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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Howard Saalman
  Jack Sadler
  Harold Safford
  Sagebrush Sam
  Sally and Coon Hunter
  Sally and her Montana Plainsmen
  Sally 'Mannie Perl'
  Sally The Yodeling Cowgirl
  Sally, The Gal From the Mountains
  Theoph Salnave
  Sandy Salyers *
  Joe Sammons and the Sunny Mountain Cut-Ups
  Junior Samples
  Willie Samples
  Earl (Little) Sampson
  Millard Sams
  Yellowstone Chip Samuell *
  Jimmy Sand and The Prairie Drifters
  Ben (Curley) Sanders
  Bob Sanders
  Curly Sanders
  Curly (Ray) Sanders
  Ernie Sanders
  Jim Sanders and the Ranch Girls
  Mack Sanders
  Ray Sanders
  Guy Sanderson and the Bluff Creek Rounders
  Frankie Sands
  Tommy Sands
  Bob Sandy *
  Ralph Sanford
  Olivio Santoro
  Johnny Boy Sapp
  Joyce and Velma Sapp
  Melvin Sapp
  Tommy Sargent
  Carl Sauceman and His Green Valley Boys
  J. P. Sauceman
  Billy Jack Saucier and his Wagon Wheel Ramblers
  Jack Savage
  Karen Louise Sawyer
  Tom Sawyer
  Wanda Saylor
  Primo Scala and Banjo & Accordion
  Ray Schacht
  Ann Schaffer (Schaffer Sisters)
  Dora Schaffer (Schaffer Sisters)
  Ray Schelp *
  Frank Schiff *
  Miss Elsa Schlangen
  Joe Schott and His Hot Shots
  Ramblin' Lou Schriver
  D. C. Schuder
  Braxton Schuffert
  Steve Schulte
  Howdie Schultz and His Tall Corn Boys
  Professor Schultz and his German Band
  Gay Schwing *
  Herman Schwing
  Ramona Schwing
  Merle (Red) Scobee
  Ray Scobee (Arkansas Ramblers)
  Hoyt Scoggins
  Jerry Scoggins
  Slim Scoggins and His Roaming Cowboys
  Billy Scott and the Melody Rangers
  Cindy Scott
  Earl Scott
  George Scott
  Helen Scott
  Howard (Scotty) Scott
  Jack Scott *
  Junior Scott
  Leon Scott , Claude Boone and The Elk Mountain Boys
  Ramblin' Tommy Scott
  Ron Scott
  Roy Scott and The Country Harmony Boys
  Stan Scott
  Tiny Scott and His Westerners
  Walt Scott
  Zelda Scott
  Perry Scott (Scotty and Tar Heel Ruby) *
  Ruby Scott (Scotty and Tar Heel Ruby) *
  Faye Scott (The Scott Sisters)
  Scotty and Tar Heel Ruby
  Scotty the Drifter
  Liston Scroggins *
  Earl Scruggs
  Johnny Sea
  Ade Seamans
  Pearl and Ade Seamans
  Jim Seaney
  Ricky Sears
  Curley Seckler
  Chuck Secrest
  Peach Seed *
  Jeannie Seely
  Curly Seiger *
  Mabelle Seiger and John Henry
  Mabelle Seiger and her Sons of the Plains
  Frances Self
  Leon Self and the Blueridge Playboys
  Ronnie Self
  Jimmy Sellers
  Leon Selph and the Blue Ridge Playboys
  Jimmie Selph (Self)
  Pearl Semans
  Jim and Ruth Senter
  Kenny Seratt
  Ronnie Sessions
  John (Duke) Sethman
  Jilson Setters *
  Jimmy Settles
  Curly Severs
  Al Shade and the Short Mountain Boys and Girls
  Jean Shade
  Jack Shafer
  Ann Shaffer
  Big Bob Shaffer and The Saddle Pals
  Roy Shaffer
  Happy Shahan *
  Eldon Shamblin *
  Marge Shannon and the Starlight Ranch Gang
  Ralph (Wayne County Whippoorwill) Shannon *
  George (Little Shorty) Sharp
  Claude Sharpe
  Dusty Shaver and His Radio Revue
  Don Shaw and His Ranch Hands
  Robbi Shawn
  Dorothy Shay (Park Avenue Hillbilly) *
