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Jimmie Davis
Born:  September 11, 1899
Died:  November 5, 2000
Country Music Hall of Fame (1972)
Gospel Music Hall of Fame (1994)
Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame (1971)
Shreveport Walk of Stars (2002)

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Nobody's Darlin' But Mine

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You Are My Sunshine
By Gus Weill
Pelican Publishing Company
208 Pages
ISBN:  0-88289-660-1

Recordings (78rpm/45rpm)

Rec. No. Side Song Title
  5005 A She's A Hum Dum Dinger
  5005 B Bearcat Mama From Horner's Corner
  5156 A It's All Coming Home To You
  5156 B Keyhole In The Door
  5187 A I Wonder If She's Blue
  5187 B When It's Roundup Time In Heaven
  5359 A Would You
  5359 B I Want Her Tailor Made
  5394 A Beautiful Texas
  5425 A You Been Tom Cattin' Around
  5425 B Alimony Blues
  5570 A There Ain't Gonna Be An After Awhile
  5570 B Easy Rider Blues
  5635 A Triflin' Mama Blues
  5635 B Alimony Blues
  5697 A You Can't Tell About The Women Nowadays
  5697 B I'll Get Mine Bye And Bye
  5698 A Before You Say Farewell
  5698 B My Home In Caroline
  5699 A Red Nightgown Blues
  5699 B High Behind Blues
  5751 A She's A Hum Dinger
  5751 B Sewing Machine Blues
  5806 A My Arkansas Sweetheart
  5806 B I'll Be Happy Today
  B-5496 A The Shotgun Wedding
  B-5496 B Arabella Blues
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  1025 A You Are My Sunshine
  1025 B Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
  1210 A The Poodle Dog Song
  1210 B (The) Cickle Cackle (Song)
  1510 A White Petals From A Rose
  1510 B As Long As You Believe In Me
  40157 A I've Got News For You
  40157 B There's A Smile On The Face Of The Moon Tonight
  40219 A Don't Lock Your Heart And Throw The Key Away
  40219 B Moonlight Millionaire
  40251 A My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It
  40251 B Gotta Have My Baby Back
  40281 A White Lace, Red Clay, A Black Coffin
  40281 B Sometimes Late At Night
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  14563 A When They Ring Those Golden Bells
  14563 B By And By
  14580 A Take My Hand, Precious Lord
  14580 B That Sweet Story Of Old
  14590 A Mansion Over The Hilltop
  14590 B I Ain’t Gonna Study War No More
  14596 A I Won’t Have To Cross Jordan Alone
  14596 B Someone To Care
  18732 A Wave To Me, My Lady
  18732 B Tired Of Crying Over You
  18756 A Grievin' My Heart Out For You
  18756 B I'm Sorry If That's The Way You Feel
  28110 A Thirty Pieces Of Silver
  28110 B When We All Get Together
  28259 A I Heard You Talking In Your Sleep
  28259 B Like The Waves Upon The River
  28370 A The Great Milky Way
  28370 B I Know Who Holds Tomorrow
  28438 A Talkin' To The Wall
  28438 B Please,Please
  28555 A Lord I'm Comin' Home
  28555 B When I Prayed Last Night
  28656 A Big Mamou
  28656 B Neon Love
  28748 A When The Train Comes Rollin' In
  28748 B Colinda
  28799 A To My Mansion In The Sky
  28799 B Supper-Time
  28909 A You Took
  28909 B I Can't Stand The Pain
  28912 A Christmas Choo Choo
  28912 B I Love To Ride With Santa
  29082 A Don't Care What The World Might Do
  29082 B Somewhere There's A Friend
  29157 A Just Between You And Me
  29157 B I Don't Know Why
  29278 A Taller Than Trees
  29278 B Near The Cross
  29445 A Sometimes Late At Night
  29445 B I Might Even Lose My Mind
  29613 A When The Savior Reached Down His Hand
  29613 B I Was There When It Happened
  29801 A Where No One Stands Alone
  29801 B My Lord Will Lead Me Home
  29965 A How Long Has It Been
  29965 B Dear Son
  30257 A Do You Ever Think To Pray
  30257 B I Know What He Meant
  30517 A Gently Rocking His Cradle
  30517 B No Room At The Inn
  30668 A Sweet Mystery
  30668 B I'm Bound For The Kingdom
  30748 A How Great Thou Art
  30748 B I'll Meet You In The Morning
  30899 A Lost Love
  30899 B My Mary
  30960 A Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
  30960 B You Are My Sunshine
  31009 A If You Can Get Along With Me
