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Marty Robbins
Born:  September 26, 1925
Died:  December 8, 1982
Country Music Hall of Fame (1982)
Hollywood Walk of Fame (1960)
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1975)
Western Music Association Hall of Fame (1989)
WSM Grand Ole Opry
KPHO Phoenix, AZ

About The Artist

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I Couldn't Keep From Cryin'

Sound Sample—(YouTube Video Format)


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Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  20925 A Love Me Or Leave Me Alone
  20925 B Tomorrow You'll Be Gone
  20965 A Crying 'Cause I Love You
  20965 B I Wish Somebody Loved Me
  21022 A You're Breaking My Heart
  21022 B I'll Go On Alone
  21075 A I Couldn't Keep From Crying
  21075 B After You Leave
  21111 A A Castle In The Sky
  21111 B A Half-Way Change With You
  21145 A At The End Of Long Lonely Days
  21145 B Sing Me Something Sentimental
  21172 A Blessed Jesus Should I Fall
  21172 B Kneel And Let The Lord Take Your Load
  21176 A Don't Make Me Ashamed
  21176 B It's A Long, Long Ride
  21213 A Aloha Oe
  21213 B My Isle Of Golden Dreams
  21246 A Your Heart's Turn To Break
  21246 B Pretty Words
  21291 A I'm Too Big To Cry
  21291 B Call Me Up
  21324 A Time Goes By
  21324 B It's A Pity What Money Can Do
  21351 A That's All Right
  21351 B Gossip
  21352 A Have Thine Own Way, Lord
  21352 B God Understands
  21388 A Pray For Me, Mother Of Mine
  21388 B Daddy Loves You
  21414 A I'll Love You Till The Day I Die
  21414 B It Looks Like I'm Just In Your Way
  21446 A Maybelline
  21446 B This Broken Heart Of Mine
  21461 A Don't Let Me Hang Around
  21461 B Pretty Mama
  21477 A Mean Mama Blues
  21477 B Tennessee Toddy
  21508 A Singin' The Blues
  21508 B I Can't Quit
  21525 A How Long Will It Be (w/Lee Emerson)
  21525 B I'll Know You're Gone (w/Lee Emerson)
  21545 A I Can't Quit
  21545 B Singin' The Blues
  40679 A Long Tall Sally
  40679 B Mr Teardrop
  40706 A You Don't Owe Me A Thing
  40706 B Respectfully Miss Brooks
  40815 A Knee Deep In The Blues
  40815 B The Same Two Lips
  40864 A A White Sport Coat
  40864 B Grown Up Tears (w/Ray Coniff)
  40868 B Where D'ja Go
  40969 A Teenage Dream
  40969 B Please Don't Blame Me
  41013 A Once A Week Date (w/Ray Coniff)
  41013 B Story Of My Life
  41143 A Just Married
  41143 B Stairway Of Love
  41208 A Sittin' In A Tree House
  41208 B She Was Only Seventeen
  41282 A Last Time I Saw My Heart
  41282 B Ain't I The Lucky One
  41325 A Hanging Tree
  41325 B Blues Country Style
  41408 A Last Night About This Time
  41408 B Cap And Gown
  41922 A Don't Worry
  41922 B Like All The Other Times
  42375 A Love Can't Wait
  42375 B Too Far Gone
  42486 A Devil Woman
  42486 B April Fool's Day
  42781 A No Sign Of Loneliness Here
  42781 B I'm Not Ready Yet
  42831 A Not So Long Ago
  42831 B I Hope You Learn A Lot
  42968 A Girl From Spanish Town
  42968 B Kingston Girl
  43196 A A Whole Lot easier
  43196 B I-Eish-Tay-Mah-Su
  43428 A Lonely Too Long
  43428 B While You're Dancing
  43500 A Private Wilson White
  43500 B Count Me Out
  43870 A Mr. Shorty
  43870 A Mr. Shorty
  43870 B Tall Handsome Stranger
  43870 B Tall Handsome Stranger
  44227 A Gardenias In Her Hair
  44227 B In The Valley Of The Rio Grande
  44509 A Love Is In The Air
  44509 B I've Been Leaving Every Day
  44739 A It's A sin
  44739 B I Feel Another Heartbreak Coming On
  44895 A I Can't Say Goodbye
  44895 B Hello Daily News
  45024 A Camelia
  45024 B Virginia
  45215 A Jolie Girl
  45215 B The City
  45273 A Padre
  45273 B At Times
  45442 A Another Day Has Gone By
  45442 B Early Morning Sunshine
  45520 A Gone With The Wind
  45520 B The Best Part Of Living
  45668 A I've Got A Woamn's Love
  45668 B A Little Spot In Heaven
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  33006 A This Much A Man
  33006 B Guess I'll Just Stand Here Looking Dumb
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  40012 A Walking Piece Of Heaven
  40012 B Franklin, Tennessee
  40067 A A Man and A Train
  40067 B Las Vegas, Nevada
  40134 A Love Me
  40134 B Crawling On My Knees
  40236 A Don't You think
  40236 B I Couldn't Believe It Was True

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