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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  William (Rocky) Racherbaumer *
  El Rader
  Radio Dot and Smokey
  Ralph Radish *
  Delia Ann and Betty and Ragland
  Howard J. (Rags) Ragsdale
  Johnny Ragsdale and the Sundowners
  Elmer Ragweed
  Bob Raines and Jim Raines
  Bob Raines
  Hoot Raines
  Jimmy Raines
  Mack Rains and The King Mountain Boys
  Ted Rains
  C. Cedric Rainwater *
  Jody Rainwater *
  Marvin Rainwater
  Ramblin' Herb
  Rambling Rogue
  S. W. Rambo
  Glen (The Lonesome Mountaineer) Ramsey
  Rusty Ramsey
  Ells and Millie Rand
  Tex and Marge Randall
  Cowboy Joe Randall (Buckeye Four) *
  Dodie Randle
  Boots Randolph *
  Mary Randolph
  Max Raney and the Radio Rangers
  Wayne Raney
  Shorty Ranger
  Dusty Rankin
  Grover Rann and Harry Ayers
  Grover Rann *
  Arlene Rash
  Curley Rash and His South Texas Playboys
  Dale Rash
  Ole Rasmussen
  Dodo (Andrew) Ratchman *
  Rocky Rauch
  Leon Rausch *
  Al Rawley and his Wild Azaleas
  Ray and the Sunset Valley Boys
  Byard Ray *
  Chuck Ray
  Everett Ray
  Lucky Ray and the Texas Serenaders
  Pete Ray
  Shirley Ray
  Tex Ray
  Wade Ray
  Ann Raye
  Glenda Raye
  Susan Raye *
  Bill Reader and The Pacers
  Bill Reardon
  Johnny Rector and his Music Mountain Boys
  Pender Rector *
  Red Rector
  Red and his Arkansas Ramblers
  Ida Red and her Kentuckians
  Red River Dave , Frank Novak and The Sourwood Mountain Boys
  Wayne Redden and His Arkansas Valley Boys *
  Don Redfield
  Herman (Tex) Redmon
  Alfred Reed
  Bill & Belle Reed
  Blind Alfred Reed
  Chuck Reed
  Eddie (The Fargo Kid) Reed
  Erma Mae Reed and the Melodiers
  Frank 'The Happy Cowboy' Reed
  George Reed
  J. Frank Reed
  Jerry Reed *
  Patricia Reed and her Rancherettes
  Ramona Reed
  Vernon Reed *
  Bill Reese and The Dixie Playboys
  Del Reeves *
  Glenn Reeves
  Goebel (The Texas Drifter) Reeves
  Jim Reeves
  Bob Regan
  Keray Regan *
  Tex Regan
  Helen Regina and Her Prairie Dreamers
  Bill and Mary Reid and the Melody Mountaineers
  J. F. Reid
  Pee Wee Reid and the Sons Of Texas
  Rob Reider
  Tommy Reilly
  Ed Reimers
  Dick Reinart and The Universal Cowboys
  Kay Reinberg (Prairie Sweethearts) *
  Dick Reinhart *
  Herb Remington
  George Reneau
The Blind Musician of the Smoky Mountains
  Don Reno *
  Jack Reno
  Ronnie Reno *
  Charles (Little Joe The Wrangler) Renshaw
  Jimmie Revard and His Oklahoma Playboys
  Paulette Reves
  Alvino Rey and His Orchestra
  Andy Reynolds and 101 Ranch Boys
  Barefoot Brownie Reynolds
  Cowboy Donn Reynolds and his T.V. Rangers
  Ken Reynolds
  Mary Beard Reynolds
  Don (Monty) Rhine
  Jesse Rhode
  Dusty Rhodes
  George Rhodes
  Jack Rhodes *
  Leon Rhodes
  Orval V. (Cousin Odie) Rhodes
  Slim Rhodes and his Mountaineers
  (Horseshoe) Mike Riaff (Buckeye Four) *
  Bobbi Rice and her Sagedusters
  Glen Rice and The Beverly Hillbillies
  Hoke Rice and His Gang
  Virgil Rice and the Kentucky Ramblers
  Al Rice (Maple City Four) *
  Frank Rice (Mustard) *
  Dave Rich
  Dick Rich
  Don Rich *
  Remus Rich and Carl Bradshaw
  Celime (Cy) Richard
  Eddie Richard *
  Daddy Dick Richards
  Dick Richards
  Dudley Richards
  Earl Richards
  Fred Richards
  Bob Richardson
  Hartwell (Harpo) Richardson *
  Hazel (Tiny) Richardson
  Larry Richardson
  Murle Richardson
  Jack Richie and His Texas Rhythm Rangers
  Red Richie
  Ace Richman (Sunshine Boys) *
  Al Ricker and His Pine Line Rangers
  Betty Riddle *
  George Riddle *
  Jimmie Riddle *
  Ricky Riddle
