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Louisiana Hayride
Shreveport, LA
Year Started:  1948
Date Started:  April 3, 1948
Year Ended:  1960
Date Ended:  August 27, 1960

Listen to:
KWKH Louisiana Hayride

KWKH Louisiana Hayride

Louisiana Hayride

The Louisian Hayride became one of the major live hillbilly music radio shows during the hillbilly music era. It ranked right up there with the WLS National Barn Dance, the WSM Grand Ole Opry and other shows. The artists that passed through there are legendary. Yes, even Elvis was there. And Hank, too. The Louisiana Hayride was on each Saturday night from Shreveport, Louisiana on radio station KWKH.

It began around March, 1948. Whatever we might tell you here would be pale in comparison to a book that Horace Logan wrote about the show. Be sure you check that out. At times it rivaled the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, at other times it was a stepping stone to the Opry. Or for some, an alternative to the Opry.

The legendary Hank Williams was on the Hayride back in 1948, then he recorded the "Lovesick Blues" and the Opry came calling. The legend is that Hank got seven encores when he did that song on the Opry.

The Hayride was the starting point in many artist careers. Their roster includes folks like Webb Pierce, Faron Young, Goldie Hill, Janet Hicks, Elvis, Hank, Slim Whitman, Maddox Brothers and Rose, Johnny Horton, Jimmy Lee, Claude King, the legendary Jim Reeves and a boat load of others.

Horace Logan was the big cheese of the show back then, producing it and even helping the artists on it gain recording contracts. Read the book by Logan - it will bring the Hayride to life more than we can here. Horace had a few others that helped out at the time as co-emcees that included Frank Page, Hi Roberts and Jim Reeves.

Around August of 1953, the headliners were:

  • Slim Whitman
  • The Maddox Brothers and Rose
  • The Carlisles
  • Billy Walker
  • Red Sovine
  • Johnny Horton
  • Van Howard
  • The Rhythm Harmoneers
  • Jimmy Lee
  • Claude King
  • Janet Hicks
  • Tommy and Goldie Hill
  • Jimmy Reeves aka Jim Reeves

Jack Anglin

Buster 'The Cactus Kid' Doss

Wayne Raney

Frank Page

Betty Amos and The Lump Boys

Cousin Emmy Her Kinfolk

Okie Jones


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For Further Reading

  • Louisiana Hayride Years, Horace Logan and Bill Sloan, First St. Martin's Griffin, Paperback, 1998, ISBN: 0-312-20661-5 (Hardback, 0-312-18573-1)


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