
Freddie Hart

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  2524 A Butterfly Love
  2524 B My Heart Is A Playground
  2588 A Whole Hog Or None
  2588 B Secret Kisses
  2692 A Whole World Holding Hands
  2692 B Without You
  2726 A The Curtain Never Falls
  2726 B Loose Talk
  2768 A One More Mountain To Climb
  2768 B Just Another Girl
  2839 A Fingerprints
  2839 B I Can't Keep My Hands Off Of You
  2873 A Caught At Last
  2873 B It Just Don't Seem Like Home
  2933 A California Grapevine
  2933 B What's Wrong With Your Head Fred
  2991 A I'm Going Out On The Front Porch
  2991 B Please Don't Tell Her
  3090 A Miss Lonely Heart
  3090 B Oh Heart Let Her Go
  3115 A Easy Lovin'
  3115 B Brother Blue Bird
  3203 A No Thanks To You
  3203 B Canada To Tennessee
  3261 A My Hang-Up Is You
  3261 B Big Bad Wolf
  3299 A Hiding In The Darkness
  3299 B That's What You Gave To Me
  3353 A Bless Your Heart
  3353 B Conscience Makes Coward (Of Us All)
  3453 A Got The All Overs For You (All Over Me)
  3453 B Just Another Girl
  3524 A Super Kind Of Woman
  3524 B Mother Nature Made A Believer Out Of Me
  3612 A Trip To Heaven
  3612 B Look-A-Here
  3730 A If You Can't Feel It (It Ain't There)
  3730 B Skid Row Street
  3789 A Blue Christmas
  3789 B I Believe In Santa Claus
  3827 A Hang In There Girl
  3827 B You Belong To Me
  3898 A Want-To's
  3898 B Phoenix City
  3970 A My Woman's Man
  3970 B Let's Clean Up The Country
  4031 A I'd Like To Sleep (Till I Get Over You
  4031 B Nothing's Better Than That
  4099 A First Time
  4099 B Sexy
  4152 A Warm Side Of You
  4152 B Because I Love You
  4210 A You Are The Song (Inside Of Me)
  4210 B I Can Almost See Houston From Here
  4251 A Love Makes It All Alright
  4251 B She'll Throw Stones At You
  4313 A That Look In Her Eyes
  4313 B Try My Love For Size
  4363 A Why Lovers Turn To Strangers
  4363 B Paper Sack Full Of Memories
  4409 A Thank God She's Mine
  4409 B Falling All Over Me
  4448 A Pleasure's Been All Mine
  4448 B It's Heaven Loving You
  4498 A Search
  4498 B Honky Tonk Toys
  4530 A So Good So Rare So Fine
  4530 B There's An Angel Living There
  4561 A Only You
  4561 B I Love You I Just Don't Like You
  4609 A Toe To Toe
  4609 B And Then Some
  4684 A My Lady
  4684 B Guilty
  4720 A Wasn't It Easy Baby
  4720 B My Lady Loves
  6220 A Bless Your Heart
  6220 B My Hang-Up Is You
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  21512 A Two Of A Kind
  21512 B Dig Boy Dig
  21550 A The Human Thing To Do
  21550 B Snatch It And Grab It
  21558 A Blue
  21558 B Drink Up And Go Home
  40896 A Fraulein
  40896 B Baby Don't Leave
  41005 A Say No More
  41005 B Outside World
  41081 A Heaven Only Knows
  41081 B You Are My World
  41144 A Love, Come To Me
  41144 B I Won't Be Home Tonight
  41269 A I'm No Angel
  41269 B Midnight Date
  41345 A Wall, The
  41345 B Davy Jones
  41439 A My Kind Of Love
  41439 B Farther Than My Eyes Can See
  41455 A Chain Gang
  41455 B Rock Bottom
  41597 A Key's In The Mailbox
  41597 B Starvation Days
  41805 A Lying Again
  41805 B Do My Heart A Favor
  42146 A What A Laugh
  42146 B Heart Attack
  42285 A Like You Are
  42285 B Some Do Some Won't Some Will
  42491 A Stand Up
  42491 B Ugly Duckling
  42679 A I'll Hit It With A Stick
  42679 B Stranger Drive Away
  42769 A Angels Like You
  42769 B Mary Ann
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40821 A On The Prowl (w/Brenda Lee)
  40821 B Extra (w/Brenda Lee)
  632 A Love Can Make Or Break A Heart
  632 B Hurts Feel So Good
  661 A Moon Gal
  661 B You've Got It Coming To Ya
  694 A Hank William's Guitar
  694 B I Created A Monster
  743 A Why Should I Cry Over You
  743 B Key's In The Mailbox
  765 A Together Again
  765 B Waiting For A Train
  794 A Misty Blue
  794 B Elm Street Pawn Shop
  820 A I'll Hold You In My Heart
  820 B Too Much Of You (Left In Me)
  841 A Anna Maria
  841 B Leon And The Rain
  879 A Togetherness
  879 B Portrait Of A Lonely Man
  910 A Born A Fool
  910 B Hands Of A Man
  944 A Don't Cry Baby
  944 B Here Lies A Heart
  976 A Why Leave Something I Can't Use
  976 B Hang On To Her
  993 A I Lost All My Tomorrows
  993 B That's How High A Man Can Go
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  826 A For A Second There
  826 B The Almighty Dollar
  838 A First You Go Through Me
  838 B Valentino

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