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Artist Listing
Now you've got a list of artist names on the right. What to do next? Easy enough. Just click on the artist name you're interested in and it will take you to more details about that artist.

We're far from finished with this effort. We'll be adding more information, even more artists and groups as we go along. So, stay tuned! We're aiming to be the complete source of old time Hillbilly music and won't stop til we get there.

So, you wonder who we might update as we go along? Well, if you see an "*" next to a name, that will tell you that in the current year, we either:

Of course, don't let your curiosity stop you from viewing the other artists, too. This may be 'history', but we keep discovering new information every day it seems.

Artist Name (with Band or other details)
  Cactus Jack *
  Cactus Mac
  Cactus Rex
  Cactus Slim (The Lonesome Serenader)
  Shirley Caddell
  Buddy Cagle
  Benny and Vallie Cain and the Country Clan
  Uncle Fiddlin' Charlie Cain
  Herschel Calbert *
  Hank Caldwell and the Saddle Kings
  Jeff Calhoun
  Little Mike Calkins *
  Cactus Jack Call *
  Idaho Call and Boots Faye
  Idaho Call and His Sun Valley Cowboys
  Bill Callahan and His Blue Mountain Boys
  Ginger Callahan
  Homer Callahan
  Odie (Odis) Callis
  Bill Cameron
  Ed Camp
  Hal Camp and the Rhythm Riders
  Aaron Campbell
  Archie Campbell
  Big Bill Campbell
  Cecil Campbell and his Tennessee Ramblers
  Claiborne Campbell
  Guy Campbell *
  Jack Campbell
  Lynn Campbell *
  Miss Gene Campbell and her All Girl Accordion Band
  Sonny Campbell and His Country Capers
  Judy Canova
  Warren (Cap) Caplinger and Cumberland Mountain Entertainers
  Jimmy Capps
  Captain Stubby and and the Buccaneers
  Ken Card *
  Ralph (Grandpa) Carden
  Vic Cardis and His Westerners
  Jack Cardwell
  Jack Cardwell and Jackie Hill
  Henson Cargill
  Cliff Carl
  Pappy Cliff Carl
  Romin Carl
  Bill Carlisle
  Cliff Carlisle
  Cliff & Bill Carlisle
  George Carlisle
  Ben (Thumbs) Carllile
  Kenny Carlson and Scrappy O'Brien *
  Ralph Carlson *
  Doc Carlton (Carlson)
  Carolyn Carlton (Carlton Sisters)
  Evelyn Carlton (Carlton Sisters)
  Ben Carmack
  Jenks (Tex) Carman
  Kathleen Carnes (Ann, Pat and Judy)
  Jean Carnigan
  Carolina Jim
  Corky Carpenter
  Jesse Carpenter
  Sonny Carpenter
  Emory Carr
  Gene Carr
  (Walter) Laverl Carrico and The Angelina Pals *
  Joseph A. 'Cotton' Carrier
  Billy Carrier (Swanee River Boys)
  Charley Carroll
  Chuck Carroll
  Iris Carroll
  Johnny Carroll
  Ramblin' Rocky Carroll *
  Sonny Carroll
  Chuck Carson
  Cindy Carson
  Cowboy Dick Carson
  Dale Carson
  Fiddlin' John Carson
  Gertrude Carson *
  James Carson
  James and Martha Carson
  Jenny Lou Carson
  Joe Carson *
  Ken Carson
  Kit Carson
  Kitty Carson
  Martha Carson
  Rosa Lee (Moonshine Kate) Carson
  Sally Carson *
  Sunset Carson
  Tex Carson and His Smoky Valley Boys