  George B. Shea
  Billy Sheehan (Ray-O-Vac Twins)
  Juanita Shehan *
  Oscar (Shorty) Shehan *
  Shorty and Juanita Shehan *
  Ben Shelhamer Jr. *
  Allen Shelton
  B. F. Shelton
  Bob Shelton
  Bob and Joe Shelton and The Sunshine Boys
  E. B. Shelton
  Joe Shelton
  Ted Shelton
  Hobie Shep *
  Chuck Shepard
  Jean Shepard *
  Riley Shepard
  Shepherd of the Hills *
  Old Dan Sherman and his Family
  Billy Sherrill
  Homer Sherrill *
  Arkie Shibley and the Mountain Dew Boys
  Louise Shields
  Vaughn Shields (O'Shields) *
  Mervin J. Shiner *
  Earl Shirkey
  Steve Sholes *
  Jack Shook and His Missouri Mountaineers
  Bill Shores and Melvin Dupree
  Jimmie Short
  Jimmie and Leon Short
  Kenneth Short
  Leon Short *
  Bob Shortridge (Hilltop Harmonizers)
  Shorty Joe and His Red Rock Canyon Cowboys
  Bill Showmet and His Gang
  Floyd Shreve
  Fred Shriver
  Cal Shrum and his Rhythm Rangers
  Walt Shrum and his Westernaires
  Walt Shrum and The Colorado Hillbillies
  Betty Shubert
  Dick Shuey
  Eddie Shuler and The Reveliers
  Arnold Shultz
  Jack (Cousin Jack) Shumard
  Chief Joseph Shunatona *
  Mary Jean Shurtz
  Shy Ann
  Si and Sparky
  Lula Bell Si and her Country Melody Boys
  Johnny Sibert
  Connie Sides
  Kenny Sidle
  Vic Siebert and his Sons of the Saddle
  Irving Siegel
  Susie Sigman
  Leon (Hank) Silby *
  Sillie Willie
  Silly Willy
  Johnnie Silvers *
  Johnny Silvers *
  Bill Simmons
  Bill Simmons and His Orchestra
  Bob Simmons
  Gordon 'Red' Simmons
  Doc Simms *
  Frank (The California Kid) Simon
  Sterling (Buster) Simonds
  George Simons
  Seymour Simons and the Blackhawk Restaurant Orchestra
  Paul Simpkins
  Jimmy Simpson
  Red Simpson *
  Tiny Joe Simpson
  Whitey Simpson and the Western Swingsters
  Dempsey Sims *
  Herb Sims and The Tuckers
  Oliver Sims
  Sonny Sims
  Singing Blacksmith
  Margie Singleton and Leon Ashley
  Margie Singleton
  Wayne Singleton and His Pioneer Playboys
  Sister Dorrie *
  Six-Gun Mel
  Asher Sizemore
  Charles (Buddy) Sizemore
  Gordon Sizemore *
  Little Betty Sizemore
  Little Jimmie Sizemore
  Nancy Louise Sizemore
  Walter (Little Cowboy Joe) Sizemore
  Dolpha Skaggs and His Mountain Melody Boys *
  Tiny Skaggs
  Lou Skarning
  Theodore Skarning and His Orchestra
  Eddie Skelton and The Sundown Valley Boys
  Bud Skidmore
  Jimmie Skinner
  Skitter Bob and The Fork Mountain Boys
  Skyland Scotty
  Bob Skyles and his Skyrockets
  Ermon Slater *
  Sonny Slater
  Slim and his Mountaineers
  Slim and Gina and the Prairie Playboys
  Bonnie Sloan
  Ralph Sloan and The Tennessee Travelers
  Danny Slofoot and his Happy Valley Gang
  Denny Slofoot *
  Caddy (The Granite State Cowgirl) Small
  Clint (The Singing Bus Driver) Small and Corral Wanglers
  Jim Small and the Dixie Mountain Boys
  Lester Smallwood
  Ben Smathers and The Stoney Mountain Cloggers
  Roy Smeck *
  Dolores Smiley *
  Red Smiley
  Smilin' Bob and his Mid-Nite Ramblers
  Smilin' Eddy
  Smilin' Ernie and Shy Ann
  Smilin' Johnnie and the Prairie Pals
  Smilin' Sam
  Smiling Jakie
  Smiling Steve and His Gang
  Smiling Tom
