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Kansas Roundup
Topeka, KS

Kansas Roundup (WIBW)

The Kansas Round-Up was a live hillbilly / country - western radio show that aired over WIBW in the 1940s and 1950s. Our research includes many of the old WIBW Round-Up magazines the station published back in then and we're still learning more as we go through their history. We know it was on the air as early as 1947 and was still on the air in 1955.

The show aired on Saturday nights, around 8:30pm and was on until 10:00pm. The makeup of the cast included many of the performers who worked on various other shows at the station during the week. And their musical talents weren't limited to just the normal hillbilly / country variety. In that regard, it was similar to the WLS National Barn Dance show. Kansas Roundup 1947

For example, there was Dude Hank (LeRoy Carlson and married to Miss Maudie) who was a trumpet player and had played for other pop bands such as Wayne King's. Miss Maude was known for her piano playing.

And the show had its traditional form of country music you might expect. They had an old time fiddle player by the name of Colonel Combs who was with the station many years. Little Jimmie Dickens was also at the station for a time in 1948 or 1949, but we haven't seen if he appeared on the Kansas Round-Up yet. Another group that achieved some bit of fame was the Rangers Quartet who were also on the KWKH Louisiana Hayride at one time also.

Kansas Roundup 1947

Maureen Dawdy

Dale Easton

Lois Pierson

Jerome DeBord

Hoppi Corbin

Sonny Slater

Henry Peters