  Wayne Carson
  Whitey Carson
  A.P. Carter
  Anita Carter
  Bart Carter *
  Bart Carter and Dot Carter *
  Bill Carter and the Cooper Brothers
  Bill Carter
  Billy Carter and His All Stars
  Brownie and Slim Carter
  Buster Carter and Preston Young
  Calvin Carter and His Border City Ramblers
  Dot Carter *
  Emo Carter
  Fiddlin' Harold Carter
  Floyd Carter
  Fred Carter
  Gloria Carter
  Helen Carter
  Jeanie Carter *
  Jimmie Carter and the Camp Gordon Ramblers
  John Carter
  John T. Carter
  June Carter
  Lane Carter
  Lew Carter
  Lucky Carter
  Mother Maybelle Carter
  Sara Carter *
  Slim Carter
  Wilf Carter
  Woody Carter and His Hoedown Boys
  LaVelle Carter (Hayloft Octet)
  Ric Cartey
  Jack & Bernard Cartwright
  Bill Carver *
  Coney Carver and the Penna Mt. Boys
  J. B. Carver
  Johnny Carver *
  Lorenzo D. Carver
  Noble (Bozo) Carver (The Carver Boys)
  Robert Carver (The Carver Boys)
  Warner Carver (The Carver Boys)
  Bill Case and His Melody Boys *
  Floy Case
  J. C. Case
  Jerry Case
  Jimmy Case
  Al Casey *
  Claude Casey
  Dick Casey
  Elry Cash
  Johnny Cash
  Tommy Cash
  Bill Cason
  Bob Cason
  Irv Casper and & His Weyman Five
  Mel Cass
  Linda Cassady
  Pete Cassell
  Larry Cassiday
  Larry Cassidy and His Dixie Raiders
  Freddie Cassrus
  Nan Castle
  Dottie Castleberry
  Billy Caswell
  Jack Cawley and His Oklahoma Ridge Runners *
  Denver Caynor and Sleepy Hollow Ramblers
  Paul Cecil
  Slim Celsie *
  Lake Cely *
  Ernie Chaffin
  Curley Chalker *
  Charlie Chamberlain
  Howard Chamberlain *
  Suzie Chambers
  Arizona Dave Chambliss
  Floyd (Lightning) Chance
  Ray Chaney
  Chaparel Pete and his Gang
  Jean Chapel
  Don Chapman
  Freddie (Sugar Booger) Chapman
  Imogene Chapman
  Stephen (Chappie) Chapman *
  Porky Charbonneau
  Bobby Charles
  Buddy Charleton
  Paul Charon
  Johnny Chase
  Mary Jo Chelette *
  Eva Lena Chenault
  Teenie Chenault
  Al Cherny
  Cherokee Jack and The Rhythm Ridin' Wranglers
  Cherokee Jeri
  Cherokee Sue
  Hugh Cherry
  Leo Cherry
  Tex Cherry
  Pappy Cheshire
  Rollie Chesney
  Jerry Chesnut
  Clyde Chesser and his Texas Village Boys
  Shorty Chesser
  Jay Chevalier and the Louisiana Long Shots
  Chic and Little Ann
  Chick and his Lonesome Valley Boys
  Chief Red Hawk
  Claude Childers
  Lew Childre
  Angus Chisholm *
  Charlie Chisholm *
  John Chisholm
  Pappy Chizzelfinger and his Band
  Bill Choate and The Dude Ranch Boys
  Mary Choate (Lakeland Sisters)
  Harry Choates *
  Hal Choisser *
  Dixie Choisser (Hart) *
  Ken Chrisman
  Roy Christensen
  Robert Christeson
  Ben Christian and
  Elmer Christian and His Bar X Cowboys
  Ralph Christian
  Marjorie Christiansen
  Arnold S. (Turkey Trot Bill) Christianson *
  Christine (Little Swiss Miss)
  Eddie Christman
  Happy and Lois Christman *
  Donna Chrysler
  Don Churchill and the Texas Mavericks
  Steve Cisler
  Jane Claar
  Jim (James) Claar
  Marshall Claiborne
  Vic Claiborne *