  Al Smith *
  Arthur 'Guitar Boogie' Smith and His Cracker-Jacks
  Arthur Q. Smith
  Beasley Smith
  Bernie Smith *
  Blaine Smith
  Blaine Smith and Cal Smith
  Bobby Smith
  Bronc Smith
  Cal Smith
  Cal Smith *
  Carl Smith and The Tunesmiths
  Charles Smith
  Chester Smith
  Chuck Smith and His Midwest Trailriders
  Connie Smith
  Cy Smith
  Dick Smith and the Rhythm Pals
  Donald (Sandy) Smith
  Doug Smith
  Eddie Smith
  Edwin Smith
  Eric Smith and his Boys
  Fiddlin' Arthur Smith and The Dixie Liners
  Frank Smith
  Frank J. Smith
  Franklin Smith
  Fred E. Smith
  George Smith
  Glen Smith
  Guy Smith and his Brown County Merrymakers
  Guy Smith and his Brown County Entertainers
  Guy Smith and his Hoosier Farm Hands
  Guy E. Smith
  Hal Smith
  Hal and Velma Smith
  Hank Smith
  Harmie Smith *
  Homer Smith
  Hornell Smith
  Jerry Smith
  Jimmy Smith and his Texans
  Joe (The Colorado Cowboy) Smith *
  John O. (Tennessee) Smith
  Joyce Smith
  Kenny Smith and his Westerners
  Leon Smith
  Lou Smith
  Lucky Smith and his Melody Rangers
  M. G. Smith
  Mac Smith
  Marshall Smith and John Marlor
  Merrill Smith and Leo Boswell
  Mickey Smith
  Pat Smith
  Ray Smith
  Ray Smith
  Red Smith
  Reg Smith and His Melody Four
  Shellie Smith
  Slim Smith
  Smitty Smith and His Lone Star Rangers
  Smokey Smith and the Gold Coast Boys
  Something Smith and The Redheads
  Tommy Smith
  Travelin' Jim Smith
  Travis Smith
  Walter (Kid) Smith
  Warren Smith
  Gracie Smith (Smith Sisters)
  Lorene Smith (Smith Sisters)
  Pauline Smith (Smith Sisters)
  Les Smithheart and his Super X Cowboys
  Carol Smole
  Smudgie and his Pals of the Prairie
  Roy Sneed
  Cy Sneezeweed
  Eddie Snell
  Elmer Snodgrass and the Musical Pioneers
  Quincy Snodgrass
  Amanda Snow *
  Doc Snow and the Bar X Cowboys
  Hank Snow and The Rainbow Ranch Boys
  Jimmie Rodgers Snow
  Rev. Snowball
  Dan Snyder
  Glenn Snyder
  Myra Snyder
  Willet Snyder *
  Eddie Snyder, the Plainsman
  Leo Soileau *
  Socko Sokolosky
  Earl Songer and The Rocky Road Ramblers
  Rudy Sooter
  Honolulu Johnny Sorrells
  Eddie Sosby and the Radio Rangers
  Ray Sosby
  Tommy Sosebee
  Hal Sothern *
  Cliff Soubier *
  Lloyd Southerland and The Smiling Mountaineers
  Gale Southern
  Harold Souza
  Bill Sova and His Ranch Boys *
  Red Sovine and Webb Pierce
  Red Sovine
  Roger Sovine
  June Spalding
  Homer Spangler and the Hocking Valley Boys
  Elizabeth Sparks
  Jack Sparks
  Ralph (Jada) Sparrow
  Virginia Speaker (Ann, Pat and Judy)
  Robert Speaker (WLS Quartet)
  Billie Jo Spears
  Lorene Spears *
  Van Spears *
  Van and Larraine Spears
  John Speer
  Jimmy Spellman *
  Donna Lee Spencer
  Tim Spencer
  Buddy Spicher
  Bob Spicker
  Doug Spivey
  Carl T. Sprague
  Deuce Spriggens *
  Sammy Spring
  John Spurrier
  Cowboy Jack Squires and the Buckaroo Ranch Gang
  Smilin' Bill Squires
  Nola Stacey (Stacey Sisters)
  Fred Stacy
  Nola Stacy (of Stacy Sisters)
  Dan Stafford
  Jo Stafford
  Bill Stallard
  Art Stamper
  Pete Stamper
  Wallace Stamper
  V.O. Stamps and M. Yandell
  Stan Jr.
