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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Arthur (Rusty) Gabbard
  Carl Gabbard
  Russ Gabbard
  Herbert (Curly) Gaddis *
  Kentucky Jess Gaddis
  Owen (Fiddlin' Bill) Gaddis *
  Lucky Gaines and The Blue Mountain Boys
  Roland Gaines
  Johnie Gal
  Billye Gale and the Hollywood Cowgirls
  Jack Gale *
  Tex Gale
  Jimmy Gallagher and the Hidden Lake Orchestra
  Bobby Gallion
  Cotton Galyon *
  King Ganam
  Wanda Gann
  Clarence Ganus
  Clarence and Claude Ganus
  Claude Ganus *
  Jerry Gardenshire
  Harry Gardiner (The Human Fly) *
  Billy Gardner
  Gene Gardner
  Robert Gardner
  Thelma Gardner
  Hank (Sugarfoot) Garland
  Larry Garmon
  Merlene Garner *
  Russ Garner
  Holly Garrett
  Homer Garrett and his Y Knot Twirlers
  Red Garrett
  Glen Garrison
  Doug Garron and His Rhythm Ramblers
  Tom Garvin
  Ed Gary
  Eddie (Shorty) Garyne
  Blind Uncle Gaspard *
  Aubrey Gass
  Jimmy Gately
  Johnnie Gates
  Bill Gatins and his Jug Band
  Betsy Gay
  Connie B. Gay *
  Red Gay
  Gay and Teena
  Whit Gaydon
  Ginny Gaye
  Kathy Gaye
  Cotton Gaylon *
  Clem Gelewich and his Happy Roamin' Rangers
  Betty Gelt
  Charlotte Gelt
  Eddie (Catfish) Gentry
  Josephine Gentry
  Linnell Gentry (Author)
  Tommy Gentry *
  Lloyd (Lonzo) George
  Maunay, Evelyn and Carmelita George
  Georgia Slim and The Texas Roundups *
  George B. German
  Sophia Germanich
  Curly Gibbs and His Texas Ranchers
  Lloyd Gibbs and His Swingsters
  Sheldon Gibbs and the Arizona Ranch Boys
  Leon Gibbs (Miller) and the Miller Brothers Band *
  Nathaneal (Nat) Gibbs (Miller) *
  Sam Gibbs (Miller) *
  Art Gibson and His Mountain Melody Boys
  Curt Gibson
  Don Gibson
  Ginny Gibson
  Jackie Gibson
  Lloyd Gibson
  Paul Gibson
  Virgil Gifford
  James Gilfoy *
  Cecil (The Yodeling Country Boy) Gill *
  Clarence Gill
  Grady Gill
  Rusty Gill
  Jack Gillette and his Tennessee Ramblers
  Mickey Gilley
  Art (The Whispering Pianist) Gillham
  Arthur (Red) Gillham
  (Coastline) Charlie Gilliam
  Del Gillman and his Bar-X Boys
  Joey Gills
  Johnny Gimble
  Ginger Mae *
  Shorty Ginn and The Mississippians
  Chuck Ginsberg and The Smoke Creek Rangers
  Tom Givens
  Chuck Glaser *
  Jim Glaser
  Tompall Glaser
  Vernon Glen
  Artie Glenn
  Bob Glenn
  Darrell Glenn
  Roy Glenn
  Buck Glosson
  Lonnie Glosson
  Willard (Pappy) Glover (Pappy and Pepper)
  Dickie Glowe
  Aunt Lizzie Glutz
  Arthur Godfrey *
  Ossie Godson
  Gene Godt
  Shorty Godwin
  George Goebel
  Melvin Goins
  Ray Goins
  Curley Gold and his Texas Tune Twisters
  Martin (Marty) Gold (Korn Kobblers)
  Billy Golden *
  Dolly Good and the Buccaneers
  Larry Good and the Country Three
  Cuz Harold Goodman