  Malcolm Claire
  Verle Clapper
  Orville Clarida and the Valley Rhythm Boys
  Bobby Clark
  Casey Clark
  Cottonseed Clark
  Danny Clark
  Dee Clark
  Denver Bill Clark
  Frank Clark
  H. P. Clark
  Jerry Clark
  Judy Clark
  Kid Clark
  Lee Clark
  Little Evelyn Clark *
  Luther Clark
  Old Joe Clark
  Peggy Clark
  Roy Clark *
  Skinny Clark
  Speedy Clark and His Lonesome Pine Boys
  Ted Clark
  Luther Clarke and The Blue Ridge Highballers
  Tex Clarke and the Rainbow Valley Boys
  Yodeling Slim Clarke
  Vernon Claud
  Al Clauser and the Oklahoma Outlaws
  Lew Clawson
  Mr. and Mrs. George Clawson
  Cliff Clay
  Edgar Clayton
  Patti Clayton
  Paul Clayton
  Tommy Clayton
  Don Cleary
  Clem and Harry
  Cowboy Jack Clement
  Curly Clements and his Rodeo Rangers
  Otis Clements
  Otis and Eleanor Clements
  Vassar Clements *
  Zeke Clements
  Homer Clemons and His Texas Swingbillies
  Mary Sue Clere
  Slim Clere *
  Eddie Cletro and His Roundup Boys
  Andy Cliff and 101 Ranch Boys
  Bob Clifford
  Bill Clifton
  Uncle Charlie Clifton
  Tex Climer and Blue Band Coffee Boys
  Cora (Mrs. G. R.) Cline
  Curly Ray Cline
  Patsy Cline
  Loy Clingman *
  Wynn and Dottie Clipner
  Hurshul Clothier and the Oklahoma Travelers
  John Clotworthy *
  Jerry Clower
  Tom Coakley and the Palace Hotel Orchestra
  Jesse Coates
  David Cobb
  Gene (Nubbin) Cobb *
  Wayne Cobb
  Cy Coben
  Ray Coble
  Buddy Coburn and the Sidekicks
  Curley Cochran
  Eddie and Hank Cochran
  Hank Cochran
  Jack Cochran *
  Tex Cochrane
  Larry Cockerel and His Sunset Riders
  Betty Cody
  Carl Cody and His Country Boys
  Ray Cody
  Red Coffey
  Cecil Cogle
  Norm Cohen (Author)
  Alvadean Coker *
  Sandy Coker *
  Sandy and Alvadean Coker
  Tiny Colbert and His Entertainers
  Guy Colby *
  Ben Colder
  Ab Cole
  Bobby Cole
  Dale Cole
  Don Cole
  Grady and Hazel Cole
  Leon Cole
  Rusty Cole and The Log Cabin Boys
  Sam Cole and his Corn Huskers
  Morris M. (M. M.) Cole (M.M. Cole Publishing Co.)
  Bernice (Si) Coleman
  Elizabeth Coleman
  Nell Coleman
  Benito Collada and El Chico Spanish Revue
  Jimmy Collett and The Arizona Ramblers
  Biff and Little Marge and Collie
  Biff Collie
  Jimmy Collie
  Little Marge Collie *
  Shirley Collie
  Chubby Collier
  Bill Collins
  Charlie Collins *
  Curley Collins
  Dr. N. P. Collins
  Edith Collins *
  Edith Collins
  Howard Collins
  Jud Collins
  Larry Collins
  Lorrie (Lawrencine) Collins *
  Sherman (Sugarfoot) Collins *
  Tommy Collins
  Johnny Colmus
  Colorado Pete
  Jimmie Colvard
  Hiter Colvin
  Alex (Colonel) Combs
  Chuck Comer
  Eddie Comer
  Tommy Common *
  Alvin Conder
  Max Condon *
  Carl Conner
  Bob Conners
  Dot Conway *
  Bobby Cook and his Texas Saddle Pals
  Everett Cook
  Herb Cook
  Jim Cook and the Stringdusters
  Joe Cook
  Lois and Joe Cook
  Nelda (Babe) Cook
  Robert Cook and the Old-Time Fiddlers
  Spade Cooley
  Peggy Anne Coon
  Russell Cooner
  Marjorie Cooney *