  31009 B Gonna Let The Goodtimes Roll
  32062 A Take Me Back To Babyland
  46003 A Nobody’s Darlin’ But Mine
  46003 B Sweethearts Or Strangers
  46004 A My Brown Eyed Texas Rose
  46004 B I Wish I Had Never Seen Sunshine
  46016 A Bang Bang
  46016 B I'm Gonna Write Myself A Letter
  46036 A You Are My Sunshine
  46036 B My Mary
  46037 A I've Learned My Lesson
  46037 B Let's Be Sweethearts Again
  46038 A What Happened
  46038 B What's The Matter With You Darling
  46039 A I'm Hurt Too Much To Cry
  46039 B All Because You Said Goodbye
  46066 A You Won't Be Satisfied That Way
  46066 B I Just Dropped In To Say Goodbye
  46085 A Plant Some Flowers By My Grave
  46085 B There's A Chill On The Hill
  46100 A I'm Only In The Way
  46100 B Just Thinking Of You
  46121 A Golden Curls
  46121 B You Are My Sweetheart
  46137 A Honky Tonk Blues
  46137 B Columbus Stockade Blues
  46154 A No Good For Nothin'
  46154 B I'm Hating Myself
  46159 A Do You Ever Think Of Me
  46159 B Shackles And Chains
  46211 A I'm Drifting Back To Dreamland
  46211 B I Wish I Had A Sweetheart (Like That Old Sweetheart Of Mine)
  46226 A My Heart Belongs To You
  46226 B Take Care Of My Heart
  46356 A Cherokee Boogie (Eh-Oh-Aleena)
  46356 B I Wish I'd Never Met Sunshine
  46381 A Fifteen Miles From Dallas
  46381 B Bayou Pon Pon
  46396 A Forever's A Long Long Time
  46396 B I Ain't Gonna Give Nobody None O’This Jelly Roll
  46408 A Touch The Hand Of The Lord
  46408 B How Great Thou Art
  46410 A When The Worlds On Fire
  46410 B You're Not Home Yet
  5031 A It's Been Years Since I've Seen My Baby
  5031 B Beautiful Mary
  5032 A Good Time Papa Blues
  5032 B Shirt Tail Blues
  5064 A Jelly Roll Blues
  5064 B Graveyard Blues
  5090 A When It's Roundup Time In Heaven
  5090 B Nobody's Darlin' But Mine
  5104 A Moonlight And Skies (No. 2)
  5104 B My Brown Eyed Texas Rose
  5155 A Are You Tired Of Me Darlin' (w/Buddy Jones)
  5155 B Red River Blues
  5203 A When A Boy From The Mountains Weds A Girl
  5203 B Answer To Nobodys Darling
  5206 A High Geared Mama
  5206 B Bed Bug Blues
  5231 A I Wish I'd Never Seen The Sunshine
  5231 B In My Cabin Tonight
  5235 A Twill Be Sweet When We Meet
  5235 B I Ain't Gonna Let Satan Turn Me 'Round
  5238 A My Blue Bonnet Girl
  5238 B Ridin' Down The Arizona Trail
  5249 A Mama's Getting Hot And Papa's Getting Cold
  5249 B Come On Over To My House
  5270 A Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me
  5270 B When It's Peach Pickin' Time In Georgia
  5336 A Thats Why I'm Nobodys Darl
  5336 B Prairie Of Love
  5349 B Ten Tiny Toes
  5363 A I Wonder Who's Kissing Her
  5363 B Pal Of Long Ago
  5380 A You'll Be Coming Back Some
  5380 B Pi Rootin Around
  5400 A Do You Ever Think Of Me
  5400 B Honky Tonk Blues (w/The Brownies)
  5415 A Sweetheart Of West Texas
  5415 B Just Forgive And Forget
  5435 A Jimmy Traveling Blues
  5435 B I Wonder Where You Are
  5465 A Sweet Lorraine
  5465 B If I Every Cry
  5473 A I Saw Your Face In Th Moon
  5473 B Th Goldmine In The Sky
  5492 A Sweetheart Please Be True
  5492 B Shackles And Chains
  5505 A Goodbye Old Booze
  5505 B Hard Hearted Mama
  5525 A Call Me Back Old Pal O Min
  5525 B All Alone In This World
  5539 A I Love Everything You Do
  5539 B Just A Girl Men Forget
  5605 A Theres A Ranch In Rockies
  5605 B Farewell To The Range
  5616 A Meet Me Tonight In Dreamla
  5616 B Headin Home
  5620 A It Makes No Difference Now (w/Rudy Scooter's Ranchmen)
  5620 B The Curse Of An Aching Heart (w/Rudy Scooter's Ranchmen)
  5627 A You Tell Me Your Dream And I'll Tell You Mine
  5627 B Dont Break Her Heart
  5642 A Nobodys Lonesome For Me
  5642 B I'm Driftin Back To Dreaml
  5666 A Same Old Moon Is Shining
  5666 B What Good Will It Do
  5675 A Memories
  5675 B I'm Wondering Now
  5687 A If Tomorrow Never Comes
  5687 B I Tried So Hard To Forget
  5698 A Down At End Of Memory Lane
  5698 B Some Must Win Some Must Lo
  5715 A Dream Of Love
  5715 B In My Heart You'll Always
  5726 A The Last Letter
  5726 B Born To Be Blue
