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Cowboy Copas
Born:  July 15, 1913
Died:  March 5, 1963
America's Old Time Country Music Hall of Fame (2004)
WCHS Old Farm Hour
WSM Grand Ole Opry
WIBC Indianapolis, IN

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1139 A Purple Robe
  1139 B Some Fine Morning
  1306 A The Man Upstairs
  1306 B He Stands By His Window
  1359 A Return To Sender
  1359 B I Will Waltz With You Tonight
  1407 A When I Lost You
  1407 B Why Should I Want Her
  1424 A The Talking Mule
  1424 B Hello Darling
  1444 A The Silver That Nailed Him To The Cross
  1444 B The Stone Was Rolled Away
  1456 A Pledging My Love
  1456 B Ashamed Of Myself
  1464 A The Party's Over
  1464 B Summer Kisses
  1486 A Tragic Romance
  1486 B Listen To My Heart
  1507 A Blue Yesterday
  1507 B Tell Me More
  4865 A Don't Shake Hands With The Devil
  4865 B Any Old Time
  505 A Filipino Baby
  505 B I Don't Blame You
  511 A There Ain't Nobody Gonna Miss Me
  511 B You Live In A World All Your Own
  516 A Gun Totin' Mama
  516 B Please Answer My Letter
  5270 A Tennessee Waltz
  5270 B Signed, Sealed And Delivered
  537 A Tragic Romance
  537 B You Will Find Me Here
  5392 A Carolina Sunshine Girl
  5392 B Rose Of Tennessee
  5437 A A Stranger In My Home
  5437 B Old Faithful And True Love
  5479 A It's A Shame
  5479 B You Walked Right Out Of My Dreams
  5515 A It's A Lonely World
  5515 B Don't Let Them Change Our Mind
  553 A Sundown And Sorrow
  553 B You're Living A Lie
  5544 A It's A Lonely World
  5544 B Don't Let Them Change Your Mind
  5571 A Sweet Thing
  5571 B Signed, Sealed, Then Forgotten
  5638 A I Built A Fence Around My Heart
  5638 B My Blues Are Gone
  566 A Juke Box Blues
  566 B No More Roamin'
  5676 A I Saw The Light
  5676 A When Jesus Beckons Me Home
  5676 B I Saw The Light
  5676 B When Jesus Beckons Me Home
  5733 A Signed, Sealed And Delivered
  5733 B The Hopes Of A Broken Heart
  5734 A Breeze
  5734 B The Road Of Broken Hearts
  591 A Breeze
  591 B In My Merry Oldsmobile
  598 A Kentucky Waltz
  598 B Heartaches
  605 A Three Strikes And You're Out
  605 B Things Are Gonna Be Different
  618 A Breeze
  618 B Dolly Dear
  630 A Sweet Thing
  630 B Texas Red
  647 A Honky Tonkin'
  647 B Roly Poly
  657 A Honky Tonkin'
  657 B Are You Honest
  658 A Signed Sealed And Delivered
  658 B Opportunity Is Knocking At Your Door
  665 B Reverse By Fairly Holden
  665 B Move It On Over (w/Grandpa Jones)
  666 A As Advertised
  666 B Would Be Better For Us Both
  675 A White Christmas
  675 B Jingle Bells
  696 A How Much Do I Love You
  696 B Tennessee Waltz
  714 A Tennessee Moon
  714 B The Hope Of A Broken Heart
  737 A Believe It Or Not
  737 B Rose Of Oklahoma
  743 A Too Many Teardrops
  743 B Peaches And Cream
  755 A An Old Farm For Sale
  755 B Where You Goin'
  767 A I Love You So Much It Hurts
  767 B Down In Nashville Tennessee
  775 A Down In Nashville Tennessee
  775 B I'm Waltzing With Tears In My Eyes
  777 A Candy Kisses
  777 B Forever
  787 A Package Of Lies Tied In Blue
  787 B It's Wrong To Love You Like I Do
  802 A Oceans Of Love
  802 B Waltz With Me
  811 A Blue Pacific Waltz
  811 B Hangman's Boogie
  825 A Crazy Over You
  825 B The Gypsy Told Me
  844 A The Feudin' Boogie (w/Grandpa Jones)
  846 A More Precious Than Silver Or Gold
  846 B Open Door - Open Arms
  855 A Blues In The Moonlight
  855 B Heart Broken
  870 A The Road Of Broken Hearts
  870 B The Postman Just Passes Me By
  885 A My True Confession
  885 B Steppin' Out
  895 A My Hula Baby
  895 B Signed, Sealed Then Forwarded
  904 A From The Manger To The Cross
  904 B King Of Kings
  919 A Tennessee Waltz (w/Ruby Wright)
  919 B I'll Never More Be Shackled In A Fool's Paradise
  928 A Why Do The Stormy Winds Blow
  928 B Goodbye Sweetheart Goodbye
  951 B The Strange Little Girl
  964 B Tennesee Flat Guitar
  980 A I'm Glad I'm On The Inside Lookin' Out
  980 B Four Books In The Bible
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  855 A Black Cloud Risin'
  855 B Mom And Dad's Affair
  883 A South Pacific Shore
  883 B That's All I Can Remember
  915 A Alabam
  915 B I Can
  961 A Settin' Flat On Ready
  961 B Midnight In Heaven
  983 A I Have A Friend
  983 B Remember Man Thou Art Dust
  999 A Flat Top
  999 B True Love (Is The Greatest Thing)
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  476 A Mom And Dad's Affair
  476 B Black Cloud Risin'
  493 A South Pacific Shore
  493 B That's All I Can Remember
  501 A Alabam
  501 B I Can
  524 A I Have A Friend
  524 B The Hem Of His Garment
  528 A Sittin' Flat On Ready
  528 B Midnight In Heaven
  542 A True Love (Is The Greatest Thing)
  542 B Flat Top
  552 A Sunny Tennessee
  552 B Dreaming
  559 A Signed, Sealed And Delivered
  559 B New Filipino Baby
  573 A Sal
  573 B A Thousand Miles Of Ocean
  585 A There'll Come A Time Someday
  585 B Seven Seas From You
  595 A Sold The Farm
  595 B Table In the Corner
  606 A Bury Me Face Down
  606 B Heart On The Run
  612 A Family Reunion
  612 B Smoke On The Water
  621 A Goodbye Kisses
  621 B The Gypsy Girl
  641 A Louisian
  641 B Break Away, Break Away
  658 A Autobiography
  658 B The Rainbow And The Rose
  685 A Old Man's Story
  685 B Pretty Diamonds
  708 A Ride In My Little Red Wagon
  708 B Black Eyed Susie
  729 A Waltzing With Sin
  729 B Blue Kimona
  750 A Cowboy's Deck Of Cards
  750 B Beyond The Sunset

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