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Allegheny Mountain Jamboree
Coudersport, PA
Year Started:  1955

Allegheny Mountain Jamboree

In 1955, Dick Smith is credited with starting the Allegheny Mountain Jamboree. The show was a live show, an hour long, that aired over WFRM in Couersport, Pennsylvania every Saturday afternoon.

One of the reasons Dick started the show was to give the local talents a chance to get some exposure to the listening audiences. He was also a disc jockey at WFRM and appeared to have been their program director, too. Mention was made of the All Bill Record Mart in WEllsville, NY, perhaps one of the station's or show's sponsors.

Dick Smith and the Rhythm Pals were the headline act on this show and he handled the emcee chores as well. Other acts that we've seen mentioned as part of this show were and where they were from:

  • Ramblin' Herb, Allegheny, NY
  • Jerry Lilous, Allegheny, NY
  • Wild Bill Earl, Olean, NY
  • Doc Bailey, Olean, NY
  • Joann Brown, Olean, NY
  • Glenn Austin, Coudersport, PA
  • Hornell Smith, Coudersport, PA
  • Natalie Phelps, Coudersport, PA

The latter three from Coudersport were the "Rhythm Pals" that backed Dick Smith.

Dick Smith and the Rhythm Pals


Credits & Sources

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