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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Guido D'Amico
  Smokey Dacus
  Ted Daffan's Texans
  Daffy Dan
  Eleanor Dahl
  Willis Dahl and Linda Roth
  Ted Daigle *
  Daisy Mae
  Daisy Mae and Old Brother Charlie
  Johnny Dakota *
  Curley Dale *
  Jeff Dale
  Jimmie Dale and His Prides of the Prairies
  Little Butch Dale *
  Sunny Dale
  Tuffy Dale *
  Vernon Dalhart and Carson Robison
  Vernon Dalhart *
  Jimmy Dallas
  Jack Dalton *
  Walter Dalton
  Charles (Ranny) Daly *
  Charlie Dameron
  Dick Damron
  Tommy Dandurand
  John Daniel
  Troy Daniel
  Wayne W. Daniel (Author)
  Bill Daniels
  Tex Daniels and his Lazy H Ranch Boys
  Luderin Darbone and His Hackberry Ramblers *
  Tom Darby and Jimmy Tarlton
  Sue Darden
  Doreen Dare
  Donna Darlene
  Chuck Darling
  Denver Darling , Bill Davison and the Range Riders
  Denver Darling
  Dixie Darling *
  Faye Darling
  Molly Darr
  Johnny Darrell
  Frank Darris
  Kathy Datwyler
  Doc Daugherty and His Orchestra
  Curly Daulton
  Cal Davenport
  Devvy Davenport
  Froggie Davenport
  Beau David
  Janie Davids
  Georgia Ann Davidson
  Jack Davidson
  Ken Davidson
  Andy Davis
  Art Davis and his Rhythm Riders
  Betty Jack Davis
  Bob Davis
  Bud Davis
  Charlie Davis
  Chuck Davis
  Claude Davis and Bob Nichols
  Claude Davis
  Don Davis
  Gail Davis *
  Gene Davis
  Glen Davis
  Jack Davis
  Jimmie Davis
  JoAnn Davis
  Johnny Davis and the Lonesome Pine Boys
  Karl Davis
  Ken Davis
  Link Davis
  Lynn Davis
  Pee Wee Davis *
  Prentiss (Lonesome Luke) Davis
  Red Davis
  Rufe Davis
  Shelby Jean Davis
  Sheriff Jeff Davis *
  Sherry Davis
  Skeeter Davis
  Stu Davis
  Maureen Dawdy
  Marion 'Tennessee' Dawn
  Wendy Dawn *
  Dick Dawson
  Dusty Dawson and his Swingbillies
  Grandmaw Dawson *
  Jack Dawson
  Jimmy Dawson
  Nolen Dawson
  Pete Dawson
  Smoky Dawson
  Stormy Dawson
  Jack Day
  Jimmy Day
  Lazy Jim Day
  Sonny Day and his Radio Raskals
  Sunny Daye
  Perry De Moss
  Bobby De Pagter *
  Dusty and Meleata Rose De'nyke and the Sunset Riders
  Norman Deal
  Paul Deal
  Billy Dean *
  Bobbie Dean and the Battle Mountain Boys
  Eddie Dean
  Jimmy Dean and the Texas Wildcats
  Judy Dean
  Larry Dean and his Virginia Playboys
  Tex Dean and his Carefree Cowboys
  Velma Dean *
  Jimmie Dean (Dean Brothers)
  Cora Deane
  Kathy Dearst
  J. W. Deason
  Billy Deaton
  Jerome DeBord
  Hank Decato
  Bud Deckelman
  Billy Dee
  Duane Dee
  Gracie Dee
  Kathy Dee
  Lola Dee *
  Marcy Dee
  Ashley (Jad) Dees
  Sonny DeFreest
  Paul DeFur *
  Penny DeHaven
  Andy DeJarlis and The Red River Mates
  Ethel Delaney *
  Frank Delcoglin and His Trail Blazers *
  Judy Dell
  Rabon Delmore
  Glenna Dene
  Sheriff Johnny Denis *
  Chick Denk and his Lonesome Valley Cowboys
  Dave Denney and Patsy Montana
  Dave Denney *
  Edmund Denney
  Doc Denning and His Four Star Rangers
  Louis (Denny) Dennis
  Dave Denny
  Big Jim DeNoon
  Cowboy Joe Dent
  Bob Denton
