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The Buckaroos
CFRN Edmonton, AB

About the Group

About The Group

Donna and Tommy Obermeyer were from Guelph, Ontario in Canada and became known to country music fans as "The Buckaroos". In 1946, their family moved to Edmonton, Alberta.

They were one of the industry's youngest performers at the time in 1946. Donna was only twelve years old then while her brother TOmmy was just nine years old. Even at that young age, a 1954 article indicated they had been performing for at least four years by then.

The young duo enjoyed entertaining fans at veterans, hospitals and orphan homes throughout western Canada.

In 1954, fans could hear them over radio station CFRN in Edmonton on a show called "Canadian Western Opera". In addition, they were on Scotty Stevenson's Saturday night shows each week as well.

In the summer of 1953, their paths crossed that of Earl Heywood. That chance meeting led to an appearance on the CKNX Barn Dance out of Wingham, Ontario.

They also appeared on other stations such as KFGO in Fargo, North Dakota. They performed with such stars as Webb Pierce when their tours took them to Edmonton.

The duo won a contest as part of one show - a prize of fifty dollars.

The talented duo also had a younger sister and brother, Terry and Barry, who were also trying to test the waters as singers.

And if that wasn't enough, Donna had wrote a song at that early age - "Dad's Home Town" and was one of their most requested tunes.

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