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Ferlin Husky
Born:  December 3, 1925
Died:  March 17, 2011
Country Music Hall of Fame (2010)
Missouri Country Music Hall of Fame (2006)
Hometown Jamboree
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KXLW St. Louis, MO

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  11360 A Between Me and Blue
  11360 B My Special Angel
  11381 A Baby's Blue
  11381 B One
  11395 A Rosie Cries A Lot
  11395 B Shoes
  11432 A Freckles and Polliwpg Days
  11432 B Everything Is Nothing Without You
  12021 A A Room For A Boy..Never Used
  12021 B Ring Of String
  12085 A Burnin'
  12085 B A Touch Of Yesterday
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4508 A Baby
  4508 B I Feel Better All Over
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  2048 A Just For You
  2048 B Don't Hurt Me Anymore
  2288 A White Fences and Everegreen Trees
  2288 B Love's Been Good To Me
  2397 A Hank's Song
  2397 B I'll Never Have You
  2411 A Flat River, MO
  2411 B One Life To Live
  2495 A I Lost My Heart Today
  2495 B Minnie Ha-Cha
  2512 A That's Why I Love You So Much
  2512 B Forever Yours
  2558 A You Die A Thousand Deaths
  2558 B How Much Are You Mine?
  2627 A I Wouldn't Treat A Dog Like That
  2627 B Walkin' And Hummin'
  2666 A Every Step Of The Way
  2666 B That's What I'd Do
  2746 A Eli The Camel
  2746 B Somebody Lied
  2793 A Heavenly Sunshine
  2793 B All Her Little Loving Ways
  2835 A The Drunken Driver
  2835 B Homesick
  2886 A Your Sweet Love Lifted Me
  2886 B You're The Happy Song I sing
  2999 A Sweet Misery
  2999 B Because You're Mine
  3001 A Little Tom
  3001 B I Feel Better All Over
  3069 A One More Time
  3069 B Don't Let The Good Life Pass You By
  3165 A Open Up The Book
  3165 B Even If It's True
  3308 A Just Plain Lonely
  3308 B Always In All Ways
  3415 A How Could You Be Anything But Love
  3415 B I'd Walk A Mile For Your
  3428 A Aladdin's Lamp
  3428 B That Big Old Moon
  3790 A Make Me Live Again
  3790 B This Moment Of Love
  4278 A Black Sheep
  4278 B I'll Always Return
  45-12522 A A Hillbilly's Deck of Cards (as Simon Crum)
  45-12522 B Ooh, I Want You (as Simon Crum)
  4548 A What Good Will I Ever Be
  4548 B Before I Lose My Mind
  4594 A Willow Tree
  4594 B Take A Look
  4650 A The Waltz You Saved For Me
  4650 B Out Of A Clear Blue Sky
  5206 A Up On A Mountain Top
  5206 B Weaker Moments
  5522 A Money Greases the Wheels
  5522 B Lasting Love
  5615 A I Could Sing All Night
  5615 B What Does Your Conscience Say To You
  5616 A I Could Sing All Night
  5616 B What Does Your Conscience Say To You
  5775 A Once
  5775 A Once
  5775 A Once
  5775 B Why Do I Put Up With You
  5775 B Why Do I Put Up With You
  5775 B Why Do I Put Up With You?
  5852 A What Am I Gonna Do Now
  5852 B General G
  5938 A You Pushed Me Too Far
  5938 B Bridge I've Never Crossed
  CL-14702 (Eng) A Gone
  CL-14702 (Eng) B Missing Persons
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5434 A Irma
  5434 B Cotton Pickin' Heart
  5476 A Electrified Donkey
  5476 B Guilty Feeling

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