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Kitty Wells
Born:  August 30, 1919
Died:  July 16, 2012
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1985)
Country Music Hall of Fame (1976)
Music City News Living Legend Award (1993)
KWKH Louisiana Hayride
WCHS Old Farm Hour
WSM Grand Ole Opry
WNOX Knoxville, TN
WPTF Raleigh, NC
WSIX Nashville, TN

About The Artist

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Appearance History This Month

June 8, 1954

Charlottesville, PEI
Kitty Wells

June 9, 1954

New Glasgow, NS
Kitty Wells

June 10, 1954

North Sydney, NS
Kitty Wells

June 11, 1954

Glace Bay, NS
Kitty Wells

June 12, 1954

Kentville, NS
Kitty Wells

June 14, 1954

Middleton, NS
Kitty Wells

June 15, 1954

Yarmouth, NS
Kitty Wells

June 16, 1954

Digby, NS
Kitty Wells

June 16, 1972

Ottawa, ON
Kitty Wells

June 17, 1972

Quebec City, PQ
Kitty Wells

June 18, 1972

Oshawa, ON
Kitty Wells

June 23, 1972

Salem, VA
Kitty Wells

June 24, 1972

Newmanstown, PA
Kitty Wells

June 25, 1972

New Tripolia, PA
Kitty Wells

June 27, 1972

Flaxton, ND
Kitty Wells

June 28, 1972

Williston, ND
Kitty Wells

June 30, 1972

Adair, IA
Kitty Wells

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  CP 0040 A Forever Young
  CP 0040 B 'Til I Can Make It On My Own
  CP 0082 A Too Much Love Between Us
  CP 0082 B What About You
  CP 0228 A I've Been Loving You Too Long
  CP 0228 B Too Stubborn
  CP 0240 A Anybody Out There Wanna Be A Daddy
  CP 0240 B There's a Country
  CP 0264 A Nickel Bar Candy
  CP 0264 B Harry Hartman Mary Hartman
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  28232 A It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  28232 B I Don't Want Your Money,I Want Your
  28432 A A Wedding Ring Ago
  28432 B I Heard The Jukebox Playing
  28525 A Divided By Two
  28525 B The Things I Might Have Been
  28578 A Paying For That Back Street Affair
  28578 B Crying Steel Guitar Waltz
  28666 A You Said You Could Do Without Me
  28666 B Honky Tonk Waltz
  28753 A I Don't Claim To Be An Angel
  28753 B The Life They Live In Songs
  28797 A Hey Joe
  28797 B My Cold,Cold Heart Is Melting Now
  28931 A I Gave My Wedding Dress Away
  28931 B Cheatin's A Sin
  29023 A Release Me
  29023 B After Dark
  29065 A One By One (w/Red Foley)
  29065 B I'm A Stranger In My Home (w/Red Foley)
  29134 A You're Not So Easy To Forget
  29134 B He's Married To Me
  29313 A I Hope My Divorce Is Never Granted
  29313 B Thou Shalt Not Steal
  29390 A As Long As I Live
  29390 B Make Believe
  29419 A Making Believe
  29419 B Whose Shoulder You Will Cry On
  29577 A There's Poison In Your Heart
  29577 B I'm In Love With You
  29728 A Lonely Side Of Town
  29728 B I've Kissed You My Last Time
  29740 A You And Me (w/Red Foley)
  29740 B No One But You (w/Red Foley)
  29823 A Dust On The Bible
  29823 B How Far Is Heaven
  29935 A Goodbye Mr Brown (w/Roy Acuff)
  29935 B Mother Hold Me Tight (w/Roy Acuff)
  29956 A Searching
  29956 B I'd Rather Stay Home
  30094 A I'm Counting On You
  30094 B Repenting
  30183 A Oh So Many Years (w/Webb Pierce)
  30183 B Can You Find It In Your Heart (w/Webb Pierce)
  30288 A Three Ways
  30288 B A Change Of Heart
  30415 A (I'll Always Be Your) Fraulein
  30415 B What I Believe Dear
  30489 A One Week Later (w/Webb Pierce)
  30489 B When I'm With You (w/Webb Pierce)
  30551 A I Can't Stop Loving You
  30551 B She's No Angel
  30662 A I Can't Help Wondering
  30662 B Jealousy
  30736 A Touch And Go Heart
  30736 B He's Lost His Love For Me
  30804 A Mommy For A Day
  30804 B All The Time
  30890 A Your Wild Life's Gonna Get You Down
  30890 B You'll Never Be Mine Again
  30987 A Amigo's Guitar
  30987 B Lonely Is A World
  31065 A Left To Right
  31065 B Memory Of Love
  31123 A The Man I Used To Know
  31123 B Carmel By The Sea
  31164 A When Do You Love Me (w/Roy Drusky)