  Karl Denver
  Josephine (Little Jo) Depew *
  Arnie Derksen *
  Cowboy Jack Derrick *
  Buddy DeVal
  Denny Dever and the Double D Ranch Boys
  Roy Dewitt
  Al Dexter and His Troopers
  Jimmie Dexter
  Larry Dexter
  Carolyn DeZurik
  Lorraine DeZurik
  Mary Jane DeZurik
  Charlie Dial
  Rusty Diamond *
  Bud DiCarlo *
  Bobby Dick
  Hazel Dickens *
  Little Jimmy Dickens
  Dub Dickerson
  Milt Dickey
  Pamela Dickinson
  Art Dickson *
  Wesley Dickson
  Gene Diffey and the Canyon Trail Riders
  Vern Diger
  Annie Lou Dill *
  Danny Dill
  Dottie Dillard
  Clyde Dilleha *
  Marie Dilleha (Stacey Sisters) *
  Helen Diller *
  John Dilleshaw *
  M. S. Dilleshaw
  Buck Dilley *
  Allen (Zig) Dillon
  Betty Jean (Patsy) Dillon
  Dolly Dimples *
  Lou (Lucille) Dinning
  Mark Dinning
  Dolores Dinning (Dinning Sisters and La Dell Sisters)
  Ray Dionne
  Shorty Boy DiRocco *
  Diane Dixon
  Duke Dixon and the C-Bar-D Swing Billies
  Ray Dixon
  Tiny Dodson and (Circle-B Boys)
  Isadore Doerr
  Ramblin' Jimmie Dolan
  Vernon Dolan
  John Dolce *
  Andy Doll
  Gene Doll
  Carol Dollar
  Johnny Dollar
  Norville Dollar
  Don and Helen
  Howard Donahoe
  Lonnie Donegan *
  Mike Donner
  Abner Doolittle
  Tim Doolittle and his Pine Center Gang *
  Smilin' Ivan Dorey
  Doris and Her Bar Q Boys
  Tex Dorman and his Florida Troubadours
  Thomas Dorsey
  Mike Dosch *
  Buster 'The Cactus Kid' Doss
  Tommy Doss
  Slim Dossey
  Charlie Douglas
  Glenn Douglas
  Merl Douglas
  Tony Douglas
  Perry Douthit *
  Tommy Dover and His Texas Rhythm Boys
  Toby Dowdy and His Dixie Lily Hi-Pointers *
  Big Al Downing
  Robert Downing
  Eddie Downs
  Tommy Downs
  Ted Doyle *
  Dr. Cucu
  Jack Drake
  Pete Drake
  Harry Draper *
  Rusty Draper
  Jimmy Driftwood
  Roy Drusky
  Lawrence Duchow and His Red Raven Orchestra *
  Dude Hank
  Frank Dudgeon
  Bill Dudley *
  Dave Dudley
  Arlie Duff
  Arlie and Lois Duff
  Hill Duffy and His Ranch Hands
  Al Dufrane and the Bunkhouse Buckaroos
  Brent Dugger
  Duke and his Swingbillies
  Denver Duke and Jeffrey Null
  Denver Duke
  Diana Duke
  Elmer Duke
  Ray Duke
  Duke of Paducah
  Louis DuMont
  Tex Dun and His Arizona Cowboys
  Del Dunbar and The Texas Outlaws
  Bill Duncan and the Harmony Mountain Boys
  Johnny Duncan and The Blue Grass Boys *
  Johnny Duncan
  Les Duncan
  Louise Duncan
  Mary Lou Duncan
  Slim Duncan *
  Tommy Duncan
  Uncle Eck Dunford
  Mellie Dunham *
  Jack Dunigan
  Bob Dunn *
  Glen Dunn and the Ranch Hands
  Harold Dunn
  Robert Dunn
  Tex Dunn and the Arizona Cowboys
  Reed Dunn, The Singing Mountaineer *
  Jimmie Lee Durden and his Drifters
  Tommy Durden
  Buddy & Marion Durham *
  James (Buddy) Durham
  Ed Durlacher *
  Gene Durnal and His Rio Grande Rangers *
  Slim Dusty *
  Al Dutton *
  Smokey Duvall *
  Connie Dycus *
  Billy Dyer
  Jerry (Carrot Top) Dykes and the Western Ramblers
  Dynamite Jim
  Bob Dyson
  Dick Dyson and His Blue Bonnet Boys


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