  Jimmie Goodman and his Arkansas Playboys
  Odette Goodman *
  Tommy Goodson
  Lefty Goodwich
  Bill Goodwin
  Curtis Gordon
  George Gordon and His Rhythm Masters
  Graham 'Shot Gun' Gordon *
  Hank Gordon and the Melody Ramblers
  Happy Gordon and his Rangers
  Lee Gordon
  Luke Gordon
  Slim Gordon and His Rocky Mountaineers
  Al Gore
  Charlie Gore and the Rangers
  Joe Gore
  Rebe Gosdin and The Sunny Valley Gang
  Vern Gosdin
  Gill Goss
  Fred & Gertrude Gossett
  Harvey Gossman
  Roman Gosz and His Old Time Band *
  Les Gotcher *
  Ann Goud
  Dale Goudy and the Blue Sky Buckaroos
  Eddie Grabania
  Biff Grace
  Claude Graham
  Diahl Graham *
  Dick Graham and his Texas Buckaroos
  Eileen (Ozark Sweetheart) Graham *
  Helen Graham
  Helen (Ozark Sweetheart) Graham *
  Little John Graham
  Lou Graham and his Carolina Kinfolks
  Billy Grammer
  Tex Grande and his Range Riders
  Grandpa Jitters
  Grandpa Wiggles
  Grandpappy Doolittle *
  Grandpappy Nerit *
  Barney Grant
  Claude Grant
  Glenda Grant *
  Jack Grant and His 724 Ranch Boys
  Kirby Grant
  Marshall Grant
  Rhett Grant *
  Roy (Whitey) Grant
  Gene Granville
  Don Grashey *
  Billy Graves
  Josh Graves *
  Smokey Graves and His Blue Star Boys
  A. A. Gray *
  Al and 7 Foot Dilly and Gray
  Billy Gray and his Oakies
  Chet Gray
  Claude Gray *
  Jack Gray
  Otto Gray and his Oklahoma Cowboys *
  Phil Gray
  Ronald Gray
  G.B. Grayson and Henry Whitter
  Gilliam Banmon (G. B.) Grayson
  Howard C. Grayson
  Shannon Grayson
  Rudy Grayzell
  Leo Greco and the Pioneers
  Archie Green (Author)
  Buck Green
  Carter Green
  Douglas B. Green (Author)
  Jerry Green *
  Lloyd Green
  Roy Green
  Widdy Green
  Clarence Greene *
  Jack Greene
  Carter Greer
  Jim Greer and The Mac-O-Chee Valley Folks
  Marvin Greer
  Bobby Gregory and His Cactus Cowboys
  Betty Gribbin
  Ray Griff
  Buck Griffin
  Buddy Griffin
  Buddy M. Griffin *
  Rex Griffin
  Samuel P. Griffin *
  Ken Griffis (Author)
  Andy Griffith
  Bill Griffith and the Jack Pine Ramblers
  Gayle Griffith
  Gayle Griffith
  Bobby Griggs
  Uncle Tex Grimsley and His Texas Showboys
  Mr. & Mrs. R. N. Grisham
  Dewey Groom and his Texans
  Tex Grooms
  Cliff (Doc) Gross and His Texas Cowboys *
  Bobby Grove
  Paul Grove *
  Clyde Grubb and His Tennessee Valley Boys
  Bill Grubbs and His Oklahoma Ramblers *
  Burnel (Sonny) Grubbs *
  Rufus Grubbs *
  Sonny Grubbs
  Wesley Grubbs
  Johnny Guess
  Bonnie Guitar
  Art Gunn and His Arizona Playboys
  Cousin Chester Gunnels
  Hardrock Gunter and the Thunderbirds
  Hardrock Gunter
  Irving Gurganus
  Jack Guthrie and His Oklahomans
  Tommy Guthrie
  Ray Guyce and His Lonesome Valley Boys *


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