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Circle Jamboree
Cleveland, OH
Year Started:  1953
Date Started:  November 7, 1953

Circle Jamboree

We learned about the Circle Jamboree or as we have also seen, the Circle Theatre Jamboree, which was a country show that was held every night in Clevelnad, Ohio. It was unclear as to whether it was ever aired over a radio station or at least in its early stages. The Circle Jamboree was held at the Circle Theatre, which was then located at E. 105 Eculid Avenue in Cleveland.

The initial emcee for the show was a disc jockey by the name of Tom Edwards, who worked as a disc jockey at radio station WERE in Cleveland. He was later replaced by Jack Gale, who worked at WSRC in Cleveland.

In mid-1954, Glen Campbell (no, not the later popular star Glen Campbell) and Tex Clark reported in their "Letter To the Home Folks" column that a new star on the show was a 19-year old singer by the name of Louie Brazil. Jimmie Skinner was reported to have entertained a standing room only audience back then as well.

We learned through Glen and Tex's regular updates on the show that a fellow by the name of Shorty Barnes was doing the comedy routines on the show in mid-1954.

Other artists who were regulars on the Circle (Theatre) Jamboree were:

  • Pat Haymons
  • Lloyd Daniels
  • J. W. Collins
  • Jimmy Holt
  • Marge Lund
  • The Jones Twins

The Circle Jamboree or Hillbilly Jamboree also had its share of guest stars. Some the folks who appeared onstage at the Circle Theatre were:

  • Big Slim, The Lone Cowboy
  • Merv Shiner
  • Roy Scott and his Country Harmony Boys
  • Hal Lone Pine and Betty Cody
  • Hawkshaw Hawkins

The fellows that wrote the column in Cowboy Songs magazine, Glen Campbell and Tex Clark also appeared to be a part of the show and perhaps part of a group called the Rainbow Valley Gang or was their backup band.

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Tex Ann

Pat Haymons

Dotty Jean Fillmore

Tex Clark and the Rainbow Valley Boys


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