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Cliffie Stone
Born:  March 1, 1917
Died:  January 17, 1998
Academy of Country Music Pioneer (1972)
Country Music DJ Hall of Fame (1979)
Country Music Hall of Fame (1989)
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1989)
Western Swing Society Hall of Fame (1987)
Hollywood Barn Dance
Hometown Jamboree
KFWB Los Angeles, CA
KRKD Los Angeles, CA
KXLA Pasadena, CA
KFVD Los Angeles, CA (1943)

About The Artist

Sorry to say we don't have anything here for you to read about Cliffie Stone. That's either because we haven't got it finished or we haven't found anything yet.

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Cliffie Stone

Appearance History This Month

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1109 A Put Your Little Foot Right Out
  1109 B Westphalia Waltz
  1167 A Fire Ball Mail
  1167 B Blue Canadian Rockies
  1265 A The Christmas Waltz
  1265 B Here Comes Santa Claus
  1354 A Tater Pie
  1354 B With A Kiss
  1406 A Red Head Polka
  1406 B Amen, Brother Ben
  1464 B Railroadin'
  1496 A Jump Rope Boogie
  1496 B The Hokey Pokey
  15157 A He's A Real Gone Oakie
  15157 B So Long To The Red River Valley
  15303 A Cream Of Kentucky
  15303 B There's A Gold Moon Shining (On A Blue, Blue
  1606 A Missouri Waltz
  1606 B The Waltz You Saved For Me
  1834 A Bored Of Education
  1834 B The Grunt Song
  1861 A Tennessee Central
  1861 B China Doll
  1960 A Dead End Street
  1960 B Carolina Waltz
  20098 A Special Instructions For Square Dancing
  20098 B Soldier's Joy
  20099 A Cripple Creek
  20099 B Sally Goodin'
  20101 A Golden Slippers
  20101 B Ragtime Annie
  2291 A Dirty Dishes
  2291 B Everybody's Sweetheart And Nobody's Pal
  2362 A Listen To The Mocking Bird
  2362 B When The Bloom Is On The Sage
  2407 A The Last Roundup
  2407 B Pretend
  2497 A The Bunny Hop (w/His Hometown Hepcats)
  2497 B In A Shanty In Old Shanty Town (w/His Hometown Hepcats)
  2571 A Cattle Call
  2571 B Rocky Mountain Express
  2620 A The One Rose
  2620 B Steel Guitar Rag
  2910 A Please, Please
  2910 B Blue Moon Of Kentucky
  354 A If You Knew Suzie
  354 B Silver Stars, Purple Sage, Eyes Of Blue
  378 A Tiger Rag
  378 B My Pretty Girl
  40013 A Sugar Hill
  40013 B T-N-Teasing Me
  40041 A Don't Do It, Darlin' (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40041 B B-One Baby (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40064 A Red White And Blue (Over You) (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40064 B Watch It, Neighbor (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40083 A Peepin' Thru The Keyhole (Watching Jole Blon) (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40083 B Wabash Blues (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40096 A Spanish Bells
  40096 B Westphalia Waltz
  40113 A Sugar Pie
  40113 B Put Your Little Foot Out
  40146 A Roly Poly (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40147 A Moonlight On Colorado
  40147 B The Waltz You Saved For Me
  40148 A I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40148 B Missouri Waltz (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40149 A Let Me Call You Sweetheart (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40149 B Silver Moon On The Golden Gate (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40150 A When It's Springtime In The Rockies (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40150 B Beautiful Ohio (w/His Barn Dance Band)
  40160 A Leather Britches; Turkey In The Straw
  40160 B Tennessee Wagoner; Back Up And Push
  40161 A Down Yonder; Buffalo Gals
  40161 B Devil's Dream; Old Joe Clark
  40162 A Skip To My Lou; The Arkansas Traveler
  40162 B Cumberland Gap; The Fox And The Hounds
  40207 A Blackhawk Waltz
  40207 B Put Your Little Foot Right Out
  40265 A Can I Canoe You Up The River
  40265 B Just One Little Lie
  966 A Steel Strike
  966 B Twilight Time In Texas
  986 A The Dipsy Doodle
  986 B Rubber Knuckle Sam
Capitol Americana
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40041 A Don't Do It Darlin'
  40041 B B-One Baby
  40113 A Sugar Pie
  40113 B Put Your Littlefoot
  A48007 A Roly Poly

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