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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Henri La Croix
  Pierre La Dieu *
  Butch La Rita
  Nels Laakso (Korn Kobblers) *
  Juanita Labanara (Tony and Juanita) *
  Sleepy LaBeef
  Delma Lachney *
  Delma Lachney and Blind Uncle Gaspard
  Helen LaCroix (La Dell Sisters)
  Inez LaCroix (La Dell Sisters)
  Annie LaCroix (LaCroix Sisters)
  Marvin Lacy
  Joe LaFlip *
  Nick Lahren *
  John Lair
  George (Keoki) Lake and His Moana Serenaders *
  Don Lake (Blackhawk Valley Boys)
  Charlie Lamb
  Christine Lamb *
  Orson Lamb
  Curley Lambert
  Pee Wee Lambert *
  Claude Lampley
  Linda K. Lance
  Dusty Landes and his Blue Valley Boys
  Lee Landon
  Uncle Bud Landress
  Ned Landry and his Lumberjacks *
  Billie Lane
  Chris Lane
  Dusty Lane *
  Jake T. Lane
  Larry Lane *
  Margie Lane
  Mike Lane
  Pete Lane
  Red Lane *
  Vance Lane
  Ann Lane (Lakeland Sisters)
  Fiddlin' Daisy Lang and Evelyn Perry *
  Lucky Lang
  Fred Langdon
  Candy Lange
  Walt Langlitz
  Dusty Laning and Laura Anne Laning
  Dusty Laning
  Laura Anne Laning
  Snooky Lanson *
  Joe Lariviere and the Northern Bushwackers
  Don Larkin
  Elmer Larson
  Lars Larson
  Famous Lashua *
  Beatrice Laskin
  John K. Lassila
  Tex Laurens *
  Gene Laval and his Lone Star Cowboys
  Doug LaValley
  Gene LaVerne and His Lone Star Ranch Gang
  Mel Lavigne
  Del Lavon
  J. T. Lawhorn
  R. W. Lawhorn
  Brian Lawrence and His Hot Five
  Curley Lawrence and His Prairie Pals
  Hank Lawsen and His Knights of the Road
  Jimmie Lawson
  Martha Lawson
  Dale Lay
  Slim Lay and the Crossroads Follies Gang
  Elda Layman
  Ray Layman
  Ray and Elda Layman
  Zora Layman *
  Leo Le Blanc *
  Slim Le Roy
  Terrea Lea *
  Curtis Leach
  Benny Leaders and The Ranger Trio
  Mary Leah *
  Sam Learning
  Jerry Leary
  Happy Fats Leblanc and the Rayne-Bo Ramblers
  Charlotte (Rosie) Ledford
  Coyen Ledford *
  Lily May Ledford
  Steve Ledford *
  Alta Lee *
  Archie Lee and Bill Brown, Etc.
  Betty Lee
  Bobby Lee
  Bonnie Lee
  Brenda Lee
  Carrie Lee
  Chet Lee
  Chuck Lee and Ron Allen
  Curtis Lee
  Dickey Lee *
  Dixie Lee
  Donna Lee
  Edde Lee
  Elsie Lee
  Ernie Lee
  Ernie Lee and Charlie Gore
  Estel Lee
  George Lee
  Jimmy Lee
  Ken Lee and his Sagebrush Serenaders
  Kenny Lee
  Larry Lee
  Larry Lee and the Rainbow Rangers
  Linda Lee
  Margie and Jess Lee
  Mary Lee
  Monty Lee
  Nancy Lee and the Hilltoppers
  Norma Lee
  Norma Lee
  Patsy Lee
  Patsy Lee
  Peggy Lee
  Powder River Jack Lee *
  Ronda Lee
  Tennessee Lee and The Pleasant Valley Boys
  Tommy Lee
  Toni Lee
  Virginia Lee *
  Norma Lee (Hoople)
  Bashful Mary Leeto
  Jimmy LeFever and His Saddle Pals
  Tom Leffew
  Lefty and His Hillbilly Pals
  Malcolm Legette *
  Slim Lehart (The Wheeling Cat)
  Dianne Leigh
  Iris Leigh
  Angelas Lejeunne *
  Carl Leming *
  Herman (Jiggs) Lemley
  Lucky Leroy
  Chester (Butch) Lester
  Jack Lester
  Tiny Lester and his Ozark Valley Boys
  Harry (Jamup) LeVan
  Walter Leverett *
  Eddie Lewandoski *
  Bobby Lewis
  Cousin Ford (The Wonder Valley Cowboy) Lewis *
  Doug Lewis
  Fred Lewis and Les Anderson on Steel Guitar
  Glen Lewis
  Hugh X. Lewis *
  Jerry Lee Lewis *
  Joe (Cannonball) Lewis *
  Linda Gail Lewis
  Milton Lewis and The Southern Pioneers
  Pard Lewis
  Texas Jim Lewis and his Lone Star Cowboys *
  Zeb Lewis and the Country Lads
  Dempson Lewis (Lewis Brothers) *