  Tommy Riddle and the Melody Rangers
  Walt Riddle *
  Walt and Betty Riddle
  William (Doc) Riester and His Hillbilly Band *
  Buddy Riffle
  Louise Riffle *
  Barbara Jean Riggle
  Betty Riley *
  Bob Riley
  Jeannie C. Riley *
  Lynda Riley
  Steve Riley and The Susquehanna Mountaineers
  Cowboy Slim Rinehart
  Rex Rinehart
  Bill Ring
  Dusty Rio
  Johnny Rion
  Buck Ritchey
  Leonard (Slim) Rittenhouse and the Night Riders
  Bill Ritter
  Dewey Ritter
  Jimmie Ritter
  Tex Ritter
  Dusty Rivers and the Wagon Masters
  Hank Rivers
  Jack Rivers and his Texas Tornadoes *
  Jerry Rivers *
  Jimmy Rivers and his Cherokees
  Montie Rivers
  Rudy Rivers
  Johnny Rives
  Don Rix
  Bob Roark
  George Roark
  Warren Robb
  Hargus (Pig) Robbins *
  Marty Robbins
  Rita Robbins
  Neil Roberson and the Country Drifters
  Al Roberts
  Allen (Slim) Roberts
  Bill Roberts
  Bobby Roberts
  Curley Roberts
  Dave (The Banjo Kid) Roberts *
  Fiddlin' Doc Roberts
  Hi Roberts
  Jack Roberts
  James Roberts
  Johnny Roberts
  Kayton Roberts
  Kenny Roberts
  Marty Roberts
  Pat Roberts
  Vince Roberts
  William L. (Smokey) Roberts and 101 Ranch Boys *
  Don Robertson and Lou Dinning
  Don Robertson and His Ranch Boys
  Eck Robertson
  Lonnie Robertson
  Lou Ella Robertson
  Texas Jim Robertson
  Gary Robichaud
  J. D. Robin
  Bud Robinson and His West Virginia Mountaineers
  Eddie Robinson
  Elsa (Al) Robinson
  J. H. (Julius) Robinson
  S. W. (Samuel) Robinson
  Zeb Robinson *
  Carson Robison
  Fabor Robison
  Elmer Rockbottom
  Joe (Honey Boy) Rockhold
  Rocky Mountain Mary *
  Mike (The Green Valley Ranger) Rocus
  Harry Rodcay
  Fred Roden
  Rodeo Red *
  Rodeo Roy
  Carrie (Mrs. Jimmie) Rodgers
  Cliff Rodgers
  Jimmie Rodgers *
  Rusty Rodgers
  Verda Rodik *
  Verna Rodik *
  Al Rogers and the Rocky Mountain Boys *
  Dave Rogers and the Texas Outlaws
  Dixie Rogers
  Dixie Rogers
  Dusty Rogers *
  Eddie Rogers
  Ernest Rogers
  Jack Rogers *
  Jenny Rogers
  Jesse Rogers
  Little Bobby Rogers
  Ralph Rogers
  Roy Rogers
  Roy Rogers and Dale Evans
  Roy Rogers and the Cooley's Buckle Busters
  Rusty Rogers
  Silas (Si) Rogers and His Lonesome Pine Fiddlers *
  Slim Rogers and the Hometowners
  Smokey Rogers
  Weldon and Wanda Rogers
  Will Rogers
  Yodeling Dixie Rogers and Yodeling Dixie Rangers *
  Dr. Curt Rogosinski
  Lulu Roman *
  Mimi Roman
  Howard Ropa
  John Ropp
  Posey Rorer *
  Monty Rosci
  Dusty Rose
  Fred Rose *
  Juanita Rose
  Lee Rose
  Lindy Rose
  Tex and Sally Rose and the Lone Star Ranchers
  Bob Roseberry
  Bob Roseberry *
  Dale (Smilin' Dale) Roseberry
  Neil Rosenberg (Author)
  Pearl Clara Rosengren *
  Betty Ross
  Buddy Ross *
  Bunny Ross
  Eddie Ross
  Frank & Buddy Ross
  Freddie Ross
  Freddie and Buddy and Ross
  Lee Ross
  Lenora Ross *
  Norman Ross
  Pete Ross
  Ramblin' Red Ross
  Speedy Ross and the Rhythm Ranch Boys
  Art Rothe *
  Virginia Round
  Ervin Rouse *
  Jack Rowe and The Wichita Mountain Boys
  Misty Rowe *
  Tom Rowe
  Jerry Rowley
  Frederick Roy
  Tex Roy
  Rusty Ruben
  Bernard Ruby
  Al Rucker
  William M. Rucker
  Joe Rumore , J.T. Adams and The Men Of Texas
  Joe Rumore
  Al Runyon
  Ford Rush
  Ford Rush Jr. *
  Leon Rusk
  Harmonica Bill Russel
  Big Jim Russell *
  Dick Russell
  Harmonica Bill Russell
  Johnny Russell *
  Ricky Russell
  Bob Rutland *
  Fiddlin' Bobby Rutledge *
  Floyd (Goo Goo) Rutledge *
  Grover Ruwe
  Ann Ryan
  Buck Ryan
  Charley Ryan
  John Ryan


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