  5737 A Leanin On Old Top Rail
  5737 B Last Trip Of The Old Ship
  5750 A Never Break A Promise
  5750 B Two More Years
  5766 A Why Do You Treat Me Like Dirt? (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5766 B Walls Of White (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5779 A Why Should I Care (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5779 B My Blue Heaven (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5794 A What Else Can I Do (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5794 B I'm Still A Fool Over You (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5803 A Your Promise Was Broken
  5803 B I Love To Call You Sweetheart
  5813 A You Are My Sunshine (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5813 B Old Timer (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5820 A Baby Your Mother (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5820 B Roll Along, Kentucky Moon (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5830 A There's A Chill On The Hill
  5830 B My Mother's Bible
  5847 A Its Hard But Its True
  5847 B Why Should I Be To Blame
  5858 A Write A Letter To Mother
  5858 B I Feel The Same As You
  5867 A I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In
  5867 B You're As Welcome As The Flowers In May
  5889 A The Love I Have For You (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5889 B You're My Darling (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5902 A On The Sunny Side Of The Rockies (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5902 B Sweethearts Or Strangers (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5926 A Some Other Man (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5926 B I'm Sorry Now (w/Charles Mitchell and His Texans)
  5940 A That Old Fashioned House On The Hillside
  5940 B Too Late
  5955 A My Mary
  5955 B I'll Be True To One I Love
  5966 A The Prisoners Song
  5966 B I Told You So
  5978 A Just Because Of You, Little Girl
  5978 B I Hung My Head & Cried
  5989 A I'm Knocking At Your Door
  5989 B Pay Me No Mind
  5999 A I Loved You Once
  5999 B Wont You Forgive Me
  6006 A I'm Thinking Tonight Of My Blue Eyes
  6006 B Sweetheart Of The Valley
  6009 A Tears On My Pillow
  6009 B I Wish I Had A Sweetheart
  6025 A You'll Be Sorry
  6025 B What More Can I Say
  6044 A Youre Breaking My Heart
  6044 B The End Of The World
  6053 A I've Got My Heart On My Sleeve
  6053 B Live And Let Live
  6062 A You Told Me A Lie
  6062 B Dont You Cry Over Me
  6065 A Where Is My Boy Tonight
  6065 B Plant Some Flowers On My Grave
  6070 A I Dreamed Of An Old Love A
  6070 B A Sinners Prayers
  6083 A Clolumbus Stockade Blues
  6083 B Walkin My Blues Away
  6100 A Is It Too Late Now
  6100 B Theres A Chill On Hill
  6105 A Love Please Dont Let Me Do
  6105 B There's A New Moon Over My Shoulder
Montgomery Ward
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  4283 A Bearcat Mama
  4283 B She's A Hum Dinger
  4327 A The Jealous Lover
  4327 B The Gambler's Return
  4388 A When It's Roundup Time In Heaven
  4388 B I Wonder If She's Blue
  4449 A It's All Coming Home To You
  4449 B Keyhole In The Door
  4485 A Would You
  4485 B I Want Her Tailor-Made
  7359 A When It's Round-Up Time In Heaven
  7359 B Cowboy's Home Sweet Home
  7360 A My Louisiana Girl
  7360 B My Arkansas Sweetheart
  7361 A I'll Be Happy Today
  7361 B Down At The Old Country Church
  7362 A I Wonder If She's Blue
  7362 B It's All Coming Home To You
  7363 A Saturday Night Stroll
  7363 B My Home In Caroline
  7835 A I'll Be Thinking Of You Little Darling
  7835 B You're As Pretty As A Picture
Rec. No. Side Song Title
  VI40154 A Barroom Message
  VI40154 B Babys Lullaby
  VI40215 A Out Of Town Blues - Doggone
  VI40215 B Home Town Blues
  VI40286 A Doggone That Train
  VI40286 B She's A Hum-Dinger
  VI40302 A My Dixie Sweetheart
  VI40302 B My Louisiana Gal
  VI40332 A You're The Picture Of Your Mother
  VI40332 B Settling Down For Life

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