  31164 B I Can't Tell My Heart That (w/Roy Drusky)
  31192 A The Other Cheek
  31192 B Fickle Fun
  31246 A Heartbreak USA
  31246 B There Must Be Another Way To Live
  31313 A Day Into Night
  31313 B Our Mansion Is A Prison Now
  31349 A Unloved Unwanted
  31349 B Au Revoir
  31392 A Will Your Lawyer Talk To Good
  31392 B The Big Let Down
  31422 A We Missed You
  31422 B Wicked World
  31441 A Dasher
  31441 B Christmas Ain't Like Christmas
  31457 A Is It Asking Too Much
  31457 B Cold And Lonely
  31501 A I Gave My Wedding Dress Away
  31501 B A Heartache For A Keepsake
  31523 A Another Chance To Fall In Love (w/Roy Drusky)
  31523 B My World's Losing You (w/Roy Drusky)
  31580 A This White Circle
  31580 B Break Up Someone's Home
  31622 A Password
  31622 B I Thought Of Losing You
  31663 A Finally (w/Webb Pierce)
  31663 B He Made You For Me (w/Webb Pierce)
  31705 A I'll Reposses My Heart
  31705 B Kill Him With Kindness
  31749 A You Don't Hear
  31749 B Six Lonely Hours
  31817 A Meanwhile Down At Joe's
  31817 B Leavin' Town Tonight
  31881 A A Woman Half My Age
  31881 B When Your Little High Horse Runs Down
  31957 A You Left Your Mark On Me
  31957 B It's All Over But The Crying
  32024 A Only Me and My Hairdresser Knows
  32024 B A Woman Never Forgets
  32088 A Love Makes The World Go Around
  32088 B I'm Just Not Smart
  32126 A Hello Number One (w/Red Foley)
  32126 B Happiness Means You (w/Red Foley)
  32163 A Queen Of Honky Tonk Street
  32163 B Wasting My Time
  32223 A Loved And Waited
  32223 B Living As Strangers
  32247 A My Big Truck Drivin' Man
  32247 B You Want Her Not Me
  32294 A We'll Stick Together (w/Johnny Wright)
  32294 B Heartbreak Waltz (w/Johnny Wright)
  32343 A Gypsy King
  32343 B When Hearts Grow Hard And Cold Again
  32389 A Happiness Hill
  32389 B You're No Angel Yourself
  32427 A Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (w/Red Foley)
  32427 B We Need One More Chance (w/Red Foley)
  32455 A Guilty Street
  32455 B Shape Up Or Get Out
  32535 A Just A Cheap Affair
  32535 B Don't Call Me Your Darling
  32604 A White Christmas
  32604 B There Won't Be Any Christmas Everywhere
  32629 A Gonna Find Me A Bluebird
  32629 B I Don't See What I Saw
  32700 A Your Love Is The Way
  32700 B It's Written All Over Your Face
  32763 A That Ain't A Woman's Way
  32763 B Don't Forget To Say I Love You
  32795 A They're Stepping All Over My Heart
  32795 B Your Old Love Letters
  32840 A Pledging My Love
  32840 B Thank You For Loving Me
  32889 A Reno Airport Nashville
  32889 B I'm The Wreck Of No. 2
  32931 A Sincerely
  32931 B J. J. Sneed
  32976 A Love Is The Answer
  32976 B A Bridge I Can't Burn
  33016 A I've Got Yesterday
  33016 B Less Than A Lady
  33047 A Full Grown Man
  33047 B Every Step Of The Way
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40057 A Easily Persuaded
  40057 B It Doesn't Stay
  40123 A If I Was A Bottle
  40123 B Mississippi Miss Us
RCA Victor
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20-5539 A Don't Wait The Last Minute To Pray
  20-5539 B Getting Flowers For Master's Bouquet
  21-0032 A Death At The Bar
  21-0032 B Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet
  21-0085 A Don't Wait For The Last Minute To Pray
  21-0085 B Love Or Hate
  48-0033 A Make Up Your Mind
  48-0033 B I'll Be All Smiles Tonight
  48-0384 A How Far Is Heaven
  48-0384 B My Mother
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  122 A Thank You For The Roses
  122 B Loving You Was All I Ever Needed
  123 A Old Milwaukee Talking
  123 B I Never Told Him
  124 A I'll Hold You In My Heart
  124 B N/A
Step One
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  SOR 104 A It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels
  SOR 104 B Lonely Street

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