  Denmon Lewis (Lewis Brothers) *
  Lexie Lou *
  Al Libby
  Marty Licklider and the Missouri Fox Hunters
  Billy Liebert
  Ronny Light
  Jerry Lilous
  Linda Lou *
  Ben Lindberg *
  (Rachel) Candy Lindell
  Ernie Lindell and the Radio Ranch Gang
  Frances (Jeep) Lindemann *
  Penny Lindley
  Merle Lindsay and The Oklahoma Night Riders
  Reg Lindsay *
  Lawanda Lindsey
  Abe Link and his Western Spotlighters
  Elmo Linn
  Ken Linn
  Elmo Linton *
  Emil (Little Brother Nemo) Lippert
  George Lipschultz
  Big Bill Lister
  Irene Bias Litka
  Jimmy Little
  John Little
  Little Jack Little
  Peggy Little
  Ray Little
  Ray and Ann Little
  Tobe Little
  Tommie Little and the Sunrise Rangers
  Little Anne
  Little Barbara
  Little Clifford
  Little Eller
  Little Evelyn
  Little Genevieve
  Little June
  Little Margie *
  Little Miss Katie
  Little Rosie
  Little Shirley
  Little Shoe *
  Little Suzie
  Little Virginia and Her Virginians
  Jimmy Littlejohn
  Ole Livgren
  Jack Lloyd
  Tommy Lloyd
  Joe Lo Preste
  Betty Lou Lobb
  Jack Lockhart
  Hank Locklin
  Lawrence Loesch and the Rhythm Rangers *
  Betty Logan *
  Christine Logan *
  Horace Logan
  Jack Logan
  Jane Logan *
  Tex Logan
  Jimmie Logsdon
  Barbara Fay Logue *
  Dale (Smokey) Lohman *
  Robert Lominec
  Lone Star Larry
  Lonesome Buddy
  Lonesome George and the Eubanks Brothers
  Lonesome Lloyd
  Lonesome Luke and The Farm Boys *
  Lonesome Shorty
  Lonesome Southener
  Lonesome Valley Sally *
  Bill Long and the Ranch Girls
  Clay Long and his Longhorns *
  George Long and 101 Ranch Boys
  Jimmie Long
  Lucille Long
  Otto and Ella Long
  Shorty Long
  Tex Looney
  Loony Luke and Roly Poly Reid
  Bobby Lord
  Sandra Lorden
  Rita Lorraine *
  Myrna Lorrie
  Junie Lou and her Pine Hedge Ranch Hands
  Lila Lou and Her Country Boys
  Linda Lou *
  Mary Lou
  Nancy Lou and her Cowboy Band
  Patty Lou and the Texas Sweethearts *
  Penny Lou
  Lou Th' Gal From Th' Ozarks
  John D. Loudermilk *
  Jimmy Louis
  Keaumoku Louis and Tropical Orchestra *
  Louisiana Lou *
  Louisville Lou
  Charlie Louvin *
  Charlie Louvin and Melba Montgomery
  Ira Louvin *
  Freddie Love
  Joe Love
  Lonnie Love
  Ralph (Eb) Love
  Nancy Lovegren *
  J. D. Lovely
  Romaine Lowdermilk
  Les Lowe
  Max Lowe
  Bill Lowery and the Sunshine Boys
  Ramblin' Red Lowery *
  Lawrence Loy and Pokeberry Promenaders
  Lawrence Loy and Wilbur Waite
  Miss Mary Loy
  Jody Loyner *
  Linda Lu
  Pale K. Lua , David K. Kaili and Irene West Royal Hawaiians
  Jimmy Lucas
  Texas Roy Lucas and his Rhythm Rangers *
  Little Ralph Lucier
  Russell Ludwig (Elm City Four)
  Tumbleweed Ludy
  Luke and The Coon Range Drifters
  Luke the Drifter
  Jack Luker *
  Lulu Belle
  Bob Luman
  Margie Lund *
  Ted Lundy and The Southern Mountain Boys *
  Don Lunn
  Robert Lunn *
  Bascom Lunsford *
  Little Charlie Lunsford *
  Ray Lunsford
  Harley Luse and The Blue Ridge Mountain Boys *
  Betty Luther
  Doye Luther *
  Emory Luther *
  Frank Luther *
  Frank Luther and Carson Robison
  Rudy Lyle *
  Bill Lyles *
  Dusti Lynn
  Eddie Lynn
  Gerri Lynn
  Judy Lynn
  Loretta Lynn *
  Martha Lynn and the Westerners
  Martha and Lucy Lynn
  Mary Lynn
  Nita Lynn *
  Nita Lynn
  Ray Lynn
  Lonnie Lynne and the Melody Girls
  Marjorie Lynne
  Mary Lynne and the Country Two Plus Three
  Bill Lyon *
  Johnny Lyon


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