  Barbara Cooper *
  Carol Lee Cooper
  Ches Cooper
  Stoney Cooper
  Wilma Lee Cooper
  Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper and Clinch Mountain Clan
  Wilma Lee & Stoney Cooper
  Yancy Cooper
  Cowboy Copas
  Cowboy and Cathy Copas
  Kathy Copas Hughes
  Charlie Cope *
  Clyde Copeland *
  Jimmy Copeland and the Texas Kids
  Leonard Copeland
  Slim Copeland
  Walter Coquille *
  Hoppi Corbin
  Ray Corbin
  Stan Corman *
  Ernest Cornelius
  Lloyd Cornell
  Blaine Cornwell *
  Ginny Cornwell *
  James (Froggie) Cortez
  Tom Corwine
  Xavier Cosse *
  Stan Coster
  Carolina Cotton
  Tex Cotton
  Orville Couch
  Roy Coulter
  Country Cousin Chickie
  Roy Counts
  Cousin Clarence
  Cousin Clem
  Cousin Elmer
  Cousin Emmy and Her Kinfolk
  Cousin Jody *
  Cousin Lee
  Cousin Penny
  Cousin Richie
  Cousin Richie and Eddie Zack
  Cousin Tilford
  Cousin Toby
  Cousin Wilbur *
  Pappy Covington
  Cowboy Em and his Docey-Do Boys
  Cowboy Phil and the Golden West Girls
  Cowboy Sam
  Cowboy Slim
  Cowboy Stuart
  Cowboy Tom and Chief Shunatona
  Alva Cox
  Bill Cox and Cliff Hobbs
  Bill (The Dixie Songbird) Cox *
  Bobby Cox
  Jack Cox *
  Jimmy (Fred) Cox
  Mel Cox and His Flying X Ranch Boys
  Mel (Slim) Cox
  Virgil Cox
  Slim Coxx *
  Cindy Coy
  Odey Crabtree and His Western Pioneers
  Riley Crabtree *
  Francis Craig
  Hank Craig
  McDonald Craig
  Ed I. Crain
  Floyd Cramer
  Ox Cramer
  J.B. Cranfill and Eck Robertson
  Noah Crase
  Red Cravens *
  Al Craver
  Charles Craver
  (Captain) Bob Crawford and the Hyde Park Rangers
  Blackie Crawford *
  Fred Crawford
  James Crawford
  Jimmie Crawford
  Little Mary Crawford
  Naomi Crawford
  Roy Crawford
  Crazy Elmer
  Antone Credure
  Lenora Crider
  Ray Crisp
  Alan Crockett
  Andy Crockett
  Clarence Crockett *
  Howard Crockett *
  John (Dad) Crockett *
  Johnny Crockett *
  Tex Cronas *
  Herman Crook (Crook Brothers)
  Lewis Crook (Crook Brothers)
  Matthew Crook (Crook Brothers)
  Harold Crosby
  Anita Cross *
  Elwin Cross and the Arizona Ramblers
  Hugh Cross and his Radio Pals
  Skeets Cross *
  Reggie Cross (Hoosier Sod Busters) *
  Emmet Crouch
  Mitchell Crowder
  Curly Crowe
  Elmer Crowe
  Frank Crumit *
  Denver Crumpler *
  Juanita (Lady of the Organ) Crutcher *
  Cousin Paul Crutchfield *
  Gene Cullen
  Curley Culpepper
  Bruce Culver
  Harold (Hal) Culver
  Pattie and Kenny Cummings *
  Homer Cunningham
  Howard Cunningham and His Crazy Cutups *
  Loren Cunningham
  Ramblin' Frank Cunningham *
  Truitt Cunningham
  Dick Curless
  Bob Currie and His Kennebec Valley Ramblers
  Arnold Curry
  Florence Curry (Blue Bonnet Girls)
  Lillie Curry (Blue Bonnet Girls) *
  Sylvia Curry (Blue Bonnet Girls)
  Cliff Curtis
  Don Curtis and his Dixie Ramblers
  Ken Curtis
  Mac Curtis
  Red Curtis
  Sonny Curtis
  Tex Curtis
  Don Cusic (Author)
  T. Tommy Cutrer
  Uncle Cyp and Aunt Sap


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