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Del Reeves
Born:  July 14, 1933
Died:  January 1, 2007
North Carolina Music Hall of Fame (2013)
WSM Grand Ole Opry

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Appearance History This Month

May 29, 1966

Cisco, IL
Del Reeves

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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  3819 A Love, Love, Love (w/Chester Smith)
  3819 B You're Not The Changing Kind
  3979 A Cool Drool
  3979 B The Trot
  4045 A Baby I Love You
  4045 B Two Teen Hearts
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  43044 A Talking To The Night Lights
  43044 B Not Since Adam
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  31307 A Be Quiet Mind
  31307 B As Far As I Can See
  31417 A He Stands Real Tall
  31417 B Empty House
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  739 A You Must Be An Angel, Lost
  739 B I Watched You Walk Away
  746 A Time After Time
  746 B I Don't Wonder
  748 A You Must Be An Angel, Lost
  748 B I Watched You Walk Away
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20158 A The Only Girl I Can't Forget
  20158 B I Closed My Eyes
  20228 A Once A Fool
  20228 B Love She Offered Me
United Artists
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  50001 A One Bum Town
  50001 B Dead and Gone
  50035 A Gettin' Any Feed For Your Chickens
  50035 B Plain As The Tears On My Face
  50061 A This Must Be The Bottom
  50061 B Laughter Keeps Running Down My Cheeks
  50115 A Christmas Is Lonely
  50115 B Sa Jo
  50128 A Blame It On My Do No Wrong
  50128 B I Don't Have Sense Enough (To Come In Out Of The Pain)
  50157 A The Private
  50157 B Things Her Memory Makes
  50210 A A Dime At A Time (w/Bobby Goldsboro)
  50210 B So Much Got Lost (w/Bobby Goldsboro)
  50243 A Our Way Of Life (w/Bobby Goldsboro)
  50243 B I Just Wasted The Rest (w/Bobby Goldsboro)
  50270 A Wild Blood
  50270 B Lest We Forget
  50332 A Good Time Charlie's
  50332 B These Feet
  50487 A Be Glad
  50487 B Moccasin Branch
  50531 A There Wouldn't Be A Lonely Heart In Town
  50531 B Little Bit Of Something Else
  50564 A Take A Good Will Home (w/Bobby Goldsboro)
  50564 B She Thinks I Still Care (w/Bobby Goldsboro)
  50591 A Lover's Question
  50591 B Spare Me
  50622 A Son Of A Coal Man
  50622 B The Chair That Rocked Us All
  50667 A Land Mark Tavern (w/Penny DeHaven)
  50667 B So Sad (w/Penny DeHaven)
  50669 A Right Back Lovin' You
  50669 B Gardenia Brown
  50714 A Barroom Talk
  50714 B I'm Not Through Loving You
  50743 A Bad, Bad Tuesday
  50743 B Stand In
  50763 A Working Like The Devil (For The Lord)
  50763 B Sidewalks of Chicago
  50802 A Philadelphia Fillies
  50802 B Belles of Broadway
  50829 A Crying In The Rain (w/Penny DeHaven)
  50829 B Time (w/Penny DeHaven)
  50840 A Dozen Pair of Boots
  50840 B Rose Is Hard To Beat
  50877 A The Best Is Yet To Come
  50877 B Truth Can Hurt A Woman
  50906 A No Rings No Strings
  50906 B Hey Anybody Here Seen Cupid
  50964 A Before Goodbye
  50964 B (My Old) Buck Jones Guitar
  51106 A Trucker's Paradise
  51106 B Gathering Of My Memories
  824 A Girl On The Billboard
  824 B Eyes Don't Come Crying To Me
  890 A The Belles of Southern Bell
  890 B Nothing To Write Home About
  949 A Women Do Funny Things TO Me
  949 B My Half Of Your Past
  X 1191 A When My Angel Turns Into A Devil
  X 1191 B How Can Anything That Feels So Good (Hurt So Bad)
  X 1230 A Dig Down Deep
  X 1230 B Darling I Love You
  XW 1047 A Am I In Heaven
  XW 1047 B Rita Ballou
  XW 249 A Mm-Mm Good
  XW 249 B A Bridge That Won't Burn
  XW 308 A Lay A Little Lovin' On Me
  XW 308 B Lay Me To Sleep
  XW 378 A What A Way To Go
  XW 378 B Sometimes Woman
  XW 427 A Prayer From A Mobile Home
  XW 427 B Three Years Late
  XW 532 A She Likes Country Bands
  XW 532 B Rose Is Hard To Beat
  XW 564 A Pour It All On Me
  XW 564 B Belles of Broadway
  XW 593 A But I Do
  XW 593 B One More Round Of Gin
  XW 639 A Putting In Overtime At Home
  XW 639 B Home Made Love
  XW 702 A You Comb Her Hair
  XW 702 B Hell And Half Of Georgia
  XW 760 A I Ain't Got Nobody
  XW 760 B I Would Like To See You Again
  XW 797 A On The Rebound (w/Billie Jo Spears)
  XW 797 B What's Our Love Coming To (w/Billie Jo Spears)
  XW 829 A Nobody Touches My Baby
  XW 829 B She's The Best Thing I Ever Almost Had
  XW 832 A Teardrops Will Kiss The Morning Dew (w/Billie Jo Spears)
  XW 832 B Nothing Seems To Work Anymore (w/Billie Jo Spears)
  XW 885 A Dig A Little Deeper In The Well
  XW 885 B My Better Half
  XW 989 A Lady's Night
  XW 989 B Cryin' In Arkansas Tonight

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