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Wilson Sisters
WLS National Barn Dance

About the Group

About The Group

They came from Beaver Valley in the Allegheny Mountains of Pennsylvania. They were all of ten years old when they began making public appearances and singing their songs at public gatherings and in theaters. They called them the Wilson Sisters, but they were also known as the Beaver Valley Sweethearts, too.

Colleen and Donna Wilson got their first big chance at WKST on their Tri-State Amateur Contest in New Castle, Pennsylvania. From that appearance, they got invited to appear on stations in Butler, PA, Watertown, NY and Rapid City, SD. Later on, they joined WLS and appeared on the National Barn Dance.

Sometimes thought to be twins, they were not. Both of them could do solo numbers and were each expert yodelers.

They recorded on the Coral Recording Company, RCA Victor Recording Company and Decca Records labels. Some of their songs included: "Mocking Bird Hill", "I Care No More", "Let Me Be Your Honey" and "I'll Never Tell".

Timeline and Trivia Notes

Group Members included:

  • Colleen Wilson, guitar and bass
  • Donna Wilson, bass and mandolin