  Gene Standard
  Hank (The Cowhand) Stanford *
  Howie Stange and his Village Playboys
  Buckeye Stanley
  Carter Stanley
  Fred Stanley
  Ralph Stanley
  Roba Stanley
  Smokey Stansberry and the Boys
  Red Stanton
  Sandy Stanton and Western Wranglers
  Buddy Starcher *
  Arkie Stark and His Arkansas Hillbillies
  Jed Starkey *
  Roy Starkey *
  Bill Starnes *
  Jack Starns *
  Neva Starns *
  Betty Jo Starr
  Billy Starr
  Ernie Starr
  Frankie Starr
  Henry Starr
  Jerry Starr
  Jerry Starr
  Lucille Starr *
  Pat Starr
  Penny Starr *
  Randy Starr
  Rocky Starr
  Rusty Starr and His Ramblers
  Sally Starr
  Shirley Starr
  Woody Starr
  Norman Staystalk
  June Stearns
  Jack Steck *
  Preston Steed
  Shorty Steed
  Lucky Steel
  Blue Steele and His Orchestra
  Don Steele
  Gene Steele
  Larry Steele
  Mel Steele *
  Stuart Steelman (The Songfellows)
  Bob Stegall *
  Yodelin' Jay Steidl *
  Curly Stemper
  Rudy Sten and His Sleepy Valley Cowboys
  Eddie and Pearl Stephens *
  Jimmy Stephens and the New England Country Gentlemen
  Uncle Bunt Stephens
  John W. Stephenson
  Glenn Stepp and His Western Swingsters
  Gee Nee Sterling *
  King Sterling
  Ray Stevens
  Stu Stevens
  Kenneth Stevens (WLS Quartet)
  Scotty Stevenson and His Edmonton Eskimoes *
  Blaine Stewart
  Charley Stewart *
  Charlie Stewart
  Dick Stewart
  Gary Stewart
  Gene Stewart
  Jay Stewart
  Larry Stewart
  Lynn Stewart and The Country Showmen
  Mickey (Ole Buckboard Boy) Stewart *
  Peggy Jo Stewart *
  Randy Stewart
  Redd Stewart
  Vernon Stewart
  Wynn Stewart
  Judy Sticker
  Jack Stilwill
  Charles L. Stine
  Roy Stingley
  Ocie Stockard
  Big John Stockdale
  Dave Stogner and the Western Rhythmaires
  Ed Stoker
  Dwight (Tiny) Stokes *
  Elmer (Tiny) Stokes *
  Low Stokes and & His North Georgians *
  Ernest Stokes (Gravy)
  Al Stone
  Cliffie Stone
  David Stone *
  Harry Stone
  Jimmie Stone
  Linda Lou Stone
  Oscar Stone and His Possum Hunters
  Rocky Stone
  Tex Stone
  Ernest (Pop) Stoneman
  Roni Stoneman *
  Scotty Stoneman *
  Warren Storm
  Carl Story and the Rambling Mountaineers *
  Chuck Story and Ellie Story
  Carl Story, the Palomino Kid and the Ranch Boys
  Bob Stotts
  Vern Stovall
  Don Stover
  Smokey Stover
  Arthur (Tiny) Stowe *
  Freeman (The Cotton Belt Porter) Stowers
  Balin' Wire Bob Strack
  Maurice (Skinny) Strader
  Billy Strange
  George Strange *
  Charlie (Chuck) Stratton and His Dixie Haymakers
  Harley Stratton *
  Bob Strayer
  Texas Bill Strength
  Jerry (Lucky) Stricker
  Billie Strickland *
  Billy Strickland and His Hillbilly Kings
  Glenna Strickland *
  Jimmy Strickland
  Smoky Strickland and the North State Playboys
  Al Stricklin
  Chick Stripling
  Don Stroud and His Dixie Pals
  Toby Stroud
  Toby Stroud and the Blue Mountain Boys
  Carl Stuart
  Joe Stuart
  Marty Stuart
  Uncle Am (Ambrose) Stuart
  Uncle John Stuart
  Dick Stubbs *
  Nat Stuckey
  Chester Studdard *
  Little Alice Stuldreher *
  Louie Stuldreher *
  Rosie Stuldreher *
  Stuttering Jimmie
  Sue and Sally
  Sugar Bill and His Gang
  Chick Sullivan
  Don Sullivan *
  Gene Sullivan
  Othell Sullivan and his Radio Pals
  Shorty Sullivan and his Green Valley Boys
  Slim Sullivan
  Clarence Summers
  Colleen Summers
  Tommy Summers and his Cameron Valley Boys
  Sundown Pete
  Sunshine Danny
  Sunshine Ruby
  Sunshine Sue
  Cecil Surratt
  Susie and Her Sons of the Ozarks
  Susie, The Gal From the Hills
  Smilie Sutter
  Glenn Sutton
  Lee Sutton
  Tommy Sutton
  Olaf Sveen
  Chuck Swain and His Western Rhythm Boys *
  Swampwater Jake
  Dottie Swan
  Jimmy Swan
  John B. Swan
  Louis (Smokey) Swan
  Maggie Swan
  Scottie Swan
  Carl (Mr. Sunshine) Swanson *
  Gus Swanson
  Holly (Cousin Tilford) Swanson
  Jack Swanson
  Walter Swavely
  Margaret Sweeney
  Claud Sweet
  Sally Sweet
  Sunshine Slim Sweet *
  Sweetheart Mary
  Johnny Swendel *
  Slim (Brownie) Swiger and His Dude Ranch Gang
  Otho Swink *
  Bill Switzer
  Bert Swor and Dick Mack
  Bobby Sykes
  Warren Sykes
  Eleanor Szlaga


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